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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 4 - Reincarnation World

Chapter 4 - Reincarnation World

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A simple word. It is just a simple word in the ears of any normal human, but it also sounds weird to other people.

For example, the current Chu Hao....

As one of the three founders of the Rebel Organization, Chu Hao had gone through many trials, struggles, and decisions. He had many reasons to be cautious, not only for his life, but also for his comrades. Because if he made a mistake, not only him but also his comrades might die...


This word meant many things.

First of all, without being said, this woman had been acting suspicious. At least he knew why they were there. As for Guide... Guide what? To where? It could also mean help, coaching, teaching, and so on. So, no matter what Guide was, it was irrelevant to the strange development went on at the moment.

Furthermore, there was another important hidden information...

This woman wasn't an ordinary person. She was waiting for some Guide to help her out, so his previous assumption about her was incorrect... She was neither enemy nor friend, at least at the moment, she wasn't an enemy...

All these thoughts were extremely complicated. But it only took Chu Hao two to three seconds before he laughed and said: "I am sorry, I am not a Guide, but if you are willing to tell me what a Guide is and share some information with me, then I am willing to work with you to find this Guide."

There was a sense of disappointment in the beauty's eyes. She let go of the silk thread and jumped into the house. Then she waved her hand and the window behind her suddenly closed by the silk thread. And then turned to Chu Hao.

(There is no killing intent... But that doesn't mean it's a good thing either. let's just treat her as a neutral npc for now.) *TL: yes the author did say npc (non-player character)

Chu Hao took a closer look at the beauty, then smiled and said: "Miss, you can see that this isn't a good place, if you want to kill me, then it is estimated that you have to wait until evening. Also, we're in a residential house, and it seems that there are people living here, I'm afraid that they might be back soon?"

The beauty showed a strange expression on her face, but immediately laughed and said: "Stop. There are about five hours before evening, there are more than enough time kill you and escape. Whether the people in this house report to the police, or your body was found by the police before then, what does that have anything to do with me?"

(Really... If the police found my body, then this weird group will definitely get implicated because I was with them, and within four to five days, they'll probably be wanted by the police. If it's during peace time, it will be a great disadvantage for her and the group, but... if we're really in the world of Skyline, then four to five days are enough for them to escape!)

There were things to consider. Just like if there was a nuclear bomb about to hit a city, people would start to think of options. Definitely it wouldn't be what to eat at night, but how to escape the calamity. Skyline is a movie world, one with aliens attack. The police would definitely not thinking of arresting the murder suspects and definitely not meeting the aliens, but how to evacuate the civilians. It was as simple as that.

Chu Hao suddenly laughed then shook his head slightly.

"I hate this kind of unclear information. Intelligence is the most important thing out of everything... After all, if I'm to fight one, I must know them."

Chu Hao's eyes lost focus after he finished talking and his whole body bent slightly toward the beauty.

"Your biggest mistake is... You shouldn't attack me when I'm in the hypnotic state, and you shouldn't give me time to recover..."

The beauty sneered, but when she saw Chu Hao's eyes, she was frightened.

"Gene, Genetic Constraint! How were you able to unlock your Genetic Constraint?"

When the voice fell, the beauty was already moved backward, while her hands were facing Chu Hao. In a blink of an eye, white silky threads were shot out from her wrists and toward Chu Hao.

Chu Hao had already raised his vigilance the moment the beauty raised her hands. What she did was very similar to Spider-Man from the movie. Both old and new versions of Spider-Man have the ability to shoot out tough, sticky, and white silky thread, so he was already on the alert. The moment the beauty lifted her hands, he had already calculated the trajectory of the silk threads in his mind. At the same time, he slightly stepped to the side and avoided the threads.

The silk threads flew past Chu Hao's shoulders and back, both him and the Beauty stepped back at the same time, about half a meter away from each other. At the very next second, Chu Hao slammed his fist toward the belly of the beauty, but right before the impact, a layer of golden light blocked his fist. With a grunt sound, Chu Hao's fist was already bloody while the beauty was unscathed.

Chu Hao didn't continue to chase after her. He looked at his fist in a strange way, and then looked at the beauty in an alert: "What is this? Protective cover?"

The Beauty coldly said: "You aren't from Reincarnation team, nor a Guide, how were you able to unlock your Genetic Constraint? Damn, my Holy Light Shield durability..."

"Holy Light Shield? Was that what blocked me?"

Chu Hao touched his injured fist, but he felt as if he did not feel any pain. He calmly walked toward the beauty and asked, "Reincarnation Team? Genetic Constraint? Guide? Holy Light Shield? Looks like you have many secrets... Now that you know my strength, although I don't know what your so-called Genetic Constraint is, but I think it should be the power you care about and I have this power, so am I qualified to know your secrets?"

The beauty hesitated, confused, and after a long time, she said: "You're a newbie, yet you have unlocked your Genetic Constraint, you're far better than other newbies, so you have the qualification...Think about it, you should already have the answer in your mind..."

The last sentence stunned Chu Hao, as if the door to his memory was sprung opened, and many information automatically poured into his mind...

This was a game, it was also a challenge. Who made this game, was it God? Or was it by magic? Or was it human from the future? Or perhaps, aliens? All of these were very weird and unimaginable...

All of those who were dissatisfied in the real world, who had lost their meaning of life, some of them would enter this space through the pop up options that appeared on their computer, and then... work hard in this space. To survive!

Those who entered this space would enter a random world of Horror movie, Disaster movie, Sci-Fi movie, War movie, … and so on. Every time they entered the world of terror as participants, it would be a survival test like a cycle of life and death, so the worlds they experienced were calle Reincarnation Worlds, and everyone who involved in these worlds was called Reincarnation Team.

"...Those aren't all." The beauty looked at Chu Hao and stood still, sighed, then found a sofa and sat down.

"Every time you completed a Reincarnation World, as long as you survive to return, you will get 1000 Points. These reward points are very important. As long as you passed the first Horror Movie World, you can enter an empty virtual square with a Light Ball in the center. Veterans called it God, and there are countless of good stuffs you can exchange from it, stuffs that you can't think of!"

"For example, your Spider-Man ability and that golden light?" Chu Hao asked directly.

The beauty snorted, "I don't have Spider-Man bloodline, that's too expensive. What I exchanged was a spider jet watch, which was made by the protagonist in the latest Spider-Man movie, which is different from the Spider-Man bloodline, otherwise I wouldn't be afraid of you, even if you have unlocked the first stage of your Genetic Constraint, as long as I have the real Spider-Man bloodline, be it my reaction, speed, or strength, I would be far more powerful than you and would play you like a toy."

Chu Hao seriously nodded. He also saw the Spider-Man trilogy. The protagonist did indeed have these powers. The speed and vision of an ordinary person is far worse than Spidey Sense, even in the hypnotic state, he was no match. But... What was this so-called Spider-Man bloodline?

The beauty clearly saw the surprise on Chu Hao's face. She smiled and proudly said: "I am also a veteran... let this elder sister teach you. There are countless of things to exchange from God. You can't even imagine. There are technology, for example, you can exchange things from Starship, things like the laser gun, the energy armor, you can also exchange others beside hi-tech,

such as things that appeared in mythology, like my Holy Light Shield, which took me 2000 Points. It was introduced as a shield of the Holy Spirit with the Angel's blessing. These are all gadgets. From God, you can also exchange various bloodlines, whether it's from a game, movie, animation, or legendary mythology. For example, the Angel bloodline and the God bloodline. There are also countless of skills, instruments, anything as long as you can think of, you can exchange with God there. The only downside is that the stronger the things, the more Points are needed. And from those veterans, I also learned something called Side-Story, but I do not know what it is, I haven't seen it either.

"So do you understand now? This is a Reincarnation World! A cruel world! The Horror Movie we're in right now is called Skyline, my first Horror Movie was The Ring, I listened to those veterans who told me they were experienced, but no one survived in the end... But as long as you survive and live a few more games, you can become stronger and stronger! And finally, you can even come ……."


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