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Dark Moon Era (Web Novel)






Sansan, 仐三


Action Sci-fi

Orginal Language:



When a glorious old civilization was toppled overnight, a strange purple moon rose and thus began the Purple Moon Era.

Damn it! What kind of ecosystem was this? The evolution was messy. Even rabbit bites and plants were not to be messed with. How can one survive all this? Evolve into a Purple Moon Warrior? What did this have to do with the Purple Moon?

What kind of map was this? The Safety Sector? The Floating Domain? The Darkness Port? The Storm Voyage? The True Capital?

The Horror Lullaby List? The resurrection of the Underground Tribe and the prospering Underground City? The Chaos Black Market that suffused the world? The Bloody Road?

More importantly, one could end up in a bloody slaughter when dreaming and enter the Dream Domain? Fine, this damned era!

187 • 2019-12-03 11:54:54


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 370: Fallen Knight2020-05-29
Chapter 369: Monster Paradise2020-05-29
Chapter 368: Sub-mission2020-05-28
Chapter 367: The Attacker2020-05-28
Chapter 366: The Possessed2020-05-27
Chapter 365: The Demon Of Marco Village2020-05-27
Chapter 364: Santos Demon2020-05-26
Chapter 363: Strange Scene2020-05-26
Chapter 362: Start2020-05-25
Chapter 361: Meeting Liu He Again2020-05-25
Chapter 360: Demons & Nightmare2020-05-24
Chapter 359: Dream Again2020-05-24
Chapter 3582020-05-23
Chapter 357: Iron-Blooded City2020-05-23
Chapter 356: Protection And The Present For Tang Ling2020-05-22
Chapter 355: Debts Cleared2020-05-22
Chapter 354: Mysterious Interrupter2020-05-21
Chapter 353: Strongest Form2020-05-21
Chapter 352: Clash Between The Two Mightys2020-05-20
Chapter 351: Terrible Changes2020-05-20
Chapter 350: And I Will Never Look Back2020-05-19
Chapter 349: Punishment2020-05-19
Chapter 348: Black-robed Silver-haired Young Master Twelve2020-05-18
Chapter 347: First Generation! Shaken!2020-05-18
Chapter 346: Infinite Hell2020-05-17
Chapter 345: Microsenses2020-05-17
Chapter 344: Trigger The SSS2020-05-16
Chapter 343: Double Kill2020-05-16
Chapter 342: Gray Mist Street2020-05-15
Chapter 341: The Start Of Hell Ledge!2020-05-15
Chapter 340: Godnium2020-05-14
Chapter 339: Benefits Of Hell Ledge2020-05-14
Chapter 338: Strong Weapon2020-05-13
Chapter 337: Live Sword2020-05-13
Chapter 336: Boss Huang’s Weapon Refinery2020-05-12
Chapter 335: Twins2020-05-12
Chapter 334: The Rules Of The Life And Death Ring2020-05-11
Chapter 333: Hell Difficulty on Hell Ledge!2020-05-11
Chapter 332: A Strange Tacit Understanding2020-05-10
Chapter 331: Higan Left2020-05-10
Chapter 330: Higan’s Desperation2020-05-09
Chapter 329: What Is Monty?2020-05-09
Chapter 328: The One Who Set The Rules2020-05-08
Chapter 327: The Geniuses In The Dreamy Visitor2020-05-08
Chapter 326: Ling, Long Meet2020-05-07
Chapter 325: Tang Ling’s Present2020-05-07
Chapter 324: Throbbing2020-05-06
Chapter 323: That Distant Her2020-05-06
Chapter 322: Three Mystical Items2020-05-06
Chapter 321: Gu Dao2020-05-06
Chapter 320: God’s Eye2020-05-04
Chapter 319: Despair & Hope2020-05-04
Chapter 318: Tang Ling’s Wait2020-05-03
Chapter 317: Higan’s Decision2020-05-03
Chapter 316: Won’t Stop Until My Last Breath2020-05-02
Chapter 315: Who Is The Queen?2020-05-02
Chapter 314: The Ending Of The Competition2020-05-01
Chapter 313: No One Can Be Unfair To Tang Ling2020-05-01
Chapter 312: I Lost2020-04-30
Chapter 3112020-04-30
Chapter 310: Engage, Dream Seeds!2020-04-29
Chapter 309: The First Match! Beating The Undefeated2020-04-29
Chapter 308: All Eyes On You2020-04-28
Chapter 307: Desperado2020-04-28
Chapter 306: How Does It Feel To Like Someone?2020-04-27
Chapter 305: Calamity2020-04-27
Chapter 304: Shocking Chance2020-04-27
Chapter 303: Torrential Teen Ranking2020-04-27
Chapter 302: Higan & Tang Ling2020-04-27
Chapter 301: Who Are You?2020-04-27
Chapter 300: This Is Embarrassing…2020-04-24
Chapter 299: Where The Lights Are Dimmer2020-04-24
Chapter 298: Darkness Girl2020-04-23
Chapter 297: The First Stage2020-04-23
Chapter 296: Grand Entrance2020-04-22
Chapter 295: Perfect Breakthrough2020-04-22
Chapter 294: Unveil, Purple Moon Warrior2020-04-21
Chapter 293: You Are Tang Ling2020-04-21
Chapter 292: Disaster Day2020-04-20
Chapter 291: The Truth Of The Purple Moon2020-04-20
Chapter 290: Dark Arena2020-04-19
Chapter 289: An In-Depth Introduction to Darkness Port2020-04-19
Chapter 288: Secret Medicine2020-04-18
Chapter 287: Body Technique2020-04-18
Chapter 286: The Obsessed Blacksmith2020-04-17
Chapter 285: Unveil, The Stage For Geniuses2020-04-17
Chapter 284: Unique Technique2020-04-16
Chapter 283: Conditions2020-04-16
Chapter 282: I Know Everything2020-04-16
Chapter 281: Eight? Fifteen!2020-04-16
Chapter 280: First Day2020-04-16
Chapter 279: Ding Ling And Ding Dong2020-04-16
Chapter 278: 100 Years2020-04-16
Chapter 277: You Have Gotten Into Trouble2020-04-16
Chapter 276: First Encounter, Dream Seed!2020-04-12
Chapter 275: Giant Ship2020-04-12
Chapter 274: Welcome To Darkness Port2020-04-11
Chapter 273: Here I Come2020-04-11
Chapter 272: Storm Summit2020-04-10
Chapter 271: Reward2020-04-10