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Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 721 Secret?

Chapter 721 Secret?

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Millions of soldiers resided in Soldier City so there were many entertainment spots in the city. The luxurious shopping street in Soldier City was similar to the shopping streets in all the other cities. The only difference was, the staff of the shops was soldiers.

Normal businesses were not able to set up in Soldier City. All the shops in Soldier City were under the Purchasing Department of the military. The products were internally distributed supplies so their quality was guaranteed. Not only were they better in quality than those products outside, but they were also relatively cheaper too.

Hence, all the soldiers in Soldier City spent most of their salary here. Some bought necessities they currently needed while others bought in bulks to bring them back after their term in Soldier City ended. Even if they couldn't use it, it was a good gift to normal people. Normal people might not be able to buy military supplies even if they wanted to.

Today, the street was extremely busy. Besides the soldiers who resided at Soldier City, the top ten mecha clans were here too. The soldiers of these mecha clans took the chance to do some restocking. The price here was more affordable compared to the price at their division. Additionally, they needed to prepare some presents too. If they met any comrades after going back, they would be able to give them something.

There were female soldiers in Soldier City but they were rare. However, there were many female products sold. Everyone knew those high-ranking officers, with the exception of a few younger ones, had either a wife, mistress or a girlfriend. To make their women happy, they were willing to spend a lot of credits on them. Thus, the sales of these shops were good.

The moment Han Xuya and Luo Chao arrived at the shopping street, they were attracted by the huge array of products available. If their Boss was not beside them, they would have gone berserk, rushing into shops while shouting happily.

They had not used their salary for almost a year so they had enough credits to buy whatever they wanted. Their boss even secretly gave them a bonus of 100,000 credits. This was their salary for an entire year. It was enough to let them buy things without any qualms.

Sob, their Boss really pampered them. Han Xuya and Luo Chao were touched.

Han Xuya went to ask her other comrades after she received the bonus from her Boss. Haha, those guys only got 50,000 credits. This was halved of what their boss gave them. The two ladies were elated. Their boss was obviously biased towards them. As smart people, they would not boast about their bonuses and create trouble for their boss. However, their smile got brighter and attracted the attention of many soldiers on the street.

Everyone on Lingtian came out to shop together. They were all extremely happy to receive an additional bonus from their boss. They were touched by their boss's selfless love towards them.

Erm… actually, Ling Lan was generous because Little Four helped her to invest the extra credits her comrades had left. The investment managed to do well so all of her comrades had millions of credits now.

To prevent her comrades from losing their minds due to the sudden wealth, she didn't tell them how much their real assets were worth. The bonus was also a reward for them as they performed well in the land clearing mission.

It meant that this pile of money didn't belong to Ling Lan. It was theirs. Just like this, these people, who were kept in the dark, pledged their loyalty to their boss.

Although the people from Lingtian came out shopping together, they didn't stay with Ling Lan. The temptation to shop with their Boss was huge but they were all forced away by Han Xuya's unrelenting stare.

Hence, the three ladies, Ling Lan, Han Xuya, and Luo Chao went shopping together. Of course, to other people, Ling Lan was a man. Many soldiers on the street didn't have a girlfriend so they got jealous when they saw Ling Lan moving around with two ladies by his side. They wished they could take his place. However, the cold aura around Ling Lan stopped them from doing anything stupid.

Ling Lan noticed the desire in Han Xuya's and Luo Chao's eyes. As expected, no ladies could resist beautiful accessories and clothes. Even if they currently couldn't use them, they still wanted to buy them.

Ling Lan nodded. They were the only two females in her team so she would try to fulfill all their desires. Ling Lan forgot she was a lady too. No wonder Mother Lan always complained that the five years in the military academy had made her less lady-like.

They entered a shop and saw all the trending accessories laid out on the counter. There were clothes and jewelry too. Ling Lan had no interest in these but she got tempted too.

However, the moment they entered the shop, the chatty staff members sprung into a corner as though they got frightened.

"Boss, retract your cold aura. Don't scare them." If there was no one attending them, how were they supposed to shop? She pulled Ling Lan's sleeve and reminded her.

Ling Lan was enlightened. The staff was not real soldiers. They were only a soldier in name but in fact, they were normal people. They were unable to handle her force of presence. That was why they hid from her when she came in.

Ling Lan had no choice but to retract the cold aura around her. The shop regained its warm atmosphere. One of the young ladies noticed the change in the temperature and looked over curiously.

She saw three female soldiers (?) standing at the door. One was gentle-looking, one was quite handsome, and one looked very young and had a kind of androgynous beauty. Just by standing there, they were able to become the center of attention.

The young lady was puzzled. Why did they hide? Just now, she felt fear. It was like when their superior came to inspect their work. They didn't dare to look at their superiors so they hid in a corner and pretended to be busy. They must be thinking too much just now. It must be because they felt guilty for chatting during working hours.

The young lady found an explanation for her actions. Since there were customers, she gathered her courage and walked towards them. She greeted them enthusiastically, "Officers, what would you like?"

Besides people like them, everyone else in Soldier City was soldiers. In order to become a part of the staff at Soldier City, they needed to have ample knowledge about the different titles and ranks of a soldier. The young lady glanced at the three customers. The two ladies were second lieutenants while the other one was a major. She was surprised. At first, she thought that these two ladies brought their younger brother or younger sister out for shopping. It seemed like she was wrong.

She started to greet them with more respect. There were many lieutenants in Soldier City but majors were less common. She didn't dare to offend them.

"Boss, Luo Chao and I will go and shop around. Would you like to take a seat and wait for us?" Luo Chao wanted to start shopping immediately but she couldn't just leave her Boss like this. Her Boss might get angry for neglecting him.

When the attendant heard this, she got agitated. More sales meant more commission for her. She hurriedly asked, "Are you not interested in the products we have?"

Ling Lan shook her head. She was not uninterested. It's just that with her current status, she couldn't use them.

The attendant was disappointed. She looked at Ling Lan's young face and suddenly thought of something. She quickly introduced the second floor to her. "Officer, we have a doll section on the second floor. You can go up and take a look. Our resting area is on the second floor too. If you get tired of shopping, you can have a rest."

Luo Chao heard this and knew that the attendant had misunderstood something. She laughed and turned to look at Ling Lan's pure face. She didn't expect her Boss to look like this after he retracted his force of presence. Her face turned red. She believed that only Xuya and her saw this side of Ling Lan before…

Luo Chao looked at Han Xuya instinctively. She noticed that the careless Han Xuya didn't realize the change in their boss. Luo Chao felt something sweet spreading through her heart. She might be the only one who saw this side of Ling Lan. Was this a secret between her and her Boss?

Just as Luo Chao was immersed in her own thoughts, Han Xuya laughed loudly. "Haha. You are so funny. How can you ask our boss to go to the doll section? He is a man. Why will he like these dolls?"

Han Xuya's words stabbed Ling Lan's heart…

Who says I'm not a woman? Fine, I'm not supposed to be one. However, that does not mean that I don't like dolls, right? Ling Lan was sad. She walked towards the second floor while ignoring Han Xuya. She was afraid that she might kill her accidentally.

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