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Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 599 Battle Team Rank!

Chapter 599 Battle Team Rank!

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Han Jijyun glanced at Li Yingjie with a half-smile. This made Li Yingjie panic until Han Jijyun slowly replied, "Then you do you."

Han Jijyun's expression and words made Li Yingjie feel perturbed. Could it be that they actually didn't receive Ling Lan's orders? Suddenly, Li Yingjie remembered that Han Jijyun was a strategist and was probably deliberately messing with his judgment. After thinking about this, Li Yingjie was calm once again.

During the conversation between the two of them, a few officers who were looking around finally couldn't wait any longer and made their moves.

There were five officers consisting of three Majors and two Lieutenant Colonels. The three Majors instantly stopped in their tracks after seeing that two Lieutenant Colonels had made their move. These three watched from the side but only one of them bit their lip frustratingly and followed behind the two Lieutenant Colonels.

They walked towards Qi Long and the others. Although the Major walked over as well, he still respectfully stood behind the two Lieutenant Colonels. This also made the expressions on the two Lieutenant Colonels' faces change a bit for the better.

The two Lieutenant Colonels looked at each other with burning rage in their eyes as if they were in a competition. This was a battle for the outstanding geniuses they had set their eyes on. This wasn't a battle they were willing to give up on.

The Major behind these two sighed and knew that his original plans were going to be all for naught. He decisively changed his plans and set his goal towards a lower level recruit. Although he felt regret, he wasn't angry. That was because these new recruits were all high quality individuals. Even those who were of lower quality were considered to be good compared to new recruits from the previous two years.

The two Lieutenant Colonels both looked around and then put their attention towards Qi Long.

"Qi Long?" The two of them spoke almost at the same time.

Qi Long had already known that these three people were coming towards them. After suddenly hearing the two Lieutenant Colonels call out his name, he saluted them with composure and replied, "Yes, sirs."

The two who called Qi Long's name looked at each other and it was another battle with their eyes. In the end, the person on the right acquired the right to speak first, "Qi Long, I am the 19th mecha clan in the Second South Army Corps, Kongling mecha's team captain, Wei Jiming. I specially welcome you to join our battle team and become a member of our team."

After the first person spoke, the Lieutenant Colonel standing on the left followed, "I am the 127th mecha clan in the Third North Army Corps, Nizhan mecha clan's team captain, He Yaohua. Our battle team would also like to invite you to join us and become a member of our team."

The Major standing behind these two was overjoyed. The target of the two people in front of him was Qi Long. This meant that the Major still had a chance. He knew that in this group of new recruits, Luo Lang, Xie Yi and Li Yingjie were all ace level operators. As long as he took one of them into his team, his battle team would be able to advance to a four star battle team. In the division, he had to wait for more resources and the time they would get to choose the recruits. It wasn't like how it was now where he had more than one high quality recruit to choose from.

There was a limit to the amount of people battle teams could choose from the new recruits to join them. One star battle team had no chance of choosing. Even if they had set their eyes on a certain new recruit. They still wouldn't be able to invite the new recruits. Two and three star battle teams could only choose one person. Four star battle teams could choose two people and five star battle teams had the power to choose three people…

Any other battle teams above these levels were considered to be legendary battle teams. They were basically monstrous battle team that had formed for more than 10 years or even decades. Battle teams that had matured for a very long time would not choose unfamiliar new recruits to join their battle team (the new recruits would also not be qualified). At most, it would be their secondary battle teams coming to invite people and these secondary battle teams were at most five star battle teams.

This ranking of battle teams show that the higher the level the better their development in the future would be. This was also why every battle team desperately wanted to level up. However it wasn't that easy to level up.

One star battle teams didn't have any requirements. Advancing from one star to two stars required that among the members, including the captain, to have more than five special-class operators in order to meet the requirements for advancement. Advancing from two stars to three stars required that the captain of the team to be an ace operator and at the same time have more than eight members who were special-class operators. The most difficult advancement was three to four which required that other than the captain being an ace operator, the team had to have two more ace operators and at the same time have more than 10 special-class operators in the team.

Many battle teams in the army corps were stuck at three stars. That was because once a team had three ace mecha operators, they would be given a new choice which would lead to a more prosperous future. Many, including the captains of these battle team couldn't withstand the temptation. The temptation was to create a three-man ace operator team and apply into the army corps' ace operator mecha clan.

Of course, even if they didn't have three people, these individuals could still apply to the ace operator mecha clan once they advance into ace level. It was just that the applicants wouldn't be able to become part of the main group and could only apply to become a secondary bench member who would be distributed by the ace mecha clan.

The reason why countless ace mecha operators were in a hurry to join was because after entering the ace mecha clans, it would mean that they had climbed into the higher ranks of the military. The ace mecha clan was called the High Ranking Officer Preparations Camp. As long as the individuals return alive from battles, after more than a decade, these individuals would be able to enter into the army corps and become high ranked officers of the army corps.

If these individuals were not interested in power and rankings, there was another reason for all ace mecha operators to not be able to resist the temptation. That reason was once they enter into the ace mecha clan, they would receive the experience and the resources on how to train to become imperial operators. This would give those ace operators who were not taught how to advance further a clear path towards advancing to the imperial level.

It was just that as operators, each and every one of them wanted to become the Federation's strongest mecha operator in the future. God-class was too difficult and did not even cross people's minds. However, imperial class was something that could be worked towards. This was also why the ace mecha clan was never short on ace mecha operators. There were always newly advanced ace operators who joined the clan.

However, when an ace operator leaves the battle team, especially the captain, the team would not be able to retain the star level requirements. The battle team would then return to a star level similar their strength then continue to work hard based on the star level requirements.

Of course, there were ace operators in battle teams who were able to resist the temptation and continue to work for their battle team. If advancing to four stars was considered a hard thing to do, then advancing to five stars was near impossible.

In order to advance to five stars, the battle team's team captain must have reached imperial level. There must be five ace operators and more than 20 special-class operators within the team. Five star battle teams existed as the top battle teams in the army corps. Even the battle teams in the special forces may not be five star ones. That was because although imperial level was one level above ace, this small difference was not something that anyone could successfully overcome. Most of the ace mecha operators in the Federation were all stuck at this point.

As for legendary battle teams, their requirements were even higher. The main team required that everyone to reach ace level or higher while having four five star battle teams…

Of course, there was another level above the one mentioned above, but that was only considered to be a legend. According to legend, there wasn't any battle team that successfully reached the peak. The advancement requirements were only known to legendary battle teams. The only information that was leaked was that the team leader of the battle team must be god-class…

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