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Daoist Master of Qing Xuan (Web Novel) - Chapter 371: The Closing Ceremony/The End of the Show

Chapter 371: The Closing Ceremony/The End of the Show

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Although Shen Lian was holding the extremely brutal Trapping of Celestial Sword, he actually felt quiet and peaceful, not distracted by anything.

The essence of the Mastery of Senses suddenly became clear in his heart of Dao. Every word and every sentence, and even the innate god’s blouse all seemed so wonderful.

With the aid of his Taixu Divine Qi, he was so closely integrated with the heaven and earth that he could have a transcendent perspective to overlook the entire heaven and earth.

He saw himself holding a sword, leisurely strolling while randomly swaying the sword. The exquisite sword moves were those that he had never seen before. He followed the tracks on the avenue while connecting with its majestic power.

He was surrounded by a red glow which formed a deadly sword arena. Infinite sword aura filled the entire sword arena.

The powerful dragon-like punch by Daoqing was shortly being crushed by Shen Lian’s sword aura. The sound made by the sword set the vastly majestic palace quaking.

Yuming the Honoured Celestial was filled with hatred. He even hated the person who sent the sword to the core.

With the aid of Celestial Trapping Sword, his combat capability was not at the level of immortal Zhenren anymore. Moreover, those who were at the state of celestialism were naturally restrained by the Celestial Trapping Sword.

He not only had to face the terrifying sword aura, his mind and spirit were constantly being attacked by the bloody murderous intent. Even with his immortal Zhenren’s moral nature, it was as miserable as the breakout of whims in the past.

Yuming did not think that he still had any odds of winning this battle.

He yelled, “My cow friend, when we are all defeated, how would it benefit you?”

The green bull roared, as though he was moved by Yuming the Honoured Celestial’s word.

A terrifying oscillation of energy appeared. His pair of horns, loud and clear like the heaven water, the sound waves was earth-shaking.

Even Shen Lian was affected and thus he secretly took precautionary measures.

Yuming the Honoured Celestial was motivated by this and his morale and Daoqing’s were boosted. They decided to give all out and the terrifying lightning exploded. The thunder was so loud and all the talismans flew out from Lingxiao Palace. Endless of spells were attacking Shen Lian.

Daoqing was non-stop giving out light rays using all his entire mana without caring about his life to form all the terrifying Dao techniques.

The heaven and earth around it were involved in this battle and they were badly affected and damaged. The power of the curse flowing in the heaven courtyard was affected and it actually condensed to form blood rain in the void and it was flowing heavily.

No doubt that this was an earth-shattering battle. If this happened in the mortal world, the consequences could be ghastly. There would be so many innocent living creatures being involved in this and faced death.

Remnants of the celestials’ skeletons in the Heaven Courtyard were all affected by the battle’s repercussion. They had the similar remnants of the power of skeletons of the divine form of the gigantes, but more or less left with nothing.

At this moment, there was an explosion. The resonance from the explosion filled the entire heaven and earth and dimmed the stars.

Every explosive sound was not less terrifying than the immortal Zhenren’s powerful strike.

The damaged Heaven Courtyard had already lost its core of operation, how could it still withstand such mighty force?

The void started to collapse slowly, there was no time for recovery.

The green bull’s enormous psyche power exploded which made people fearful. But what shocked everyone was that it did not attack Shen Lian. Instead, it opened its mouth widely, revealing the Black and Yellow Tower of Protection and Wu Qingzi’s corpse in its mouth. Then it turned around, his feet stepped on the void and disappeared quickly in distance.

Yuming the Honoured Celestial was so pissed off that his lungs were about the explode. Demon beasts lacked wisdom. They lacked the ability to consider. What a waste to have such a fierce look, but in actual fact, they were as timid as a mouse.

This kind of creature could actually have power equivalent to that of immortal Zhenren, it was so unfair.

If it was any cultivator who entered the path of Daoism for Huandan, he or she would definitely be more courageous than the demon beast.

When Shen Lian got his hand on Celestial Trapping Sword, the green bull already decided to flee from the situation. The sword was too terrifying that it made the green bull feel that its life was threatened.

Prior to this, no matter how strong Shen Lian’s attack was, it would not cause any lethal damage to its body. The most he could do was to suppress it for a short while only. But with the incomparable murderous intent of Celestial Trapping Sword, it really made the Green Bull tremble on the inside.

It possessed a power that was comparable to the celestials. However, this originated from the bloodline inheritance, hence its temperament was not comparable to the celestials that had broken away from whims. It might not even be comparable to the demon kings who came from ordinary demon clans.

However, it did not feel that something was wrong. One could only have everything if one was alive, this was the Green Bull’s first survival rule. As for its face and courage, they meant nothing.

As for Yuming the Honoured Celestial who was still putting up a stubborn resistance had become a fool in his heart.

When Shen Lian witnessed how the Green Bull fled without any hesitation, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It was good that the Green Bull had left, his only biggest enemy was still Yuming the Honoured Celestial.

He could clearly feel that using Celestial Trapping Sword consumed an immense mana which was way beyond his imagination.

Even if his sword will be able to bear with Celestial Trapping Sword and there was no conflict and they even merged harmoniously, but the mana used to move this sword was so tremendous that even for his state of celestialism, it would be like a young child carrying a heavy hammer. It was not as easy as it looked.

But Yuming the Honoured Celestial was not aware of it. Even if he knew, there was nothing he could do about it.

The power of Shen Lian’s sword aura was real. If something went wrong and his body was hurt, that would be a serious injury.

Yuming and Daoqing had been through so many fierce battles in their entire life but none was as dangerous as this time.

When Shen Lian’s sword will merged into the sword aura, it would be so invincible that any Dao technique, Talisman or magical trick would be easily defeated when facing the sword aura.

The repercussions from outside world finally spread here and endless of energy gushed in. At the same time, there was a real heavenly palace appeared in the sky that looked exactly the same as Lingxiao Hall.

The illusionary heavenly palace possessed such supreme majesty which made the Lingxiao Hall that belonged to Yuming the Honoured Celestial look like an old and broken house at a rural area.

The infinite divine lights appeared surrounding the heavenly palace, followed by the illusionary celestials filling the entire sky.

This damaged Heaven Courtyard was manifesting the momentary recovery of its memory just before the end of its life and walking its last magnificent journey.

Facing such a terrifying doomsday scenario, Yuming the Honoured Celestial could not even be bothered about where the Jinque Jade Booklet was at.

Then, there was an excruciating scream. One of Daoqing’s elbow was being severed by Shen Lian. Yuming the Honoured Celestial was frightened and quickly went to give him a helping hand but it was already too late. Daoqing yelled, “Quickly, leave this place, Junior Apprentice-Brother.”

The firmness in his voice made Yuming the Honoured Celestial, his Junior Apprentice-Brother who had been living with him for hundreds of years understand his intention that even if he were to pay the price of destroying his Primordial Spirit, he would want to perish together with Shen Lian.

Moreover, this place was clearly going to collapse.

Yuming the Honoured Celestial did not even have the time to take his Junior Apprentice-Sister, Lingguang, who might have been dead away. The only way for him to break his way out was to leave the palace and get into the endless storm of energy.

Followed by Daoqing’s location, a striking white glow which was brighter than the Milky Way suddenly exploded.

Finally, the tide of Qi of vitality also surged in. The illusionary sky and the illusionary celestials were all destroyed in the surging tide and dissipated into the bright white glow.

This Heaven Courtyard was finally going to disappear. The last traces of the celestials would also vanish.

Shen Lian held his blood red Celestial Trapping Sword while carrying a beautiful Daoist nun and retreated to the altar. Then, the void collapsed and endless majestic divine power surged into the surrounding of his body. It was so much scarier than the catastrophes in the apocalypse.

After the explosion, an endless darkness arrived.

In the mortal world, those who were on their way to the scene witnessed the Southern Heavenly Gate vanished and there were not even any traces left behind.

Anyhow, the Heaven Courtyard was an unconventional wonder at this place. Even if it came to an end of its life, it would make the outsiders feel somehow miserable and wasted.

The disappearance of the Heaven Courtyard also signified the end of an era. This was something that the others have not thought about now.

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