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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 6 - Team and... trap!

Chapter 6 - Team and... trap!

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Skyline was a Sci-Fi horror movie. It told the story of an alien life-form invaded the Earth. It could be said that it wasn't as good as other alien movies, but this horror movie was still innovative. The most intriguing part was that these aliens took human's brains and utilized them like a computer chip to power themselves.

Any computer could be infected with viruses, even if it was the alien technology that used human's brain as a computer... And the movie's protagonist had such virus, he was captured by the aliens at the end, his brain was fried open and was the aliens installed their alien life-form weapon into his brain to take control of him. But they didn't expect that not only did he not lose his consciousness and memory, he also took control of the life-form weapon as a human...

"This is the Skyline that I have seen." Chu Hao was leaning against the wall and spoke to the people in front of him.

More than ten minutes ago, after a short dispute on the street, and listened to Chu Hao's suggestion, they all reached an agreement, that was, stay put and watch the change and see if it's really Skyline. Are we really in Skyline?

Although all of these sounded incredible, Horror Movie World... How could there be Horror Movie World?

But everyone had indeed experienced a series of strange events. For example, the most unexplainable one was the change with time. From early winter suddenly changed to mid summer in a blink of an eye. That alone also couldn't explain how did they get kidnapped, was it a conspiracy from the government? They were full of loopholes, so although the Horror Movie World sounded incredible, but they couldn't believe it without a reasonable explanation.

At this moment, everyone was in a small alley next to the street. The time there was summer, standing under the sun wasn't a good choice. In fact, some weaker people already felt dizzy. They looked like they were having heat stroke.

Chu Hao looked at the people around him, then smiled and said: "The watch on our hand, Jenny said that every Reincarnation Team members has it, God's missions will come through it. They must do these missions, if they don't, they will either be eliminated or they will have their Points deducted... Points are what I just told everyone, Jenny also said it, those with negative Points at the end of the movie will be eliminated."

Everyone couldn't help but looked at the watch on their hand. After a while, the handsome middle aged man suddenly asked: "Excuse me, if the Reincarnation World is true, and we're indeed in the movie Skyline. Does that mean we have to protect the male protagonist Jarrod in the movie for three days? Right, my name is Ares Emans, a neurologist." After that, the handsome middle aged man reached out to Chu Hao.

Chu Hao smiled and shook Ares' hand.

"Chu Hao... I work as a technical mercenary."

Ares smiled when they shook their hands and said: "Technical mercenary? this word has many meanings, but no matter what, for the next three or seven days, we must work together. Let's have a happy cooperation."

Chu Hao didn't have time to say anything, and the robust black man next to him also reached out and said: "J, my name... or codename is J, a professional boxer, underground boxer though. What you just said is incredible, I don't know why but I believe it, maybe it is intuition. I think I will follow you before I confirm."

Chu Hao also shook his hand with J. Then looked at the others. They were all hesitated. He didn't know how to decide. At this time, the glasses youth got up shouted loudly: "I still can't believe it, although you are right, you have to see it, but it's still very unbelievable. How is this possible? Horror Movie World? What the hell? Anyway, I don't want to stay here anymore. Who knows if all of this is true and not wasting time? So I will not follow you, I am going to the police station or the embassy, I didn't do anything wrong in the United State, I can prove everything by contacting my family. Anyway, I will never believe these words."

Having said that, the glasses youth seemed to be more confident. He spoke to the rest loudly: "So everyone? I will leave... Mr. Chu Hao wants to verify these incredible lies? Fine with me. But I'm going to the police station, and find the way home. Everyone can come with me together to the police station, let them go do this 'adventure' by themselves."

The rest of the people looked at each other. Gradually, most people were shaken. They didn't say much, but they were debating. In the end, most people followed the youth and left the street.

In the end, only Chu Hao, Jenny, Ares, J, and another man and a woman stayed, a total of six people, while seven people including the glasses youth left, and the entire Team was split in half at this moment.

Chu Hao didn't care, whether it was a blessing or not, it had nothing to do with others. If they all died, the other seven wouldn't be able to survive either. Now he no longer paid any attention to the seven people, but looked at the remaining man and woman and said: "You are very welcome to join us, can I know your names?"

The man who looked like a Middle Easterner with an iconic big beard wearing a suit smiled and reached out to Chu Hao.

"Osage Lynn Benton, occupation is white-collar worker, in fact, I'm also very curious, I also wanted to contact the police. But I chose to delay it to see if this is really Skyline for a few days. After all, if this is really Skyline, it is obviously be safer with you."

As for the remaining woman, she was a 30 years old European and American woman. Her appearance looked a little curious. When she saw Chu Hao reached out to her, she actually took a half step back and then said: "Sorry, I don't want to tell you my name. I don't want to go to the police.. I will just follow you for a day or two. When it's right, I will leave... I will ask again, are you sure this is the United State? Is it really Los Angeles?"

Chu Hao hadn't spoken yet, and Ares said softly: "Yes, miss, I am quite sure that this is Los Angeles, USA. I have been here for several medical conferences. Are you planning to stay in the US? is there anything that we can help?"

The woman immediately became shocked. She even waved her hand: "No, sorry, I don't mean this. I am just, I am just..." When it came this this, the woman actually whispered. Tears came out of her eyes as she slowly squatted on the ground.

"I can't stand that home, I can't stand him... Drugs, hit me, force me to sell... I don't want to go back anymore, but he knows a lot of underworld people, if he knows that I am leaving, he will find me and kill me. If this is really America, then I can..."

Everyone was silent. Chu Hao also looked at the woman's appearance carefully. Although she was already a woman in her thirties, she looked pretty good. She had an average appearance, but her eyes were slightly green, and swollen.

"Understood." Chu Hao sighed silently. He smiled and said: "Miss, we won't ask for your name, nor where you are going. You can follow us for the time being. Let's go, first, avoid being found and captured by the police. Second, do you need some money for foods and place to live? When everything calmed down, after confirming some things, if this is not Skyline, then you can do anything you want, we will also provide some help, but, if this is Skyline..."

Having said that, Chu Hao did not continue to talk about it. It was already quite obvious. If this was an ordinary world, then everyone would find their way, and nothing to do with each other, but if this was really the movie world Skyline, then they really were in the Reincarnation World. Then it didn't matter if they stole, murdered in the past, at that time, only surviving mattered!

The Team had confirmed a total of six people including the woman, the other four looked Chu Hao, and J directly asked: "Then the magical Mr. Dongfang, your speech was well organized. now, should you tell us your next plan? Is it to find the male lead Jarrod and protect him for three days?"

The rest of the people looked straight at Chu Hao, Jenny also showed an expectation expression.

Chu Hao raised his hand and looked at the watch. he laughed and said: "Since we need a plan, then we have to re-analyze it again. Everyone has a watch. You have already since the mission from God. Everyone probably wants to go and protect Jarrod for three days? But I think there is a big trap in this mission."

"Trap?" The beared Osage looked at the watch curiously. The watch only showed a simple text, protect Jarrod for three days, or survive in Skyline for a week. The passage was very clear. So he didn't understand. Where were the traps?

In fact, he wasn't the only one, the rest frowned and looked at Chu Hao.

Chu Hao still had a smiling expression, he touched his eyebrows and said: "Yes, a big trap, if my analysis is correct... this is the road of life that God wants to express to us. All the clues have already been shown to us."

"A desperate trap with a way to survive!"

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