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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 3 - Hypnosis and Spiderman

Chapter 3 - Hypnosis and Spiderman

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Chu Hao's life was more than anyone's imagination. He was born in a very secret laboratory, his birth was not natural. He was born from a lot of amniotic fluid, rubber, metal, nutrient liquid...

Of course, his life experiences had little to nothing to do with his current situation. Perhaps, the only possible connection was that both were equally bizarre?

After seeing Skyline's male and female leads, Chu Hao felt extremely shocked, but this shock quickly went away, different from the ignorant faces in the group, or the slightly suspicious looking woman. Chu Hao, at the very moment, also had another guess in his heart.

As everyone knows, all human's perceptions, whether it is touch, smell, sight, hearing, or taste, they are all information generated by the brain. In short, a human's 'feeling' is not really 'feeling'. Instead, when the body first touches the the object, the information will travel to the brain, which then will be processed and transformed the information into human's 'feeling'. It is an extremely complex biological information process.

This process, which every human has, is actually very susceptible to external influences, and thus it produces various psychology approaches, such as deception, hypnotism, etc., all of which are misleading or deceiving the human's brain through various means, which is a completely feeling from reality. Although the brain accepts the 'feeling', but this 'feeling' is not real!

Before seeing the leads of Skyline, Chu Hao still had doubts about the situation in front of him. But after seeing them, he was shocked, and his first reaction was that he was placed in a virtual reality.

Virtual Reality, which is a big project that human society has been studying. The most intuitive explanation is that online games became real. For example, online games in web novels describe about this. Virtual Reality Online games, in fact, VR application is more than just a game? Games became super immersive that encompassed almost all of human perceptions.

For instance, you can double the activity time, human can work and play during their sleep, thus 'increasing' the life of a human by a third. Furthermore, human can perform various of dangerous experiments in VR, such as researching weapons, war simulations, etc., and the ultimate aim of VR is to create a real God!

What is human most afraid of? Perhaps countless of people have countless of answers, but the most horrible thing among them is no doubt death! There is also the horror between life and death. There is a saying that life will begin with a person's birth, but death... nothing will happen!

However, if there is such an advanced VR, it is also a very reasonable explanation, then they can create those novels, movies, myths, and religions...

As such, death will no longer be scary. Everyone can enter this VR and will have eternal life. This will satisfy almost everyone's wishes!

This... is the ultimate goal of VR!

However... Humans do not have the ability to produce such advanced VR yet, it is impossible to achieve such a feat with their current technology, at least not in the 21st century, even in one or two hundred years, it is still impossible, because it is too difficult!

Not to mention the hardware and software required for such VR, with its massive amount of information, it is impossible. Even without mentioning these things, the most simplest question, how to get a human's consciousness into the VR machine? A human's brain is not a digital program composed of 0 and 1, nor is it any data information that current technology can analyze. It is more complicated and even involves the soul. Just these can make one's feet cold.

Because of this, Chu Hao didn't think that he was currently in a VR. It was similar to a lost wallet. The first reaction would be he dropped it, or a thief stole it. So he would never consider his wallet has traversed to some fantasy world, because it is ridiculous without even thinking about it.

However, when Chu Hao saw the two main leads of the Skyline, he suddenly had a thought... Could he really be in a VR? Otherwise, how could Skyline's plot and characters appear? How could it suddenly turned from early winter to the beginning of summer? The more he thought, the only possibility he came up... it was the only and correct answer.

"Virtual Reality?"

Chu Hao muttered to himself with the sound that only he could hear, and his mind began to rummage through various memories and data he was familiar with. Various kinds of information flashed into his mind, after a while, his face was slightly gloomy.

Chu Hao is a founding member of an organization called Rebel Organization in the real world, and this organization has a very large force, comparable to a small country. But who was this traitor? Was it just him? Or could there be a group of people belong a secret organization, the C organization.

The origin of C organization is unknown, no one knows its purpose, its power, its leader, it can be said that, C organization does not exist.

However the Rebel Organization Chu Hao was in know that C organization exists. It is a very large organization and its influence is mind-boggling. As long as the organization is willing, anything can be destroyed within ten minutes..... The Rebel Organization was created because of this. The C organization can manipulate the nuclear bombs and wipe out 98% of the world. This alone is enough to destroy all humans, not to mention the terrifying weapons and elite biochemical soldiers like in movies they possess, they also possess an extremely terrifying virus.

In the whole Rebel Organization, only Chu Hao and a few other founders know another thing, C........ is just mask, the other organization behind it is far beyond any terrorist organizations, its name is...... X organization.

If the X organization gets a hold of him and treats him again as an experimental product, then it is possible that he is currently in a VR. The technology belongs to X organization can no longer be described with the current technology. If there is a place that can create this realistic VR, then Chu Hao can only think of....X organization, he wants to destroy them for the rest of his life.

(The problem is very simple, verify if I'm in a VR, if I'm really in a VR... brain dead, so that he will not reveal any information and everyone's whereabouts...)

Chu hao made this decision in his heart. Rather than being panicked at the current situation, when everyone else was discussing something, he silently turned and walked toward a small alley not far from the street. Now he must find a quiet place in order to self-hypnotize to determine if this is a Virtual Reality.

It might be difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between illusion and reality, especially if their brain sent out 'real' information, but he was not an ordinary person, he had a way to tell the difference between real and fake...

Five years ago, in order to compete with a group of C organization, Chu Hao personally led a team composed of their most elite members, which was a successful and failed sneak attack... The sneak attack was successful, but in the end, only Hao's three most powerful Personal-Guards survived, while the remaining 46 people died. This was almost the most powerful elite force in Rebel Organization. During the attack, their order was very simple. There was a weird human girl in C organization who could control mind, made them see hallucinations, or could directly attack their consciousness and kill them. There were eight elite members died to girl's hand, while the rest died from the cooperation of the girl and the C soldiers. The girl also died in end by a Rebel sniper, but he also died with his head busted open.

Since then, the Rebel began to attach the importance of training spiritual force, fortifying their mind. Although there was no one in Rebel that could do what the girl could do, but with the help of technology, their elite soldiers could resist similar mind control, and could distinguish the difference between reality and illusion, and completely free from the deceptive information sent by the brain. The was just a part of the training... but the premise was that you must first be able to hypnotize yourself.

A few minutes later, Chu Hao entered a residential building on the street and entered the window from the back alley. There was no one in the house. Quiet was what Chu Hao needed the most, and as soon as he entered, Chu Hao immediately found the location of the bathroom, he stood in the bathroom, looked at himself in the mirror...

(If this is really a Virtual Reality... Then I will die, but my body is estimated to be used to do terrifying experiments, hehe... you, or you, what the hell are they going to play. What!?!)

Chu Hao gave a slight bitter smile, then turned away from all the distracting thoughts in his mind, and began to look at himself in the mirror wholeheartedly, stared at the him inside the mirror, silently read out numbers, from one to nine. Gradually, his eyes lost focus, and he started to lose consciousness. But in the very next second, Chu Hao raised his hand and slowly started to touch his eyebrows, his speed became slower and slower, and finally... he touched his own eyebrows....

"...Should I laugh? Should I laugh out loud? I didn't actually fall into the hands of the X organization, and this is not actually a Virtual Reality... I'm really ******* here..."


Chu Hao put his arm down and his eyes recovered from blindness, but his body was twitching violently as if he was suffering enormously. In fact, the training he went through was costly, one mishap could lead to death and the rate was extremely high, especially in the initial stage. It was impossible to carry out any medical treatment during the training, otherwise they could've survived. During the initial stage, if one was to train more, although the pain was still very painful and there was no treatment, it would not be fatal, but the duration was also very short.

At this moment, Chu Hao's ear suddenly picked up a very subtle sound, as if... it was like a silk thread across the air. At this moment, he was still in his hypnosis state, thus his hearing heightened. This subtle sound made him alert. Before he had the time to do anything, the next second, the beauty that he suspected knew the truth appeared outside the window.

Hanging up side down looking into the room, while connecting her hands and feet, there was a string of white silk, it looked like the Spider-Man in American movies.



After the voice, both of them were stunned...

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