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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 971: Becoming a Thief (II)

Chapter 971: Becoming a Thief (II)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The strong man who got out of Cayenne was in his early 30s, had a cropped haircut, and wore ear studs. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes had a distinct glow of ferocity. Zhao Yu had dealt with many men like him before. He could feel his murderous breath.

The strong man opened his arms to Zhao Yu and said with a smile, “Boss, I missed you a lot. Give me a hug.”

He approached and wanted to hold Zhao Yu.

When Sanlong saw this, he rushed to Zhao Yu and stopped the strong man. Sanlong shouted, “Big Bear Zhang! How dare you be rude to our boss?”

Tongqi asked in anger, “Who told you that the boss is back?”

The middle-aged man in the suit moved beside Big Bear Zhang. He nodded and replied, “I told him that the boss is back. Our boss’s return is a big thing. I need to keep Bear Zhang informed.”

Tongqi pointed at the middle-aged man and scolded him, “Liu Wenjun, how could you bite the hand that feeds you! Have you forgotten who gave you everything you have today? If it hadn’t been for our big boss, you would have nothing!”

Big Bear Zhang pulled a long face and shouted, “Zuo Tongqi, you are so annoying. It’s a good thing that the boss is back. Don’t I have the right to know? Why do you treat me like an outsider?”

Hearing these people scolding each other, Zhao Yu understood their relationships. It turned out that this strong man with ear studs was Big Bear Zhang, who wanted to take over Jiang Ke’s position. And the middle-aged man was the owner of the golf course. His name was Liu Wenjun. Liu Wenjun and Big Bear Zhang were together, while Sanlong and Tongqi were on Jiang Ke’s side. Zhao Yu was eager to find the mysterious man and had no intention of participating in their internal struggles.

Since Big Bear Zhang didn’t respect the famous thief Jiang Ke, Zhao Yu wanted to teach him a lesson. Of course, he knew how to deal with this kind of person. Zhao Yu pushed Sanlong out of the way, Laughing at Big Bear Zhang, he said, “Bear Zhang, I missed you, too. Come on.”

Zhao Yu opened his arms with a smile Sanlong was worried that Big Bear Zhang had ill-intentions and wanted to stop Zhao Yu. However, Zhao Yu was already next to Big Bear Zhang. Next, Zhao Yu jumped on Big Bear Zhang and put his arms around his neck! Big Bear Zhang was stunned, and his hands held Zhao Yu’s buttocks involuntarily.

Big Bear Zhang just wanted to exert pressure on Jiang Ke. Zhao Yu’s unexpected action had him confused.

Zhao Yu laughed wildly and said cheerfully, “Bro, how about a kiss?”

Zhao Yu leaned forward. His lips almost touched Big Bear Zhang’s face! Zhao Yu hadn’t brushed his teeth for several days, and he had chewed on some roast fish fillets also. When he opened his mouth, his breath smelled terrible.

Big Bear Zhang almost vomited in front of Zhao Yu. He pushed Zhao Yu aside and said with great fear, “It seems that the boss’s head is hurt. He needs a good rest…”

Seeing this shocking scene, Sanlong and the others were stupefied. Jiang Ke, the king of thieves they knew, had never done anything like that before! It was hilarious to see big Bear Zhang blush.

After a while, Liu Wenjun waved at the man with a ponytail and said, “Chao, come on!”

The ponytail man nodded and brought a black bag to the men. Zhao Yu saw that Sanlong, Tongqi, Liu Wenjun, and Big Bear Zhang put their phones in the black bag. Zhao Yu frowned.

Sanlong whispered to him, “This is your rule. You remember it. Don’t worry, Lao Kong will return the phone to you after he checks it!”

Zhao Yu didn’t expect Jiang Ke to be so strict. No wonder the police couldn’t catch him. Fortunately, Zhao Yu had his powerful devices. He had already wiped out the calls and browsing records with a Hacker’s Command. He threw both his phone and Jiang Ke’s phone into the bag.

Sanlong whispered to Zhao Yu again, “Boss, Lao Kong will use software to alter our phones’ location function. Nobody can know that we are here!”

As Sanlong spoke, Liu Wenjun had opened the security door with a password.

Seeing the door open, Sanlong led Zhao Yu in, “Come on, boss! Let’s go have a little rest first!”

Everyone except for the ponytail man followed them inside. There was no other passage, and it seemed to be a square metal cabin. Zhao Yu realized that this metal cabin was an elevator!

As they entered the elevator, Big Bear Zhang said to Liu Wenjun, “Liu, help check for our boss. Don’t forget; he just escaped from prison! We need to be careful!”

Liu Wenjun agreed and took out a scanner from the cabinet on the side of the elevator. It seemed that they wanted to give Zhao Yu a security check.

They stopped Liu Wenjun and shouted at Big Bear Zhang, “Hey, Bear Zhang, you want to make trouble here, don’t you? What do you mean? You don’t believe the boss?”

Sanlong came in front of Zhao Yu. “This whole base belongs to the boss. You don’t have to worry about anything.”

Big Bear Zhang stared and shouted savagely, “I’m doing this for his own good, okay? Have you ever suspected that this is a trap? He was a heavily guarded prisoner. I trust the boss, but I don’t trust the police!”

Tongqi said, “Our boss did this check-in at Tian Xudong’s supermarket. There was no problem! What you are doing is clearly distrust of the boss! You haven’t even shown the slightest respect to him.”

Big Bear Zhang arrogantly pointed at Zhao Yu and said, “Am I wrong? No one can guarantee that a leader won’t change sides. The prison escape was strange. We have to be careful!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yu almost laughed out loud. A gang of robbers thought that on the side of the police was treason. This idea was funny to him. Zhao Yu suddenly got excited. He was ready to have some fun.

Zhao Yu moved to the center of the elevator and said to the others, “Tt’s just a security check! What’s the big deal? Come on.”

To everyone’s surprise, Zhao Yu took off his trousers.

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