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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 972: ccoming a Thief (III)

Chapter 972: ccoming a Thief (III)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Sanlong was shocked to see Zhao Yu take off his trousers. He hastily said, “You can do it without undressing!”

Zhao Yu then put his trousers back on and said earnestly, “I just want you to see everything clearly! How is it? Is it great?”

Zhao Yu’s wild laughter made everyone present think that he must have gone through some traumatic experience.

Zhao Yu raised his hands and said, “Come on, let’s do it!”

Liu Wenjun looked at Big Bear Zhang in embarrassment. After Big Bear Zhang nodded, he reluctantly came over and searched Zhao Yu’s body.

Zhao Yu had no tracking devices on him, so he wasn’t worried.

Sanlong rushed over to Big Bear Zhang and rolled his eyes. “See, you don’t even trust our boss!”

Big Bear Zhang demurred, “I care about our safety!” He frowned slightly, as if he was thinking about something more treacherous and evil.

Just after Liu Wenjun finished checking Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu grabbed Liu Wenjun’s scanner and said, “Wait a minute! Big Bear Zhang is right! This is a special occasion, so everyone needs to be checked, not only me, right?”

In order to convey his innocence, Big Bear Zhang stepped forward first and said, “Yes, we must be careful! That’s what the boss always tells us. I’ll be the next one to be checked.”

Zhao Yu sneered and used a Hacker’s command on the scanner in his hand, changing its operation state.

Then, he used the scanner to scan Big Bear Zhang. Immediately, it emitted an alarm!

The others were shocked.

Zhao Yu was holding the scanner in his right hand. When he heard the alarm, he gave Big Bear Zhang a fierce slap. “You’ve betrayed us, b*stard!”

Big Bear Zhang was completely confused. He tried hard to explain: “It’s impossible. I have nothing on me!”

Zhao Yu placed the scanner against Big Bear Zhang’s leather jacket, and the scanner screamed. Zhao Yu shouted, “It’s in your jacket. Give it to me!”

Big Bear Zhang flipped around in his pockets, but found nothing. He was sweating with anxiety as he said, “No. I’ve got nothing in it.”

Zhao Yu smiled insidiously and shouted, “Take it off!”

Big Bear Zhang was so confused that he took off his leather jacket as Zhao Yu demanded.

Zhao Yu swept the scanner in front of him once again. It still made an alarm.

Zhao Yu laughed, “What are you waiting for? Then take off that piece!”

Big Bear Zhang was now topless.

Zhao Yu had a good time playing with Big Bear Zhang. He put the scanner lower and it alarmed again.

Without Zhao Yu saying anything, Zhang took off his pants as well.

Zhao Yu complimented him: “You could be a nude model at the Academy of Fine Arts.”

Zhao Yu was disgusted to see Big Bear Zhang’s nude body, and suddenly felt a wave of boredom with teasing him. He turned off the Hacker’s Command. When he scanned Big Bear Zhang again, the scanner finally stopped ringing.

“It must be in the clothes.” Sanlong rushed over to get the scanner and scanned the clothes that had been thrown on the ground.

“Yes, check his clothes carefully!” Zhao Yu agreed, stepping on Big Bear’s leather jacket on purpose.

Big Bear Zhang hopelessly said, “Those are Armani…”

Sanlong said, “Weird. The alarm’s stopped.”

Liu Wenjun said, “Maybe it’s stopped working.” He quickly took out a new device from the cabinet and scanned Big Bear Zhang’s clothes; only then was he sure that there was no problem with them.

By that point, Big Bear Zhang was shaking because of the cold. He hurried to put on his clothes.

Next, others also underwent the check. The scanner didn’t go off again.

Liu Wenjun quickly put things away and said, “All right, a false alarm! Let’s do fingerprints!”

They went over to a machine in the middle of the elevator, and were ready to check their fingerprints in turn.

Zhao Yu had not expected them to be so careful.

When Sanlong saw Zhao Yu’s look, he reminded him, “Only when everyone enters a fingerprint will the elevator will go down!”

To avoid arousing their suspicion, Zhao Yu entered his without hesitation.

After he did, the green light lit up.

As it happened, he had used a Fingerprint Extractor, which could extract prints quickly, store them, and copy them for future use. Before turning his face to Jiang Ke, Zhao Yu had extracted the latter’s fingerprints in advance; otherwise, he would be in trouble now.

Seeing the light come on, the gang no longer doubted Zhao Yu’s identity.

The elevator descended and took everyone underground.

Zhao Yu thought that there must be a big space below. But, after going down, he found that it was only the size of a small warehouse. There was barely any decoration, so the place looked humble.

The elevator faced an open-layout workspace, where computers and electronic devices were scattered around. Their wires were quite disorganized.

For some reason, this scene suddenly reminded Zhao Yu of his early time in Qinshan. At that time, a Crimson Eight Secret Service Squad, including Zhaoqing and Wushuang, had made an underground warehouse their base under a cake shop.

Zhao Yu hadn’t expected Jiang Ke’s base to be such a mess. Moreover, there were not many people in it.

There was only one fat man with a rough beard waiting in that room. When he saw Zhao Yu, he got up to greet him and also called him boss.

Zhao Yu thought things over. Jiang Ke was different from other bad guys. He was not a terrorist or crazy murderer. He didn’t need many hands to help him plan a robbery.

As Jiang Ke had said, he played with his brain! So, he just needed a few people for his core team. If it was going to be a big robbery, he could hire some more to work for him. In this way, he could minimize his risks.

At that moment, Sanlong said, “Boss, we have been planning a transfer recently. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not that we’re afraid you’ll tell the police about us! Mang Zi was caught, so we have to prepare for the worst.”

Zhao Yu knew that the person who Sanlong called Mang Zi was that thin man, who had wanted to kill him after he killed the strong man Laobin with one blow.

At that time, Zhao Yu had beaten him hard, but spared his life. Later, the man was arrested by the police and detained in the same detention center with Jiang Ke.

Zhao Yu nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about that. Mang Zi won’t say anything!”

Big Bear Zhang said in a hurry, “Boss, people change! Mang Zi has committed a capital crime. If the police offer to exchange his life for information, no one can say for sure that he will keep his mouth shut forever!”

This time, Tongqi agreed with Big Bear Zhang’s words. “Boss, if you hadn’t escaped from prison, maybe we wouldn’t need to worry about that. However, you have now not only broken out, but also killed Zhao Yu. The police have a strong reason to fight back like crazy!”

Hearing this, the others nodded.

Big Bear Zhang clapped his chest and said earnestly, “Boss, don’t listen to other people’s nonsense! I am dedicated to supporting you all the way! Boss, you have no idea how much we spent at Yaoming this time around. If I hadn’t been comforting our investors, we would be in big trouble now.”

Big Bear Zhang stretched out his hand and asked the fat man for a payment terminal. Then he took it to Zhao Yu and said, “Boss, I know we should let you rest first. But right now, the situation is pressing. We are helpless. If we fail to handle the Yaoming affair quickly, It’s going to be a disaster for us.”

Zhao Yu frowned. Obviously, Big Bear Zhang wanted Zhao Yu to enter Jiang Ke’s bank password for a transfer.

Zhao Yu could use a Hacker’s Command to simply get the password—and maybe he could crack it. But the fact that Jiang Ke would be forced by his fellow to pay really amused Zhao Yu.

Besides, Zhao Yu didn’t come here to help Jiang Ke’s gang, but to make trouble for them.

Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly displayed a blood-thirsty ferocity. He took the terminal, then smiled and asked the others, “Guys, do you still remember my motto?”

Everyone frowned as they thought hard.

Sanlong shook his head, then said, “You have far more than one motto.”

Zhao Yu threw the terminal at Big Bear Zhang’s head while he was looking away. He said, “I always make my brain work for me.”

The terminal crashed in front of them, and everyone was stunned!

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