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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 9 - Arrival!

Chapter 9 - Arrival!

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"So... they have rested for a while."

On the top of a building, several men and women were sitting around and talking, and on the edge of the roof, a bearded man was looking at the distance with a telescope and then looked at the people behind him.

One person among them, a small Asian you said: "It's still early, if this is Skyline, then according to the plot, the aliens will arrive at around 4:30 in the morning, now it's just past three. Let us go over the plan."

Another one among them, a handsome Caucasian man said with a smile, "This is really crazy, it's crazier than I thought, I'm planning a kidnap with others, if my grandfather knows this, he will definitely kill me."

After the handsome man said that, a young girl next to him joked, "Why? Because of guilt?"

The handsome man smiled, but before he could answer, the Asian youth spoke first, "Of course not. As a direct heir of the Emans family, there is no way his grandfather would kill him for this. As a heir, even if they want to kidnap or kill, nothing will happen to them. Although it's a dangerous thing, as long as they want it, there are hundreds of thousands people who are willing to do whatever he wants them to without him lifting a finger, even if he's telling them to die."

The young girl suddenly looked surprised and asked in amazement, "Really? Is your family rich? Aren't you a doctor? Is there such a rich doctor family?"

"He's an Emans."

This time, it was the strong black man who spoke, "Young lady, you and him aren't from a same world, we and him aren't also from a same world. He is the direct heir of the giant Emans family, that is... let me ask you, do you know who the richest man in the world is?"

The beautiful young girl lifted her head and thought for a while, "I knew who it was but I don't know who is it now. The former one seems to be Bill from the United States. I think he is someone who specializes in computer software?"

The black man chuckled, "Yes, he did became the richest man in the world for a while, let me give you a metaphor, young lady, the world's richest man... in the eyes of the Emans family, they are just regular households in the district. You must know that whether it is economy, politics, or military, all of them are actually under the control of these giant cooperation. Of course, compared to the most hidden giants behind the scenes. There are also giants like Morgan, and Emans is also a super giant that rivals Morgan."

The beautiful young girl gulped, and carefully looked at the handsome middle aged man. "Really, is that true? you are such a celebrity? God, so does that mean you are even more powerful than the prime minister?"

The middle aged handsome man smiled awkwardly. He rubbed his nose and said: "J exaggerated a bit, but... it's true."

Chu Hao smiled and said: "In fact, it should be even more exaggerated than this. Jenny, do you think anyone can just arbitrarily book a presidential suite in a five-star hotel, and even a few rooms? In the case of unidentified people, such as us, do you think any of us can find such a perfect underground refuge in just half a day, and even have enough foods, medical equipment, communication devices, and weapons? This is the power of the Emans family."

The beauty suddenly realized, but she immediately thought of what she wanted to do, "Wait, I was a little confused... You know, of course I understand that this Emans family is very powerful, and can even call themselves one of the masters of the world, but you must know, this is Reincarnation World, the world of Skyline, are you saying the Emans family also exists in this world?"

Chu Hao laughed, he touched his eyebrows and stood up from the ground, "Did you just think about this? In fact, he has been in touch with his family a few minutes after leaving the transparent shield. The headquarter got in touch and had a meeting with the family members yesterday, otherwise, why would you think he's still with us? That's because... He has already confirmed we are really in Skyline, a Reincarnation World...So the highest possibility to survive is with us, the heir of a big family is not as simple as you think, Jenny."

The handsome middle aged man's eyes sharpened, and after a while, he laughed at himself, "Indeed, I did get in touch with the family yesterday, and met with the family members. I spent some times with them, did some medical tests to prove that I am indeed Ares Emans... Unfortunately, this world does have the Emans family, and Ares Emans is currently working in a hospital in the UK. After the DNA test last night, both him and I were tested, and I got a message from the family this morning, the result was the same. In other words, there are two real me in this world, one appears out of thin air...and that's me, one more real Ares Emans."

Jenny stared with her eyes wide open, she looked around and saw the three men smiled with serious expressions, she asked in amazement: "When did do so many things without me knowing? And I have always said that the Reincarnation World is real, this is indeed the Horror Movie World Skyline, why didn't you believe me?"

Ares helplessly said: "Because this is really too important, I have to be extremely cautious. After all, I only have one life, and the family is too powerful. It starts at noon today, my family in this world has already undergone an overall transfer, all of the family members have already entered the family's secret military base. Oh right, J, I found you in this world, he is still preparing for the next black boxing match. Of course, Jenny Tier, I also found you, she is still going to school, even Mr. Osage Lynn Benton, I also found you. Isn't that right, the core member of the Terrorist Organization?"

Osage Lynn Benton who stood in the distance didn't speak, still checking with the telescope, everyone could see that his body was very stiff, but he quickly relaxed.

Afterward, Ares turned his head toward Chu Hao, and spoke seriously: "Beside you... with the exception of you, even with all the power of my family, I even asked several big Asian intelligence organization, we couldn't find even a single hair, it was like you don't even exist... Can you tell us why? why are you so mysterious?"

Jenny immediately jumped up and shouted: "That's right! I also thought you were weird, so you really are the Guide! You didn't admit it before, and also attacked me! But the previous veterans told me that the Guide isn't supposed to attack the Reincarnation Team members."

Chu Hao smiled embarrassingly, "Don't worry, I am a real person, there are so many Guides, I can affirm you this, Mr Ares, you can't find me with your family power. There is a problem with my existence... Even you use all your family power, you won't be able to find me in this world. Well, I know this probably won't eliminate your doubts, anyway, this is not the real world, but let me ask you... Have you ever heard of the name Rebel Organization?"

Ares looked at Chu Hao with a puzzled look. He replied earnestly: "No, I haven't heard of it. what kind of organization is it? a terrorist organization? Or is it a hidden religious organization? Or a high-tech criminal organization? I'm ignorant, but I have never heard of this organization."

Chu Hao suddenly looked up and murmured: "Is it? Haven't heard of it... then I don't exist in this world? If it's like you said... things are getting more and more strange."

When everyone was quiet and the mood gradually became strange, the bearded Osage suddenly shouted loudly: "Hey, stop arguing, the lights are still out, it's almost four, what is the situation? Do we need to get closer to their building now?"


Chu Hao recovered from his complicated thoughts. He shook his head and said: "No, not yet. If this is really Skyline, then we need to quietly wait until we confirm first. This Skyline, This Reincarnation World...whether it's real or fake, everything will be proved."

Saying this, Chu Hao seemed to think of something, he turned to Jenny and asked: "Right, you mentioned it before, as long as you cleared the mission, you will return to God Space, where you can carry out the exchange with God, is it? Any injury can be healed as long as it's not fatal?"

Jenny snorted and nodded continuously, "Yes, any injury can be healed, even broken limbs can be healed, I definitely did not lie."

"Is it? Then that's good."

Chu Hao looked at the sky, then suddenly took out a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and said: "If I was you, I would never look at the blue light, Of course, if I happened to be exposed to the blue light, please pull me back, I believe that with my ability and intelligence, I can help everyone out, especially when facing a desperate situation..."

After everyone heard the words, they subconsciously looked up at the sky, there...

The arrival of the aliens in Skyline!

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