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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 7 - Analysis

Chapter 7 - Analysis

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"First, let's assume that the Reincarnation World is real and this is indeed Skyline. Then all my following analysis will be based on this premise. There are several pieces of information on the watch that we need to pay attention to."

In a luxury five-star hotel, six people were sitting on a couch drinking cold drinks and eating light meals, while they were drinking and eating, they also listened to Chu Hao who slowly analyzed everything.

"First of all, if this is Skyline, then when will the aliens arrive? Today? Tomorrow? Or have they already arrived? There is nothing else on the watch. I carefully recalled the plot in Skyline, but there was no obvious hint. But we can slightly estimate the time, that is, after the male and female leads participated in a friend's party, an alien will appear during that night."

When Chu Hao said this, everyone looked at their watch. After a few seconds, Ares interrupted them and said: "Is it within three days? Because this mission tells us to protect the male lead for three days, does it mean that an alien will appear within three days?"

"Yes, but it's not right." Chu Hao shook his head with a smile, then continue, "From here on, I will talk about the trap I mentioned earlier. We will avoid this issue for the time being. Let's talk about something else... This mission is actually two missions, one is to protect Jarrod for three days, the other is to live for seven days. Let's ignore the first mission for now and let's talk about the second mission, which is survive for seven days..."

"What kind of threats do we have to face in this world?"

Chu Hao laughed as he said it. When he mentioned this, the first reaction was that the C organization came to capture or kill him, but if this was really Skyline, then the C organization would not exist, and his biggest threat directly disappeared, there was no better feeling than this.

"A variety of natural disaster, all kinds of ****, such as earthquake, fire, even thunder and rain, can probably kill us, and there are also other possibilities, such as gang fights, terrorist organization suddenly bomb us or something. Any of these can kill us."

When Chu Hao mentioned about the terrorist organization, the bearded Osage, who had been quiet for a while, his expression was slightly weird, but it was only an instant, no one saw it clearly.

"But these odds are small and can be neglected. If the Reincarnation World is real, then it is probably impossible for us to encounter these events. Skyline is not a logical horror movie, so one thing can be concluded is that within seven days, the aliens are bound to come."

When Chu Hao analyzed this, everyone frowned, because they felt that Chu Hao was talking nonsense. Before, Ares had already mentioned about protecting the male lead for three days, but now instead of three days, it became seven days. Could it be that the first mission wasn't counted? This didn't make sense.

"I know that everyone thinks I'm talking nonsense." Chu Hao looked at everyone's expression, but he wasn't angry, and just smiled, "This is the trap I mentioned... Who said anything about the Jarrod on the watch... must be the same male protagonist in Skyline?"

"We know that Jarrod is the male lead because we all have seen Skyline. We know his experience and his specialty. We saw the ending, so we know that he is the protagonist. But as an ordinary person in the movie, does he think of himself as a protagonist?"

Chu Hao raised his hand and looked at the watch. He smiled and said: "This ingenious idea, with just a name, we immediately connected it to the protagonist. But knowing that in the United State, or in this city, there are at least tens of thousands of people with the name Jarrod! How do we know which Jarrod God wanted us to protect? Protect the dentist Jarrod? or protect the elementary school teacher Jarrod, or protect the beggar Jarrod? Who is sure that this Jarrod is the protagonist Jarrod we know?

"Maybe... there is a little punk named Jarrod who was shot or stabbed because of sudden circumstances, he died in the hospital, and we have to protect this Jarrod for three days... then we have already failed."

After saying this, everyone was shocked, almost everyone could no longer eat anything, but repeatedly looked at the watch, once again...

At the same time, on a block far away, seven people, including the glasses youth, had found a patrolman. After they asked the police for help, the police called the police station and asked them to send over a police car to bring these seven people back to the station. After a while, when the police arrived, the face of police who was driving the car was sullen.

After the patrolman explained, he asked casually, "What's wrong? You have a suffocating look."

The police answered with a forced smile: "There was a pile of dead people earlier. It was a group of gangsters who had a dispute. Then someone started. I was there at the time, but I couldn't stop them. I was supposed to take them back, but..."

The patrolman silently said: "Is that between two gangster? That is really troublesome... Who died?"

"I don't know, they seem to call him Jay..."

"Yeah? Forget it... Let's take care of these seven people first. They said they were kidnapped. They were kidnapped from Europe in the early winter. It's really unfathomable. I will send them to the police station first."

At this time, at another place, everyone were once again concentrated on Chu Hao and he continued his explanation, "Because of this, I suspect that the first mission is actually a trap, of course, it may be just me thinking too much. Indeed, we want to protect the protagonist for three days, but the possibility is too low, only up to 20%... This is my analysis, if you disagree, you can ignore my words. I won't force you and you can do what you want to do."

They were silent for a whole, then the bearded Osage suddenly asked: "What is the meaning of this trap? It makes sense to do it. If it is just a meaningless trap, then the trap itself cannot be said to be a trap."

Chu Hao smiled again. He nodded. "Yes, this is my deduction and analysis. The so-called traps are a form of deceive, trying to make people follow it. Here, I can think of this way. If we fall into this trap, what will happen? We will be able to get close and follow the protagonist Jarrod in these three days, but we will lose the most crucial thing... preparation!"

"Skyline's aliens are coming down, and almost all of the existing human weapons are ineffective, including nuclear weapons. In this case, if we want to confront, kill, or stop the aliens, it will be useless. The only thing we can do is to escape and avoid, and to follow the protagonist for three days, this will greatly limit our escape routes. Once the aliens come, there won't be any safe place, and we can only follow the protagonist. This is the real purpose of the trap, to follow the protagonist."

When everyone heard this, they already understood. They looked at the information on the watch again. According to Chu Hao's analysis, they suddenly felt enlightened. Then, Jenny also asked: "Chu Hao, Based on your analysis, what should we do? We've discovered the trap. Does that mean the aliens won't come in these three days? Then these three days are the safe period we can use to prepare for refuge?"

"No, just the opposite..."

Having said that, Chu Hao raised his hand and looked his watch. The simple passage was displayed there. The meaning was very clear and simple... survive, seven days...

"The time for the aliens to arrive is probably up to two days later, and not only do we have to stay in the city, but also have to stay close to the protagonists..."

Chu Hao raised his head and looked at the group seriously, "We have to find a safe refuge before the aliens arrive during the remaining two days, then..."

"We kidnap both the male and female leads and take them into our refuge!"

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