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Cthulhu Gonfalon (Web Novel) - Chapter 314

Chapter 314

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“Align, don’t miss the target position!” Jose directed several young people, pointing at the pile that made up the huge magic junction at the predetermined position—a particularly dark space in the middle of the forest, the original point of negative energy. Then he jumped up, curled his hands into fists, and hit straight on the top of the pile.

With a muffled sound, the heavy magic pile fell into the ground, leaving only a dark pit. Without standing over the pit and looking into it carefully, one couldn’t see the light golden magic prop buried in the pit.

“Well, the last one is done.” Jose did a backflip with the force of the counterblast, landing on the ground without any difficulty. He took out a design plan, upon which one could only see that all the intersections of the design plan had been ticked except for the last one.

He smiled, took out his charcoal pen, and ticked off the last one. Then he sprinkled a handful of grass seeds on the empty ground, took out a golden gloomy looking magic compass, and urged the magic in his blood to inject into it. A great light burst out from the magic compass immediately, mixed with that from the underground magic pile. A magic array about thirty feet in diameter emerged.

In this magic array, the dark ground slowly changed color, and its black color gradually faded, which meant that the negative energy of the land was dissipating. When the negative energy had dissipated to a certain extent, the land turned light gray and even vaguely had a little green in it, which was the grass seeds that had been scattered before. They began to germinate.

After a while, when the magic array disappeared, the junction of the dark negative energy disappeared, as well, and turned into a green space that stood out from the surrounding black woods.

Although the grass was still sparse, it was a miracle of life that there could be such a green space in the Ash Forest.

After that, Jose took out a Communication Wand inlaid with turquoise and contacted Felix in Pyroxene Town through it.

“Is that Felix? This is Jose… Yes, the last pile has been laid and the purification array has been completed… How could something have gone wrong? I’m not going to make that kind of mistake! All the junctions were set up after careful inspection, and the locations and depth are completely in line with the design. If there was a mistake, it would be a mistake in the design plan… Easy, easy, you’re right, I need to control my temper… Anyway, the intersections are sure to be okay. You can start.”

The color of the turquoise used to sustain the magic was fading, which meant that its magic had been exhausted and needed to be replenished before it could be used again. Jose drew back his wand and led his subordinates back to a place far from the grass, waiting for the magic array to start.

By this time, Felix had gathered several top students from the magic school and brought them to the roof of the school, where a magic array had been pre-laid.

“Look carefully. Try to learn from it,” she told the students. “But remember, don’t make a fuss. Maybe, you will see something you have never seen before, but sooner or later, you will be able to do it, as long as you continue to work hard on the path of magic.”

After saying that, she took out her wand, “Mezashi,” and walked into the center of the magic array.

“Mezashi, restriction removed, transform!”

At her command, the originally round-headed wand with a ruby on its tip burst out in red light, and the top of the wand split like a branch, stretching out into three branches of metal. The ruby also slowly flew up, floating in the air between the branches, surrounded by the emerging magic array.

The lower part of the wand stretched out suddenly, from about the length of her arm to almost Felix’s height. The wand, which had completely transformed, flew up from her hand and floated vertically in front of her. It emitted many magic symbols that formed into circles and surrounded her and the wand. It also began to cooperate with the array on the ground like a heartbeat, shining the same rhythm of light.

Felix’s eyes shone with excitement. She lifted her hand and took off the pendant necklace that constantly sent out cold air from her neck and put it in the space ring.

The next moment, her whole body burned fiercely, as if she had turned into an erupting crater with endless flames. These flames danced wildly for a while, then slowly controlled themselves. Most of them gathered behind her, turning into a pair of burning flame wings, and the rest formed various patterns that appeared on her body, where only a special tight fireproof robe was left, covering her white skin with the patterns of flames. She looked like a fire fairy coming to the human world.

Then she chanted the incantation.

The incantation was chanted in a heavenly language that ordinary people couldn’t understand. Every syllable of it contained wonderful power. With her chanting, runes floated from her body. These runes floated out of circles of magic symbols that had surrounded her and slowly began to rotate.

After quite a while, the sky was full of red runes. These runes were rotating in the same direction at different speeds, transforming into a magic array that rotated with several layers. If one looked at it carefully, it would be clear that although it was very different from the magic array on the ground, they were in incredible harmony with each other, as if the two magic arrays were originally born in one, and now were finally reintegrated.

It took Felix a lot of magic power to chant this incantation. Even if she had reached the level of advanced legendary peak, she could not help feeling tired at that moment. She took out a bottle of precious magic potion and poured it into her mouth. After a short rest, she finally recovered, calmed down, and continued her magic.

This time, the incantation she chanted was short and powerful, allowing her to use the magic that turned into a wave of fire, rising from her body and going up into the clouds.

This magic, like a pillar of fire, rushed into the sky and burst apart suddenly after reaching a certain height, then fell in all directions in a flash of fire. At the same time, the magic piles buried deep in the center of the green grassland were shining, and several golden rays of light rose in the sky, connecting with the falling fire as if they had practiced with each other countless times. Each golden light met fire, and not one was left behind.

Following that, the golden and red lights scattered out to all sides, crossing the dark forest and connecting with each other again, forming a huge, tight magic array.

This magic array wasn’t complicated, but its scale was amazing. It was more than six miles in diameter, covering the whole Pyroxene Town and a large area of land around it. Accompanied by moving golden red rays of light, the negative energy in the forest quickly dissipated. It wasn’t long before there was a refreshing breeze in the forest inside the magic array. Although the ground and trees were still black, there was no depressing atmosphere as there had been before.

Originally living in the Ash Forest, creatures who had adapted to the weak negative energy in the environment became a little restless. These little guys were far more sensitive and aware of the changes in the environment than humans, but they soon regained their composure and quietly went on doing their own things, with a little more vigor in their movements.

Even creatures who had adapted to a negative energy environment preferred a living environment without negative energy. This was the nature of all living creatures, with no exceptions.

After a while, the golden red light faded away, but the environment in the magic array didn’t deteriorate again. It maintained the scene after being partially purified. Not only that, if one looked closely, they would find that in fact, the forest in the magic array centered on those green grasslands was being purified bit by bit. Although the speed of purification was so slow that it was almost invisible to the naked eye, there was no doubt that the magic array was working on the continuous purification of the forest within its scope.

It might have taken decades, or even centuries, before the forest could be completely purified. Perhaps for the Ash Forest, which occupied nearly a tenth of the Continent of the Main Plane, a circle of more than six miles in diameter in this area was insignificant, but for the people living in it, it was an earth-shaking change and a brand-new beginning!

For another person, this was a great change that could influence earth and heaven, a great success, and a proof of the road to legend.

In the Mage’s Tower of the Void Mask Land, sitting in the center of the energy pool of six elements, including earth, water, wind, fire, positive, and negative power, the commander of mages, Satan, opened his eyes in meditation and smiled with satisfaction.

At just that moment, he clearly felt that the power that had been vague, invisible and intangible, but had stubbornly stood in front of him and stopped him from making progress had disappeared. His way forward had been opened, and his preparations for surpassing the common level and entering the legendary realm had been completed.

“It seems that my idea was correct. My understanding of purification was also correct.” He stood up with a smile and went to the transmission array next to him. In a flash of light, he went to the observatory at the top of the magic tower.

Inside, the observatory was empty. With only one astronomer to study the stars and one ground mirror to show the situation of the earth, he went to the ground mirror and held down the precious stone organ to open the magic prop. With the resonance of magic, the ground mirror, which had originally been a piece of transparent crystal, slowly reflected the whole Ash Forest.

Because it had been completely contaminated by negative energy, the land veins of the Ash Forest were almost entirely dark. In the darkness, only the Void Mask Land was white, and the swamp of Skeleton Devourer Junior was dark gray, but now, there was one more dark gray area.

It was the Pyroxene Town and the forest around it, the area covered by the vast array of purification.

Besides that, in this dark gray area, there were some light white spots, which were the intersections of the purification array. With the passing of time, they would continuously purify the earth and turn this forest into a paradise of life with the fragrance of flowers and singing of birds.

Satan laughed with joy at this scene.

“My design… My way… That’s right!”

He was filled with exuberant enthusiasm and joy.

“The next step is to prepare for the promotion ceremony. Its enormous magic will help me break through the limits of mortals and enter the legendary realm!”

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