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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 5 - Survive!

Chapter 5 - Survive!

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Chu Hao felt a slight headache. In just a few seconds, he had received too much information. Reincarnation World, God, Enhancement... This information was simply too unbelievable because it was really too unrealistic. First, the appearance of Horror Movie Worlds, then the Enhancement, Bloodline, Skill, Attribute, and... God?

"hehe... God?"

Chu Hao listened to the beauty, he also found a sofa and sat down. He smiled, and then his laughter became louder and louder, and in the end there was even an exaggerated laugh, this laugh made the beauty's face red, she then asked: "What are you laughing about? Did I say anything wrong?"

Chu Hao waved his hand, "No, you didn't say anything wrong, you misunderstood me... I asked you, you said you have experienced the Horror Movie World several times, including this time, the Skyline, how many movies have you experienced? Don't lie."

The beauty face turned red again, whispered in a low voice: "Three... three Horror Movie World."

Chu Hao smiled again, but immediately said: "So let me summarize. First of all, your first Horror Movie World was The Ring, which was an old horror movie from Japan, right? In that movie, you were a newbie who didn't understand anything, and there were a lot of old veterans in this team. Am I right?"

The beauty nodded, and Chu Hao continued, "Next, you and the veterans went through another Horror Movie World. I don't know what the movie is, but one thing I can be sure that except for you, all the veterans are dead, am I right?"

The beauty's face paled and there was trace of anger on her face, her body also began to tremble slightly. She obviously thought of something terrible, but still nodded.

When Chu Hao said it, he touched his forehead and said, "Then things are very obvious. In this veteran team, there was someone unlocked their Genetic Constraint, and their straight was far stronger than you. It is possible to enhance bloodline or advanced level attribute, right? So their strength must have been very powerful, but now... where are they now?! They are all dead! The powerful ones are dead, however, if you, who are weak, yet survived. This is all because of luck. Just like playing Russian Roulette, who live or who die is undermined, all is because of luck, luck, hehe, god, hehe... Who the hell dare to say that their luck is heaven defying, and can luck make you God?!"

"So, don't think too much, instead of thinking about the Enhancement, Attribute, becoming a fairy, or even Superman... It's better to think about how to survive."

Having said that, Chu Hao stood up from the sofa and walked over and smashed the window.

The beauty snorted and quickly asked: "What's wrong, are you going there? did you find something?"

Chu Hao calmly said: "Can you still go there? Naturally, it's back to the group. Are they still there? These people will be our partners of our Reincarnation Team. Although it's unclear of how many will survive in Skyline, but if we aren't alone, we will have more helps in the future... I really don't understand why you deliberately pretend to be a newbie like us and tell us nothing."

The beauty's face was red, she whispered, "Because... I heard those veterans mentioned that there are many slave teams. Now that I'm a sole survivor of this Reincarnation Team, I'm afraid that I'd encounter..."

"Afraid to be in danger or rogue?" Chu Hao looked at the beauty seriously then continued with a puzzled face, "But you are a veteran, you're different from us newbies, you know about this world. That's the absolute advantage, and with the strength of the newbies, you can help strengthen the team. You can be the core of the team, or at least the temporary leader, so that not only will you grow stronger, but the rest of the team will too. You've been a veteran for a long time, why don't you understand this?"

Now the beauty's face was completely, she muttered and said: "I am just a college student. I'm your typical urban girl. I may have experienced these things, but it wasn't easy for me to survive. If these things were easy to me...…."

"It's also... because people are used to the peaceful world." Chu Hao nodded slightly and turned over to the window and jumped out.

The beauty immediately followed Chu Hao. After their Q&A and short confrontation, she had thoroughly understood that this man was not an ordinary person. Although she was unclear who he was, what he could do, but in these dangerous situation, the weak depended on the strong, that's almost like an instinct.

"People in the peaceful world? Do you live in the Middle East or a war-driven country? But you look like an Asian." The beauty asked curiously.

Chu Hao was silent for a while and said: "It's not so much of a war-driven country, but it's a dark world, I...."

Chu Hao looked at the beauty and said in a serious tone, "I have been living in terror ever since I was born, or I can say that my birth... is a nightmare!"

"My name is Jenny, Jenny Tier. the sole survivor in the Team. What about you? Handsome guy."

"Chu Hao... The first born, Chu Hao."

When the two returned to the street, the strange group was still on the side of the street. When they saw the two came out, everyone showed a strange expression, and several of them even had lustful expressions.?

"Hey man, I said, can you be a little considerate?"

The blond haired youth shouted out from the crowd, "We are all people who suddenly appear here and there was even a time gap of a few months. God knows whether we were kidnapped by aliens or by the government experimental department. You suddenly disappeared, it really scared us. Can you at least tell us before leaving?"

Just when Jenny wanted to say something, Chu Hao waved his hand, then smiled and walked toward everyone. As he walked, he said, "Look, I think we're in trouble. I don't know if it's a good news or a bad news. the thing I want to tell everyone is... why are we here..."

Before Jenny stepped in, Chu Hao had already told everyone what he knew, and then there was a sudden sound in his mind.

"Got five hundred Points."

(Points? What was that voice just now? And... it is as I expected.)

Why tell the newbies?

When Chu Hao learned about the Reincarnation World from Jenny, this was his first reaction!

It doesn't matter if they're the veteran, how did they know about this Reincarnation World? but since veteran existed, they were not obligated to share the information with the newbies!

Chu Hao always thought that human are malicious and unscrupulous. When there were things that needed to solve, the most important thing was often intelligence and information. Why would the veterans willing to share information that could increase the chance for the newbies to survive. No one is a saint, probably because of this, Jenny's so called slaver team exist. In fact, Chu Hao understood what type of person the master of the slave team was... So why would the veterans before Jenny, willing to share the information with the newbies?

It could only be a benefit, or something that forced them to do it...

At this moment, he finally verified his guess, that was, after telling the news to the newbies, they'd get 500 Points, and the Reincarnation World "forced" this information exchange.

When Chu Hao thought about it, the glasses youth in the crowd laughed heartily and said: "You got me there! Do you think this is Sci-Fi? Please, this isn't scientific, don't lie to us. The information that suddenly appears in my mind, and whether the information you mentioned is true, I ask you, Be it Horror Movie, Sci-Fi Movie, Disaster Movie, and so on. There are many plots and many loopholes as well as contradictions. So is it true that as long as every scriptwriter or director think of, then it will become a world?"

As the glasses youth shouted loudly, the rest of them also showed doubtful expressions. They all looked at Chu Hao with doubts, and Jenny immediately walked in front of Chu Hao and shouted: "Do you think these are all lies? I have experienced the Horror Movie World thrice! Of course... that's also include this time, but that's not the point. The point is that everything Chu Hao said is true!"

Although Jenny was very excited, while everyone was still showing a doubtful expression, the first one to spoke up came from Chu Hao who was next to her.

"I don't believe it either..."

Chu Hao looked at Jenny's surprised eyes. He said with a smile: "I am really sorry, although you told us a lot, but even then I still don't believe it, let alone everyone else, right? To be honest, if we're really in the movie world Skyline, if the so-called Reincarnation World is real, then..."

"Show us!"

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