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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 10 - Real

Chapter 10 - Real

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The aliens in Skyline had ultra-high technology that human couldn't imagine. Their level of technology had far surpassed human's. Whether it was weapons, biotechnology, or even basic technology, they were much better than human's.

For example, the blue light that appeared in the movie at the beginning was the technology that human couldn't explain or imagine. Anyone who looked directly at the blue light would be control controlled by the aliens. By exposing to the blue light, these controlled human would be transformed into alien life-form weapons.

Chu Hao had also seen the horror movie Skyline. Although it was used for entertainment, but when he saw the blue light ball appeared and controlled the humans who were exposed to it, he still couldn't help but think about it. If his Rebel Organization was equipped with this mind control technology, even faced against the C organization, they could completely ignore their technology and wipe them all without batting an eye as if there was no resistance.

But Chu Hao didn't think so much at the time, after all, Skyline was just a horror movie. He didn't have much time to think about some horror movie.

But now it was different. When everyone confirmed that this was really Skyline, then their original ideology would be completely different, for example... how to survive...

When the blue light came down, someone at the venue confirmed it. Indeed, the Reincarnation World was real. Everyone tactically understood and quickly took out their sunglasses as well as a pair of handcuffs and then kneel down next to the water pipe on the rooftop.

(TL: I don't get why the handcuffs, but in the raw, it's really handcuffs... unless there's another meaning for 手铐 which I don't know)

Only Chu Hao did not use the handcuffs, instead stared directly at the blue light in sunglasses, but he did not dare to stand up, and stood in the center of the group so that they could hold him at any time.

These blue light don't look too big, at most it was only a few meters in diameter with a soft blue glow, but it became more dazzling as one looked closer to the core, so that no one could see what was inside the blue light, other than what outside of it.

Chu Hao stood up and looked straight at the blue light that was getting closer and closer. Although he was wearing sunglasses, the light was still piercing his eyes. Although the soft light wasn't unusual, Chu Hao still felt something wrong.

First of all, his body was getting more and more excited. It wasn't an excitement feeling from his heart, but rather from his body. It was similar to the heat you felt after a workout. And as the blue light got closer, the excitement was getting more and more intense, even to the point of sweating.

This situation was very abnormal. Chu Hao wasn't an ordinary person. After going through those inhumane training, his self-hypnotize that could counter the mind control was one of them. As for his body control, it was a piece of cake. But at this moment, he could hardly control his body excitement and sweat, this proved how powerful this blue light was.

When the blue ball of light was about to reach the top of the building, Chu Hao took a deep breath and slowly took off his sunglasses, then look straight at the blue ball of light, in almost an instant, an indescribable feeling invaded straight at his heart, and he lost control of himself almost instantly.

The feeling was indescribable, just like there was an invisible hand grabbed onto his soul, and trapped him inside his body, it was as if his whole body had become a piece of ** armor, without consciousness, almost no longer controlled by him, and an imaginable pain struck him. It was this pain that almost made him faint.

(This...This is the organization's self-hypnotize...No, it is more thorough than the training, it is deeper, more painful and dangerous. The secretion of the adrenal hormones in my body has exceeded the dangerous line, the entire body situation is very severe. If this goes on... my body will collapse...)

If someone was to look straight at Chu Hao at this moment, they would be able to see his eyes were unfocused, veins and blood vessels appeared on his face, and his expression seemed very painful. Although the body did not exposed to the blue light, but it was slightly twitching. Looked like he was suffering an unimaginable pain.

Even so, despite that, Chu Hao's mind was still awake, but he no longer had control over his body. Furthmore, not letting his body exposed to the blue light, while suffering extreme pain and being conscious, many thoughts kept flashing in Chu Hao's head.

(Sure enough, I originally guessed that this blue is not radiation. After all, in the original plot of Skyline, only those who looked directly at the blue light would undergo physical breakdown. If it is radiation, then just by touching it, they will get affected, not just those who look directly at it.... And this phenomenon... Isn't that the same as unlocking Genetic Constraint?)

The so-called Genetic Constraint, even the Reincarnation World's senior rookie Jenny, was also heard it from the mouth of the veterans. According to her, when those veterans were still alive, there were three people unlocked their Genetic Constraint, and the captain unlocked stage two, which made him as powerful as Superman.

As far as Jenny's understanding of Genetic Constraint, their eyes looked unfocused, their speed, and their fighting instinct increased, and their strength enhanced, and could temporary suppress their pain, etc. It could almost turn an ordinary person into a killing machine, the only drawback was that the side effects are painful and the duration was short. Basically, if an ordinary person unlocked their Genetic Constraint, they would die, unless they were treated.

From this point of view, Chu Hao's organization's self-hypnotize had similar functions and side effects, but it did not have the fighting instinct like Jenny said, as well as the strength and the temporary pain suppression, so Chu Hao thought it could be an incomplete way to unlock Genetic Constraint.

As for the real Genetic Constraint... How powerful would that be?

Neither slow or fast, the blue ball of light was continue to fall toward Chu Hao, at this time, Chu Hao had already removed his sunglasses. The blue light disappeared completely in a span of ten seconds. When the light disappeared, Chu Hao fell down and his body was twitching violently. The pain was so severe that even with his amazing willpower couldn't resist. Unable make any voice, or he could say that he was almost defeated by this pain, it was ten times more painful than the organization's self-hypnotize.

The people around him looked at Chu Hao in fear. It was only a few minutes later that he slowly recovered, but he couldn't say anything at all, and J took out a drink from his bag and fed it to him.

"Thank you... Sport drink? Does it contain a bit of morphine?" Chu Hao asked immediately asked after taking a sip.

J nodded but did not speak, he handed the bottle to him. Chu Hao did not hesitate, picked it up and gulped down a few drinks, then he noticed that his whole body was covered in sweat, and he also felt an incomparable weakness like he had just ran a long distance run.

Thus he sat down on the ground for a few minutes, then slowly stood up, "Well, you should have already understand the current situation. Yes, we're indeed in Skyline, and the Reincarnation World is also real. Although I don't know how is it possible, but we are here. What we need to consider now is how to survive. According to our previous plan, J, Osage, and I, a team of three will go and kidnap the two protagonists. Ares, Jenny, and this lady, you are responsible for our back, and timing from now on."

Chu Hao looked at the watch when he finished, "The time now is 4:36. From now on, we must complete the kidnapping by 5:10, and retreat into the off-road vehicle that was prepared before. Ares' team are responsible for the safety and location of the off-road vehicle. We will enter the refuge before 5:30. The time is running out, everyone must act quickly."

Ares nodded, and Jenny spoke in hurry: "Chu Hao, you just experienced the side effects of unlocking Genetic Constraint. Aren't you feeling weak now? How can you kidnap people? Let me go instead?"

Chu Hao shook his head and said seriously: "No, this is planned out by me, the most important part must be done by me, and... I also want to see the male protagonist, I hope he is what I expected......."

He didn't say what his expectation was, and the people around him also didn't understand, but the time now is short. According to the plot in the movie, when the second blue ball of light came in early morning, the alien fleet would appear along with biological weapons. Before the entire block and the city became a dangerous zone, they must return to the refuge before then, so they did not ask anymore questions. Led by Chu Hao, six people formed two teams, and went separately with their missions.

At the same time, in a police station in the city, a group of people were being held in their respective detention rooms. They were the group of people who followed the glasses youth. They were still being detained there, waiting for the embassy of their countries. They couldn't leave unless the investigation information was out, or the people from the immigration office sent them a message.

Suddenly, they felt an earthquake. The earthquake wasn't intense, but it was obvious that the whole ground and the room were shaking. As soon as the first person woke up, the rest of them also woke up and began to shout. But soon they stopped shouting, because from behind the police, they saw a blue light outside the door and a police walked into the light, and then disappeared...

", sky, Skyline..."

"It's real!"

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