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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 8 - Chu Hao's Prediction

Chapter 8 - Chu Hao's Prediction

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"The clone's experimental body has improved, the first born..."

"The data is normal, the nerves are normal, the hormones are normal..."

"Performing Spirit Body Synchronization Test..."

"Failure...Starting the second Spirit Body Sync test...Failed..."

"Experimental clone number..."

"Discard data, executing..."

Chu Hao sat up from the bed with a cold sweat. He looked around and sighed with relief. It was until a few seconds later that he took a deep breath, but he couldn't sleep anymore. At the moment, the sky outside was getting bright. Thus he stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

Today was the second day he came here after he disappeared from the base, and yesterday he had already discussed the next course of actions with his five temporary teammates. Thanks to the rich doctor, Ares Emans, they were able to book a presidential suite in this five-star hotel, and that would take care of their temporary lodging.

After Chu Hao came out of the bathroom, he sat down by the bedside, lit up a cigarette and began to think carefully about the plan. He also thought about they discussed yesterday.

"Why do you want to kidnap the male and female leads? I don't know if you have noticed or not, but in Skyline, the male lead is a carrier of the alien life-form weapon. In the plot, he can use the alien life-form weapon in his brain to create an explosion out of thin air, this ability is very important to us. We must know that all of human's weapons are ineffective against the aliens, which mean that we can only rely on luck and hide. If our luck is bad, once the aliens discovered us, then we are as good as dead. But if we use the male and female leads, before the male lead dies, he can fight against the aliens!"

This was the long speech Chu Hao gave to everyone. In fact, there was something hidden in his remark. He didn't tell the everyone the truth, that was, there was a choice to... escape.

In order to survive for seven days, in addition to find a safe place, there was another way to escape. the farther they went, the safer it was. They could choose escape to a more remote suburb. If they could run to some ridiculous places, then basically they would be completely safe. The aliens would definitely target big cities. Until these cities were destroyed, they would go to lower population towns, then villages, until all human went extinct. But before that, remote suburbs are practically safe.

In contrast, it was risky to stay in the city. even if they went to a very remote underground refuge, they could still be discovered by the aliens, so it wouldn't a 100% safe zone. And by kidnapping the male and female leads, that would eliminate their choice to escape.

(But... I have to do this...)

Chu Hao took a deep puff on the cigarette and exhaled a lungful of smoke. He forced himself to think harder.

The reason why he insisted on his plan was because he had becoming more and more convinced of the existence of the Reincarnation World. Because before the discussion yesterday, he took time to use access the internet on one of the computers in the five-star hotel. He didn't search for the movie Skyline at all, instead he visited a very normal forum. The forum was actually a subsidiary forum belonged to his organization, but unfortunately, the forum address did not exist...

All of these showed that this was not the world he originated from. Although it was also Earth, but there were things that didn't exist or completely different than what he knew, so at that moment, he was already started to seriously think about what the Reincarnation World was about, and what should he do?

First of all, there was no doubt about the danger in Reincarnation World. Furthermore, this was Skyline. Even if everyone in his organization was dispatched, it wasn't impossible against the terrifying aliens. The level of science and technology of the two sides are vastly different, there was a huge disparity between them.

But at the same time, greater danger meant greater rewards... God Space's various enhancements...

If what Jenny said was true, no, even if it was only 10% true, it would still be worth it to risk his life!

Think about it, all kinds of hi-tech tools, laser guns, protective tools, and even various mechs and even spaceships, as well as various bloodlines, skills, enhancement, etc. If all of these were true, if he could bring some hi-tech designs back to the real world, then his organization would have the strength to go against the C organization, and even the X organization. If he could get those enhanced abilities that went beyond any technology... then it would not be a dream to completely destroy these two organizations!

There had never been a moment when Chu Hao felt so close to his dreams. In fact, his organization did not have the strength to go against the C organization, let alone the mysterious X organization. It wouldn't much of a confrontation, it was more appropriate to hide like a dog. Every time the C organization found them, there were countless of deaths, and even... captured and experimented on...

Chu Hao's hatred for C and X organization was so deep that he would use his own life to destroy these organizations, but his will couldn't reverse the situation at all, so he could only hate these two organizations. He couldn't the change the fact that he couldn't do anything about them. Until now, he finally saw a ray of hope to destroy them. Even if this hope... required him to go into the depth of hell, he would still do it!

Because of this, he made his decision, to kidnap the two protagonists, and keep them alive until the seventh day, because he wanted to try it, whether this approach could get him Points, furthermore, about the mysterious side-story thing that Jenny mentioned. There was no other way to change the plot of the whole movie as easily as the protagonist. He intended to give it a try and completely change the story, this way he would get both the reward Points and the side-story!

After more than ten minutes, Chu Hao simulated his plan in his head, then slowly stood up and walked out of his room to the hallway. What he wasn't expected was that in the hallway, there was already someone, J was doing various exercises there, but unfortunately there was no equipment, so his workout was limited to just simple body stretching.

Both of them saw each other, but they didn't say anything, only looked at each other's eyes, then Chu Hao went to the side of the sofa and sat down, J was still stretching his body there by making slight movements... In fact, the way what J was doing was semi-dangerous for ordinary people if they weren't strong enough.

"You have a strong bloody smell..."

Just when Chu Hao was sitting on the sofa, he suddenly heard that and stunned but did not turn back.

Chu Hao naturally did not see himself as an ordinary person. As a person who lived in the dark side of the world, he naturally understood what J meant. This bloody smell meant that he had killed many people, his body movement and expression were already different from ordinary people. Perhaps ordinary people wouldn't be able to detect it, but to those who were in the dark side of the world, or those who were close to it, could definitely feel the difference clearly, and they would call this... bloody smell!

Chu Hao did not have time to say anything, J already continued, "I am a martial art champion, but I am also responsible for cleaning up some people for others. There were at least eighty people died in my hands, if not hundred, but my bloody smell may not even be 10% of yours... Even if you tell me that you had fought in a genocide war, I believe you are the most dangerous and scary one among us."

Chu Hao smiled, he touched his eyebrows and said, "Yes, I have killed way too many to forget. You are right. I am indeed the most dangerous one in this team. I'm the existence of terror."

J was silent. He turned his head and looked at Chu Hao, "But we don't have any conflict against each other. In fact, if the Reincarnation World is real, then we should be considered as allies. Am I right?"

Chu Hao was still smiling, he nodded.

"Yes, you are right."

"...The people who live in the dark side of the world only believe in power, the strong eat the weak is a given."

J suddenly pulled out a cross on his chest, and kissed it.

"I swear by my faith, if this Reincarnation World is real, then as long as you can help me survive, I will follow you and will never betray you... I want to live, I have reasons to survive, as long as I survive, I will be your trusted slave in the future, your weapon, your tool...."

"A trusted partner is better."

Chu Hao laughed. He walked over to J and looked at the cross carefully, then smiled and sat back on the sofa and said, "I want to live, I also have the reasons to not die, so..."

"Let's fight side by side."

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