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Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 1438 - Won“t Let Others Have It Easy

Chapter 1438 Won“t Let Others Have It Easy

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“Ugh!” His mecha was struck consecutively. The immense shocks from the hits, even after the mecha had provided protection against them, still caused Li Lanfeng to be injured. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Warning! Warning! Mecha damage has reached 47%. Please retreat immediately.” The optical supercomputer if the mecha gave out a warning, advising that the mecha was no longer fit to fight.

“Retreat? If he doesn’t retreat, how could I?” Li Lanfeng smiled coldly. From when he followed Ling Lan into the battlefield, he had decided to move forward or retreat together.

The high-intensity fight had truly exhausted him, but now his spirit instantly exploded in strength.

“Ah!” He shouted angrily as the large sword in his hand slashed horizontally. The slash sent three mechas attempting to take him out to fall back.

“Also, as long as he’s alive, I won’t let myself die.” Li Lanfeng held his sword and rushed forward. “Even if I do, I won’t let you have my life that easily… now die.”

His large sword ruthlessly stabbed towards an enemy mecha’s cockpit. Even though the enemy mecha was aiming for mutual destruction, he still didn’t relent and push forward.


The large sword stabbed through the cockpit and similarly, the opponent’s large sword also stabbed through Li Lanfeng’s cockpit.

“What’s happening?” The opponent was shocked. The feeling the arm of the mecha gave him felt as though he had missed. However, he clearly saw the large sword hit its mark.

He wanted to get to the bottom of this, but he didn’t have any chance to do so. It was because at that moment, his cockpit was struck and the immense pain took over his senses. The mecha flopped and smashed into the ground, causing dust to rise into the air. The mecha operator, who had lost his life, didn’t have the chance to see that the large sword in his mecha’s right hand had actually split in half. The half that was still intact also had a light layer of dark fog on it.

In the end, that dark fog dissipated. The sword was now even shorter than when the mecha fell to the ground. However, these were all small details that probably wouldn’t be discovered by anyone.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The three enemy mechas that surrounded Li Lanfeng all fell to the ground. They were all killed in one hit after being stabbed in their cockpits by Li Lanfeng.

The fallen mecha operators didn’t know how they died even at the moment of their deaths. After all, they were the first to attack, but they were the ones who died. However, for some reason, the opponent they struck first in the cockpit, managed to miraculously survive.

Li Lanfeng finished off the rest of enemies around him and then a new wave of them rushed towards him.

The battle was going to continue like this until one side loses confidence in themselves.

On Luo Lang’s side, it was a similar situation. His situation might be even more precarious than Li Lanfeng’s. He was struck so many times that the optical supercomputer’s warning alarms were going off for more than a minute. The damage the mecha sustained was already over 50% and was almost at 60%.

Luo Lang knew very well that once it passed 60%, the battle power of the mecha would decrease exponentially. Once it passes 70%, it would no longer have the power to fight.

“Is this death?” Luo Lang didn’t panic but instead asked this question calmly.

“Luo Lang, you have to live even without me being here.” The words Xie Yi told Luo Lang echoed inside his head again.

“Xie Yi, I won’t go back on my word. I will definitely live a good life.” Luo Lang’s originally calm expression became sharp.

“Alter Ego! You’re actually activating this domain at this moment. Do you want to die?” an angry voice rang in his head.

“Since I want to live, I need to take the necessary risks,” Luo Lang said calmly.

“Calm personality?” The evil personality’s expression changed slightly.

“Yes and no.” Luo Lang smiled sharply.

The evil personality was stunned for a moment before a big change in his expression took over.

“Evil personality, you have to help me this time,” Luo Lang said calmly.

The evil personality’s expression froze for a moment before hesitatingly saying, “When did I not help you?”

“That’s good to hear.” Luo Lang laughed out loud. His entire mecha rushed forward and pounced towards the enemy mecha group.

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