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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1 - Kidnapping

Chapter 1 - Kidnapping

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Chu Hao looked at the computer screen in front of himself. Other than the typical desktop windows, there was a strange looking pop up. It was a simple rectangular window with a single line of words along with two options.

"Do you wish to understand the meaning of life? Do you wish to be... truly alive?"

"YES... NO..."

Chu Hao furrowed his eyebrows, he carefully looked at the words and the options on the screen, and then pinched his eyebrows.

To tell the truth, he felt troubled. From a certain point of view, he did not think that any hacker could hack into his computer. It was not because he was boasting that the hacker who could hack his computer had not been born yet. Of course, it is also not because his computer security was invincible, but it was because of a very simple reason...

***, his computer is not connected to the internet!

Just today, when he was using the computer to process some data, the questioned window suddenly popped up. Because of his computer contained many important data, he had never connected this computer to the internet. He had also never used any private program on this computer. Even the operation system is customized. It could be said that this computer was not much of a computer, but rather it was secured information cabinet.

Such a computer was almost impossible to get virus, but suddenly there was a strange pop up window. Such symptom was almost identical to the virus. It was very intriguing.

Chu Hao put down his finger which was on his eyebrows. He was not sure what triggered the virus. Should he click X? Or should he click YES? Or NO? Or perhaps shutdown the computer? If one mishap, although the computer is not connected to any network, he was not afraid of leaking the data, but if the data in the computer was lost, this was not something he could bear.

"Forget it, I'll go look for a professional for help, this strange virus..."

Chu Hao pressed his eyebrows again, he wanted to stand up and turn around, but just as he was about to stand up, a strange feeling suddenly made him involuntarily look at the pop up again.

"Do you wish to understand the meaning of life? Do you wish to be... truly alive?"

"Truly alive?"

Chu Hao smiled bitterly, and then muttered to himself: "I don't want to, but how can one not think about it?"

While speaking, he couldn't help but reached out and clicked on the computer screen. However, he neither used the mouse nor the keyboard, but simply with his finger, it was not a touch screen monitor, so it did not matter......

But it was just at that moment, when Chu Hao's finger touched the computer screen, he blanked out started to lose conscious...

Half-dreaming and half-awake, he did not know how much time had passed. When Chu Hao woke up, he did not open his eyes. The first feeling he had was that the surrounding temperature was not right, it was hot...

Chu Hao was wearing early winter clothes, long trousers, and two layers of clothes. This was very common in early winter season, and it wouldn't look very hot. After all, in late October, the way he dress was just right.

But now he felt hot, the temperature was not right, so in a short while, Chu Hao started to sweat, he estimated the temperature to be around 37 degree Celsius, which was a very hot summer temperature.

After waking up, Chu Hao didn't open his eyes immediately. Since he touched the computer screen, he passed out, and then from a early winter to a hot summer. All of these were very incredible, which put Chu Hao on an extreme alert state.

His first thought was that he was kidnapped by FBI or a similar organization. After all, his identity was...

However, it was also not right. When he passed out, he was in a very safe location. If he was kidnapped there, then he would have died there many times over in these years. Perhaps, there was a traitor in the organization, and their goal was him alone. If so, there was only 20% chance of kidnapping him...

Just as Chu Hao was falling asleep, he heard the surrounding sounds. It was very strange. This was not some secret room or similar location he imagined, but it was a bustling downtown area. There were sounds from all kinds of cars, the laughter of people, and so on. This situation made Chu Hao became even more confused.

"Holy shit! What is this place!?!"

Suddenly, a young male voice rang out. Just before Chu Hao turned his head, someone stepped on his lap, but fortunately the owner of the foot did not pay attention what he had stepped and moved his leg to the side. Although Chu Hao only felt a little pain, he did not suffer any injuries.

Going by the flow, Chu Hao pretended to be stunned and woke up. As if nothing happened, he opened his eyes. Greeted by the bright, blazing sunlight, Chu Hao couldn't see anything around him at all. Immediately he closed his eyes again, even tears flowed out.

It was not until a moment later that when Chu Hao opened his eyes and looked around, he was really shocked.

It was a modern city with many tall buildings. He was lying on the side of a street, there were pedestrians walking on the street, there were many vehicles driving on the road, and in addition to himself, there were ten people lying there. Even though there were people lying on the side, the pedestrians as well as the vehicles on the road did not see anything wrong. Everyone seemed to ignore them. The strange thing was that even if these people were walking toward them, when they came close to them, they would naturally turn around and walk past them.

After Chu Hao woke up, he put on a very surprised expression and looked around... In fact, he was really amazed, but he was constantly calculating and thinking about what he should do. In just over ten seconds, his mind became clear.

The first was the temperature and the season. From the temperature he felt, the heat from the sun and what others around him wore, as well as the trees from both sides of the street, it could be seen that it was summer, and there was nothing wrong with that.

But these were just prerequisites, the key factor was... the location he was in was the northern hemisphere!

Yes, Chu Hao had already aware of where he was. If his memory wasn't wrong, then the location he was in should be Los Angeles. His organization had a small office here. He could do this, if he could contact with the base, and judging from the the familiar of the street, the possibility of him being wrong was very small.

Then there was a problem...

Before he came here, he was clearly at his base trying to process some data. The season there was around November, and it was in early winter which was about to enter winter. The base was also in the northern hemisphere, although the location was in Europe, but the season should not be that different, so... why was that in a blink of an eye, it turned from early winter to a hot summer? This was totally unscientific.

(Unless... I have been in a coma for about eight to ten months after touching the computer screen, that's the only possibility, but if I have been in a coma for so long, even with the most advanced medical equipment to maintain my life, my muscles and body will definitely undergo atrophic macular degeneration, however... I am fine, my physical condition has not change, so I can't be in a coma for eight to ten months. But how is this possible!)

Chu Hao stood up from the ground with a shocked face. At this moment, the other people who were lying on the ground were also waking up one after another. Seven or eight people stood up, so his movements were not strange. Chu Hao stood there deliberately, tried to look around to see if there was any strange device or sniper nearby.

At the same time, a person stood up from the ground with an amazed expression and asked in English: "What is this? Glass? Hey, someone tell us..."

The man who asked was a young man with blond hair in his twenties. He looked ordinary and wore a pair of glasses. He was now stuck in invisible walls around him with other people. He tried to lean forward, press onto the invisible wall, but there was nothing in front of him, and to his surprise he also did not fall at all. Witnessing such a scene made people stand up and looked at each other.

-What is this? Is this like a protective cover in some Sci-Fi movie? Or is this something strange like magic?

Everyone looked at the blond haired young man involuntarily. At this moment, almost everyone stood up from the ground. Except for Chu Hao, almost everyone walked toward the young man to test it out.

Suddenly, there was a clear female voice came from behind Chu Hao: "Hey, handsome guy, aren't you curious? why not go take a look at this shield?" While speaking, the beautiful brown haired girl in red dress smiled and walked out from behind Chu Hao.

(...Impossible! I didn't feel her presence at all... When did she get so close to me?)

Chu Hao suddenly became tense, then relaxed, and at the same time he did not say anything to her, but he was looked at the group of people leaning against the invisible walls in the distance.

The beauty frowned and asked again: "Handsome guy? I am talking to you."

Chu Hao then showed a strange expression, and then spoke in Chinese: "Ah? Are you talking to me? Sorry, my English is not very good, I think, the first thing to say is... hi?"

The beauty frowned and said: "No, the first thing is to introduce ourselves." She felt strange when saying that, but didn't say anything, she just shrugged and walked to the group.

Chu Hao was still standing, but when the beauty walked over, he felt something is wrong. He couldn't say what it was, as if he had made a big mistake just now, it wasn't about the conversation. But what was it....

Chu Hao felt that the current situation was so weird that it was impossible for him to understand anything, so in order to ensure the minimum level of security, at least so that he would not face any danger, he chose to lie, used his race as an Asian and his appearance of a Chinese as an excuse, the other people here are all white, they speak mainly English, so he could lie that he didn't know any foreign languages. Although he would be isolated, but it would most likely guarantee his safety. Although the beauty also knew Chinese, it did not prevent him from lying himself out.

But... It seemed like something happened just now, he made a mistake in his plan, but he could not find out what went wrong. The conversation was very normal, and the answer from the beauty was also very ordinary. At most, it could only explain that she knew Chinese and that was it.

While thinking about it, Chu Hao suddenly found out that he had a watch on his hand... He could've sworn that he never wore a watch, but how come there was a watch here now?

(Is this a restricted bomb?)

When Chu Hao thought about it, he already looked at the watch, he found that there was some words displayed on the watch.

"Protect Jarrod for three days, or stay alive in Skyline for a week."

-What is this?

Chu Hao looked at the watch with a strange expression. He didn't know what was that supposed to mean. Was it a rescue reminder given by the kidnapper? Or was it a secret transmission?

At this time, not only Chu Hao saw the information on the watch, others in the 'room' also saw the information. One of the middle-aged women said in a strange language with a very strong accent: "This is the end. What happened? Was I kidnapped? What is this text? What is this message about surviving for a week like a plot of some perverted killers in the movie?"

No one answered her. Almost everyone looked around vigilantly while kept pressing on the watch in an attempt to contact the imaginary kidnappers.

After Chu Hao heard the voice of this woman, he was shocked, and started to think...

He thought of what was wrong with the brown haired girl who talked to him. He finally figured out what he had just neglected...

Somehow he could understand what the woman said, but he didn't know what language it was. Chu Hao also didn't understand, it wasn't English, German, or French, but somehow he could directly understand the meaning, just not the language itself...

In other words, there was a strange translation mechanism that allowed him to understand the words the woman said. Even if he did not understand English, he could understand what the beautiful woman said just now. But that beauty, somehow she was very strange...

-She has a problem!

She knew what this was all about! She knew about the transparent shield! She even knew about the text on the watch!

-She... is probably the person who kidnapped him! While blending in with ordinary people, observing them, and then acts to correct the actions of others in certain critical moments!

Perhaps she could be someone like that!

"The probability is approximately around 70%..."

Chu Hao reached out and touched his eyebrows. As if nothing happened, he smiled brightly...

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