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Daoist Master of Qing Xuan (Web Novel) - Chapter 372: Even the Negligible Secular Dust Could Overlook the Entire World

Chapter 372: Even the Negligible Secular Dust Could Overlook the Entire World

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What did the real void in the universe look like? If one had not seen it with one’s own eyes, one would never get the correct answer.

Gazing at the stars from the ground, you would see the stars gathered and shone so brightly that it would weave an embroidered sky of stars.

But when one was outside of the heaven and earth, what one witnessed would be boundless darkness. Even if one could see the stars glowing, it would be so distant that it filled people with despair.

The universe encompassed countless of stars but there was even more boundless void. Aside from the peculiar energy rays, there was nothing in the void. It was difficult to even search for a dust particle in there.

In such a void, there was a floating lonely altar. At the peak of the altar was a withered jade tree. Below the tree sat a beautiful looking lady whose eyes were closed tightly and she was not breathing. Of course, there was no oxygen there.

She remained stationary and she was quiet like an exquisite sculpture and did not look like a living thing.

One floor below the altar was Shen Lian with a blood red long sword on his knees. He was gazing at the front, that was also darkness but within the darkness was an enormous halo. This was because the darkness in front was actually an enormous star and he was right behind it. Thus, he was able to avoid the burning fire of the sun located at the sunny side of the star.

This star was exactly where Qing Xuan was located at.

Right beside Shen Lian lied a good-looking Daoist nun. At this moment, she woke up and opened her beautiful eyes. What came into her sight was Shen Lian’s side face. However, she could not see clearly. She realized that her eyes could not look at things anymore. She could only depend on her spiritual sense to detect that there was someone beside her.

Thus when her divine thoughts were extricated, she felt infinite sharp pain in the beginning, then only she could see Shen Lian clearly.

However, that suffering followed her.

She could not recall how long ago she actually felt such terrifying pain. What made her feel even more helpless was that her body could not move at all, it was very stiff. To be precise, she felt numb and frozen.

The power of her Primordial Spirit was flowing in her body and she finally felt slightly warmer. Her bodily control started to recover, her eyes gradually regained sight, but it was very dark here, there was minimal light.

At the same time, the cold that she felt was indescribable. It was not chill, but cold, a bare cold that no heat energy could be stored here.

What she was not aware of was that if she left this altar, she would not even have the chance to feel cold.

In such a boundless universe, even an immortal Zhenren was just as if a negligible dust particle.

Absolute cold and the blazing heat together with the peculiar energy that was at every corner would kick her down to the mortal world.

Transcending beyond the mortal world did not only symbolize that you could free yourself from the restriction of heaven and earth, but it also meant you could use your body or Primordial Spirit to traverse the galaxy universe and that was the existence of majesty.

Those that could travel from one place to another, at a distance that was impossible for ordinary people were immortal Zhenrens. To compare with it, there was still a vast difference.

“You’re the one that saved me?” Lingguang remained silent for a moment and finally used her divine thoughts to ask.

She did not really want to use her divine thoughts because her psyche was subjected to too much interference here. The peculiar energy was just like a hacksaw cruelly severing her divine thoughts which made her feel so suffocating that it had reached her limit.

If it was not because she had been through so much ordeal back when she was trying to attain immortality, she would have faced mental breakdown by now.

Perhaps after being immortal, she had been living a leisure life. Thus, when this kind of pain happened, it would be somehow more intense.

Shen Lian looked at her and smiled, “Isn’t it obvious enough?”

Lingguang was already sitting, she was at a very close distance with Shen Lian but there was no thought of fighting. Because any form of fighting thought at this moment was not rational. She would not doubt how terrifying Shen Lian was.

Moreover, the even more horrifying sword was just placed right on Shen Lian’s knees. Although the red glow dissipated, the eerily horrifying aura was sufficient to be detected by her mind and spirit.

She forced a smile and said, “I really shouldn’t be asking this. Where are my senior apprentice-brothers?”

She asked a question which was way more terrifying for her.

Lingguang might not even be able to face this question, but she still asked anyhow.

“Zhenren Daoqing levitated, I’m not sure if Zhenren Yuming is dead or alive,” Shen Lian’s answer was very short and simple.

Although Lingguang already prepared herself mentally, when she faced the answer, she still felt an indescribable pain. She would even hope that Shen Lian would pierce her one more time with his sword than to know the outcome.

Since the last unexpected encounter, Yuming the Honoured Celestial’s status was the highest among the five of them and that caused a gap between them. Because Yuming the Honoured Celestial wanted to be the Lord Emperor, thus the four of them could only be four Imperial Lords under the Lord Emperor, and this had distinguished the five of them in terms of status.

Nonetheless, this did not indicate that their same sect relationship did not exist anymore.

Upon hearing this news, the relationship that gradually became apathetic before this came back at that moment but she did not know how to express it.

Her eyes were slightly moist and covered by a layer of frost. Because it was too cold and thus her tears could not flow out.

“Look at you, I feel that saving your life wasn’t a bad idea, after all, at least you didn’t cultivate to become a cold hard stone,” Shen Lian said.

Lingguang scoffed, “Do you think that us Guangqing is really that that impersonal and that we are a sect that only knows how to plunder and use vicious attacks? Fortune’s favored child like you would never understand how difficult it has been for us Guangqing to come this far.”

Shen Lian looked at her quietly without responding but he seemed like he was listening.

Lingguang was very confused. She was an immortal Zhenren but she was, after all, a woman. Thus, she still had the women’s nature of confiding. At such fragile moment, it was finally revealed.

Then she said, “Qing Xuan used to have Daoist masters discussing Daoism. The Grandmaster who set up the sect was the almighty Zhenren Yuanqing. There would be immortal Zhenrens for every generation and it never stopped, you’re indeed the royal family of the cultivation community.

But for us Guangqing, the Grandmaster who set up the sect was an ordinary cultivator who was experienced but in the end did not even get to step into the Huandan state. However, he did not forget about his dream of attaining immortality until his death. He used to say, “Even the dust of the mortal world was also qualified to overlook the entire world from the highest and furthest place.”

We dare not forget about Grandmaster’s words. The thing that one generation couldn’t accomplish could be passed on to the second and even the third generation to complete it. As long as we are determined to reach this target, depending on the ancestor’s progress. There will be this one day when we could finally stand straight at this vast heaven and earth and people wouldn’t dare to look down on us Guangqing anymore.

Our Guangqing’s Qi of Xuanqing was only an insignificant technique in the beginning. However, when it was passed on to the era of my founding master, it was already flawless. Thus, there came the first immortal Zhenren in our founding master’s sect. This technique was tempered by our former elder teachers using all their lessons of blood and tears.

Even if so, we treated the Qi of Xuanqing as a gem which was not even any more outstanding than your Qing Xuan’s Dao formula. Moreover, you Qing Xuan had uncountable Dao formula like this. You’ve even eliminated the Dao formula which was only slightly less powerful in order to maintain the number of Celestial Dippers and Nether Evils.”

Speaking of this, Lingguang’s resentment already reached the extreme.

Because destiny was so unfair, why was the destiny of Qing Xuan forever favorable? Why their Guangqing had to face such ordeal but when Qing Xuan encountered such catastrophe, they could still have Shen Lian this kind of fortune’s favored child who was so outstanding in just a few decades. Why did favoritism have to exist in destiny?

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