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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 12 - New Team

Chapter 12 - New Team

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"Don't sit like this! You are the heir of the Emans family. Your sitting posture will make us lose face!"

"Don't eat these dirty foods. You are the heir of the Emans family. You are a nobleman. How can you eat these junk snacks?"

"Don't associate with her, do you know her parents and her family? Such a commoner woman is not qualified to give birth to the son of the Emans family. I will give you a choice, either break up with her or make her disappear...."

"No... don't... no... don't..."

(Then….what is okay!!!)

Ares was a little lost, but in almost an instant, he snapped back and continued to drive the vehicle through the city. For this kidnapping, they had researched and practiced several times, including the best retreating route, etc. Planned by Chu Hao and based on his performance, they were willing to believe him.

After they got away from the building and drove for more than ten minutes, they were already halfway away from the refuge. They were trying their best to hide on the road, and even almost got caught up by the aliens several times. They were 70-80% safe thanks to Chu Hao. To get to their destination, Chu Hao chose roads that large objects could not enter, and there were many buildings around, made it hard for the flying weapons in the sky to see the car. The only downside was that it was too far away, and the road was crowded, and hid in the dark every now and then, so it took them a lot of time.

Chu Hao kept looking at the watch along the way. Jarrod was sitting next to him while holding Elaine, don't know if it was because he was worried about her, or the words Chu Hao mentioned. So to confirm their purpose, Jarrod suddenly asked: "Why are you looking at your watch all the time? Is there a time limit for where you are taking us?"

Chu Hao answered without raising his head: "It is not about time limit, but the question is how much time the aliens will give us."

"Aliens?" Both Jarrod and Elaine were surprised.

Chu Hao raised his head, and looked back at them with a more surprised expression. "Do you think that that blue light, and the huge weapon just outside the car, and the octopus-looking flying objects in the sky are all artificial. Please, okay?... I have watched many European and American movies and TV shows, and it's still very weird. But you two are too extreme, either you two are very superstitious, believing in ghosts, aliens to the point of madness, or absolutely do not believe in anything. You guys have already seen them, or are you too surprised to the point that you don't want to believe, do you not think this is very strange?"

"Hahaahah, that's true, but let me say this first, I don't." Ares, who was driving, suddenly opened his mouth with a smile.

Jenny in the passenger seat also said in a hurry: "I also don't, oh but I believe in science as well as superstition. I firmly believe that there is always something that science can't explain."

Jarrod quickly waved his hand, "Wait, you are confusing me. Are you saying you knew these aliens beforehand? Otherwise, why did you prepare this vehicle, and even a refuge to escape these aliens...Well, these are your private secrets, but what does this have to do with kidnapping us? We don't think we are anything special, why did you take risks to kidnap us?"

"Oh no."

Chu Hao shook his head and spoke seriously: "You are very special. It is because of your specialties that we came to kidnap or save you."

Jarrod and his girlfriend Elaine looked at each other. They really didn't know that they were special, they weren't any political figures, and they weren't the world's richest. What was the point of kidnapping?

"You are the protagonist." Chu Hao laughed and said.

"When a movie begins, as long as the protagonist, even if they were an unknown previously, they could still cause a wave of turbulence in the plot, both the story and the world belongs only to the protagonist, and the two of you are the male and female protagonists this time."

The female protagonist Elaine spoke up at this moment, "Wait, your words made us even more confused. I still don't understand what you mean. Why did you call us the protagonists? To be honest, I do understand every of your words, but I really don't understand when I put them together, What do you mean?"

Chu Hao shook his head and continued to talk: "I just said it, when the movie started... Well, let me change that word. The most straightforward way to put it is everything in your world is in a movie. The story, we have seen your past, present, future, and know that if we don't intervene, what kind of ending will await you. The movie is called Skyline, and you two are the male and female protagonists in the movie. So are you saying you're not special?"

"Ah?" Jarrod and Elaine were both very surprised. Their expressions weren't strange, but rather weird, yes, it was like the weird look one would look at a psychopath and a madman.

"Look." Chu Hao shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "Even they have already seen something exaggerated as aliens, yet they don't believe that they are the protagonists in the movie, so I called you American and European are strange, do you really not fantasizing these?"

Ares gave another heartily laugh. Except for Jenny who whispered a few words, the rest were quiet. Only Jarrod and Elaine were getting more and more creepy by this silence.

After a moment, Elaine suddenly asked: "Since we are the characters in the movie, and all of this is shown in the movie, then please tell us, if you didn't intervene, what is our ending?"

Chu Hao, with an indifferent expression, casually said while looking at the watch, "You will be captured by the aliens, then when the aliens want to transform you into life-form weapons, only the male protagonist Jarrod is transformed. As for you, because you are pregnant, the aliens intend to take the child out of your stomach directly..." After saying that, Chu Hao stopped talking and didn't say anything else, his brows wrinkled slightly.

(I didn't get any reward points, also didn't get any notice for the side-story... Could it be... telling the plot to the male and female protagonists in the movie, isn't enough to make a big difference?)

Although Chu Hao stopped the conversation, Jarrod and Elaine were horrified, especially when he heard that Elaine was pregnant, Jarrod immediately turned to Elaine, and when Elaine slightly nodded to confirm, both of them felt a gust of emotions swelled in their hearts, it was a kind of unspeakable mood.

At this moment, the off-road vehicle suddenly stopped, and Ares immediately said: "Oh, my bad! There are damaged vehicles completely blocked the roadway, what should we do, Chu Hao?"

Chu Hao immediately looked out of the window, the road ahead was completely blocked, and several damaged cars were struck there. Their off-road vehicle couldn't get through. He immediately looked around and said in a low voice after a few seconds of silence: "Let's get off! We are not far from the refuge, and the reason why I picked these lanes is to prevent this. Get off the car and follow behind me!"

While speaking, Chu Hao had already got out of the car, followed by the other five. As for Jarrod and Elaine, they were only slightly hesitated, but they were also followed closely behind, and the eight people continued their way toward the direction of the refuge.

At the same time, in a police station a little farther away, a group of people were already feeling regret. Until this moment, they still didn't know that this world was really the Skyline world, many alien monsters appeared, and all the polices in the station had escaped. Now they were still trapped there, and only deaths awaited them.

"Hey! Anyone there? Let us out! Open the door and let us go!" The eyeglasses youth shouted out loud outside the corridor, but there was no one there.

A man next to him yelled angrily: "Stop it! How could there still be anyone here waiting to die? All already fucking escaped early, if you continue to bark, what if you alert those aliens? I don't want them take control of my brain. If that's the case, I would rather commit suicide!"

Another middle aged woman excitedly said: "Right, it's your fault! If we believed that Asian, now at least we can decide our own destiny! It's all your fault!"

The glasses youth was also angry, he retorted: "You chose to go with me at the time. If you really trusted that yellow monkey, then you wouldn't be here. Reincarnation World? What a joke! Do you think anyone would believe such a thing at that time?"

"Yo, yellow-skinned monkey? I haven't heard people say this for a long time."

Just when the glasses youth was screaming loudly, suddenly a voice ranged out from the outside, and everyone who was still arguing turned silent, then they yelled outside, and sure enough, the voice really came from the outside. A man and two women, didn't know why, but all three were wearing dark black turtleneck dressed, they looked like... like vampire dresses in the movie.

"Ever since that ruthless Team China destroyed half of the remaining six teams in that great war, no one in the entire Reincarnation World dared to shout out the words yellow monkey. I didn't expect to meet such warriors here." The man and two women walked to the front, he spoke while smiled at the women.

The two women just grinned and after that the man no longer said anything. He just walked to the door of the detention room and smiled then said to everyone inside: "You should be the members of Team North-Iceland? Really sorry. Since your Sage female captain has died, Team North-Iceland has been eliminated again and again. This time is the same. Even the captain is gone, so it's such a shame..."

Everyone in the detention room also found something wrong. They stopped talking, but they kept stepping backward in an attempt to stay away from the three strange man and women.

The glasses youth gathered his courage and asked: "Who are you? Are you... also the members of Reincarnation World?"

The man laughed lightly and spoke facing the iron gate. He reached out to the iron gate, and the gate started to crack like soft mud. The huge force tore open the iron gate, the man seemed very relaxed as he stepped inside the detention room.

"What about me? I'm the Captain of Team South-Flameland, North-Iceland, South-Flameland, yo, it's like we're a deadly enemy team, and..."

"Let me tell, I almost died to that former Captain of Team North Iceland, that damned Sage girl?!"

After a while, only dead bodies remained in the detention room, while one man and two women came out with blood on their faces.

"They split up, there are six more people..."

"Find them and kill them!"

"Three teams battlefield... Let's finish everything before that hypocritical Team China show up!"

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