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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 2 - The Skyline? The Skyline!

Chapter 2 - The Skyline? The Skyline!

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Chu Hao was very clear about one thing...

He couldn't fall into the hands of the enemy!

As an important member of his organization, and as a founding member, he had too many secrets. These secrets could not fall into anyone's hand, because if any of these secrets was leaked, not only would that be the end of his organization, but also... the end of human!

Therefore, unless there was really no way out, he would kill himself rather than fall into the hands of his enemies.

Of course, he would not give up on surviving. He would continue to survive and kill anyone who ruined his life... even God himself!

(What kind of organization that could possibly kidnap me silently inside my base? What is the purpose of this organization? Why did they put me with these ordinary people? For what purpose? Why did they do this? Did they want to plant something in my head with these people?)

This was Chu Hao's doubts and speculations. He was puzzled. In fact, if the kidnappers were hostile, then they probably wouldn't give him a chance to commit suicide, but probably torture him until he confessed. To get everything in his mind, it was impossible to put him in this environment surrounded by people... and not a sniper, not with this many people around him. As long it was not a weapon of mass destruction, they wouldn't be able to catch him, and even allowed him to escape smoothly...

(But... why do I feel so wrong, the time and place aren't right...)

At this moment, everyone gathered together. After all, this situation was too strange. No one was sure that there was no danger. According to herd mentality, everyone gathered together. Even those who touched the transparent shield earlier. In this way, everyone was talking in their native language or in English.

Chu Hao also performed very well. He looked around with a slightly panicked expression. From time to time, he asked what was going on in Chinese. In fact, he was already thinking about it in his mind, according to his previous assumptions. Assume that there was a supernatural organization that kidnapped him, then placed him here to see his reaction, let him inadvertently reveal something. This could sound reasonable, but there were still many flaws in this logic, such as the most basic one... The time before and after his coma, the change in season, this was the biggest question.

(And, Skyline... This two syllables word seems to be the key to the information displayed on the watch. This word seems important except for the name Jarrod. Is Skyline... What does it mean? Is it a special code? Or... it simply refers to that Sci-Fi movie?)

Chu Hao had seen the Sci-Fi movie Skyline. As a person who couldn't leave the base from time to time, even the internet couldn't be used frequently. His main entertainment was reading and watching movies. Naturally, he had also seen this name. Skyline's movie... But what did this movie have to do with him being kidnapped?

(Sure enough, the main clue... is probably on this woman?)

Just when everyone was in chaos and Chu Hao was thinking about it, suddenly, they felt a breeze, and everyone saw a pedestrian rushing past them. Although it was normal, but the pedestrian looked at the group with strange eyes. The most important thing was that this pedestrian just passed through the transparent shield and walked past the group.

Everyone stopped their moments, and looked at each other weirdly. The blond haired youth carefully walked to where the transparent shield used to be, waved his hands and touched, his whole hand passed through where the shield used to be. Hesitated for a moment, he reached out his body, and sure enough, the transparent shield had disappeared.

"Nothing... it has disappeared!"

The youth surprised and snorted at the rest of the people. He then hurriedly caught up to the pedestrian who walked past them earlier. It was a middle aged, fat man. After a few steps, he immediately asked: "Hello sir, for some reason, I lost my way. Where is this place?"

The middle aged man was shocked. It was already strange enough that this group of people gathered on the road, but also asked him about the road. He immediately looked at the youth and the others, after a long time, seeing that the rest of the people did not come up, he said, "This is Beverly Hills..."

Before the middle aged man could finish, the youth immediately interrupted his words: "Sorry, sir, maybe I didn't express it accurately. I mean... is this the city of that country?"

The expression of the middle aged man became even more bizarre. He looked at this youth wearing glasses and then looked at the rest of the group including Chu Hao. This group of men and women, young and middle aged, there was no luggage, they didn't look like travelers... Did they take too much drugs?

"We're in Los Angeles, USA... Do you need any help? For example, call the police?"

The youth stunned, his expression immediately became exaggerated. The middle aged man seemed to feel something wrong. He subconsciously took out this mobile phone...

At this moment, suddenly another middle aged man in group went up. This middle aged man is extremely tall, about 1.9m, but did not seem very strong, he looked slightly weak, brown hair, and a high bridge nose which made him look very handsome. When he stepped forward, he smiled and spoke to the middle aged man: "Sorry, we are here to travel, he... this, his head has some problem, he sometimes forgets very important stuffs, this is also a medical case, we generally call it transient global amnesia, or TGA, right, this is my business card, I am an expert in this area."

While speaking, the handsome middle aged man took a business card out and handed it to the middle aged man. The middle aged man hesitated then took it and looked at it for a long time then said: "You are British? Emans Hospital, I seem to have recall, yes, your hospital seems to be very famous? Especially toward neurology..."

The two talked on the road, and in a moment, it seemed like they had become good friends, the handsome middle aged man even got the middle aged man phone number, only until the two waved goodbye, then the handsome middle aged man went back to the group.

"Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, we may have encountered something that science can't explain. This is indeed Los Angeles, the date is June 26th... Oh yes, let me introduce myself, my name is Ares Emans, everyone can call me Ares." The handsome middle aged man said politely.

The rest of the group looked at each other and then a strong and tall black man said: "You can call me J, I will not reveal my name. Mr. Ares, can you really confirm that this is Los Angeles? And the current date is June 26th?

Ares politely answered with a smile: "Yes, I am sure, because in addition to the temperature here, unfortunately, I also took a peek at that gentleman's mobile phone, which is indeed June 26th."

"Oh my God..." J sighed. "We couldn't be kidnapped by aliens? I have seen a lot of movies, and there are such things..."

"Don't make jokes!"

At this time, a person with glasses shouted: "Don't say anything about aliens without facts. Thi is not scientific at all! How could it be Los Angeles? And June 26th? You know before I woke up, my mother was getting ready to buy me winter clothes! Do you want me to think that I was in a coma for more than half a year? This is not scientific at all. Do you know what does it mean to be in a coma for more than half a year? No matter how advanced our medical technology is, we shouldn't be standing up right now, our muscles would be shrinking and the adaptation period is enough for us to stay in bed and rehabilitation! I..."

The black man came straight to the front of the man with glasses, sneered and stuck his neck: "A little polite? You aren't the only one, we also experienced such a surprise, so, don't raise your voice in front of me again. Shouting loudly, I hate people who treat me with that attitude. This time is a warning, if there is next time... maybe there will be no next time, right?"

For a moment, the youth's face turned red, until the black man let go of him, he sat on the ground and cried while coughing, while most of the people around him looked at the black man with fear.

(Strong... This speed and accuracy have surpassed the special force soldiers in many countries. J? I'm a bit impressed. It seems to be the name of a boxing champion in a black boxing community in France? Is he him?)

Chu Hao blinked a bit, his smile was more brilliant, but he didn't want to be here, his brilliant smile turned bitter...

While the eye-glasses youth was coughing and crying, a black car drove past them, stopped at a hotel not far from everyone, and a man and a woman walked out of the car...

There was nothing strange, but the same couldn't about Chu Hao. He could clearly see the faces of these two people. Not only that, he also could read their lips and read the conversation between the two. He also had better memory than most people, so... he remembered the looks of these two people! Furthermore, he also remembered the appearance of the hotel, the appearance of the street they were on, and... and...

They were in Los Angeles, USA! They were in a movie called Skyline, a Sci-Fi movie, where a male and female leads escaped from the room... And just now, he saw the exact same male and female leads.

Yes, here's Skyline!

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