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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 13 - Flee For Their Lives

Chapter 13 - Flee For Their Lives

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"The environment here is really complicated."

"That's of course, after all, this is a slum, like a slum in any city..."

Eight people marched in a narrow street, and from time to time, they also needed to break in several abandoned buildings, and even once entered a small sewer under Chu Hao's leadership.

In the beginning, everyone thought that it wouldn't be this complicated, but as Chu Hao took seven to eight turns, everyone's heart gradually became strange and even shocked despite knowing that Chu Hao was basically with them. Although there was no actions, but these complicated routes were definitely not something normal people could know and find just by looking at the map.

Jarrod and Elaine might not understand, but the other five were extremely shocked. They clearly knew that Chu Hao had never been here, they knew Chu Hao chose these routes by looking at the map, yet how could he be able to completely memorize these maze-like routes? This was too amazing.

Chu Hao was quiet all the way, other than searching for the routes and avoiding obstacles, his face was getting more and more gloomy.

Everyone could clearly see Chu Hao's expression. Although they didn't know what would happen, but they were getting more and more nervous. Human's emotions are contagious. The more urgent the situation is, the harder it is to stay calm, once someone feels it, the rest will also feel it. Such was true at this very moment.

Jenny was the only talkative person in the group. She finally couldn't help but asked: "Chu Hao, what are you thinking about, don't you always put up a fake smile in front of us? But the you now are very pale, and your expression is also weird, it looks... it looks like you are taking us toward a dead end."

"Although it isn't a dead end, but it's not much different..."

Chu Hao didn't turn back, still walking in front of the group. He looked at the watch and said: "We don't have much time, we took ten minutes longer than expected. The situation is getting more and more dangerous the longer we take. The critical point is fifty minutes. Once we exceed our estimated time, walking on this street is the same as courting death. Instead of going back to the refuge, it is better to actually find a sewer and hide. Now... the time is getting closer and closer."

Jenny barely smiled and said: " it that serious? This location seems very remote. We haven't seen any alien along the way..."

"...From the beginning of the invasion, their first goal must be the most populated locations, such as stations, town squares, or public facilities. They will use the captured human's brains, to produce more alien biological weapons. If the number of alien biological weapons in the first five minutes was one, then after five minutes, the number would reach ten, and one hundred in twenty minutes, one thousand in fifty minutes."

"Once they reached their first goal, their second goal will be the populated residential areas, such as various communities, apartment buildings, etc. which we know from the plot in the movie. It was safe for the male protagonist to stay in the building in the beginning, but as time went by, the aliens would start to investigate the interior of the building. At that stage, all of the streets should be empty."

"As for the third stage, hehe..."

Chu Hao didn't go on any further, he just sighed and said: "Let's speed up, we must go faster, follow my lead, try not to make any noises, we must get to the refuge before the second stage. Come on, everyone!"

Chu Hao's analysis had thoroughly explained the dangerous situation they were in. Everyone tried hard to pick up the pace. Gradually, the middle aged woman had begun to get tired, she was also the last person in the group, and started to drift farther and farther away from everyone.

At the corner, the woman's feet were sore, and then finally started to lose balance and fell on the ground. She was lying on the ground while gasping so hard that it seemed like she would pass out at any time. After seven or eight seconds later, she seemed to think of something as she shouted loudly: "No, don't leave me, wait for me, please wait for me, I can still hold on, wait for me, don't leave me here, no, don't!"

In seven to eight seconds, it was enough for everyone to run a distance. When they heard the voice, almost everyone stopped subconsciously, and when they turned back, they found the woman at a corner. On one hand, they were looking back subconsciously, while on the other hand, they looked at Chu Hao.

But when they looked at Chu Hao, they suddenly found that his expression was no longer as stern as before, but rather hideous, and even showed killing intent on his face, his eyes were clear as water as if they were able to see through anyone.

"Damn! Doesn't she know that shouting will alert those aliens biological weapons?!"

Chu Hao whispered in a low voice, but his feet didn't stop. In one sentence, he was already at least ten meters away from the group. At the same time, he said: "If you don't want to die, follow me immediately. Don't make any noise, she... We can't save her. O course, you guys can also choose to stay here and die together, I will not stop you."

When Chu Hao said this, the first person to follow him wasn't J, but Ares, who had always been nice to the woman. He was in the middle of the group, and after he heard the words, he squeezed himself directly in front of the male and female protagonists and hurriedly followed Chu Hao. The next person to follow him was J. He also ignored the male and female protagonists and tried to walk past them before Chu's voice came again.

"J, grab Elaine!"

After listening to the words, it only took a moment before J went and grabbed Elaine and put her on his shoulders and ran after Ares. It was similar to a black bear-like creature holding onto a little girl. Followed after was the terrorist organization member, Osage. As Jarrod watched his girlfriend getting further and further away, he also clenched his teeth and followed. Only Jenny stood still in place with a cloudy face.

"Why?" Jenny bit her lip and asked: "She didn't do anything wrong. She was just physically weak. If you or J carry her, you can save her. So why? Is she... not a member of our team?"


Chu Hao faced Jenny's question. He didn't even slow down his footsteps. He directly walked straight pass Jenny and further explained: "I have to choose... And I must make a choice. If losing someone can save the lives of ten people, I will not hesitate to give up one person, as a wise man, a strategist, and even as a leader, I..."

"Must choose..."

Yes, choose... …

Giving up his conscience, giving up good and evil, and giving up all of his feelings, only this way could he be able to confront the C organization. Only this way could he save more of his comrades and avenge them...

Whether it was the miniature nuclear bomb explosion in Tokyo, the biochemical virus leak in Washington, or the big escape in the Egyptian ruins, his hands were already full of blood, not only from his enemies, but also innocent people and even his comrades...

Loved ones...

He could still remember...

The woman he had been calling his sister...

When he became a transparent, pure killing machine, how did he suppressed all of these feelings? Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw the eyes of dozens of his past comrades abandoned by him. He even saw the eyes of his elder sister...

Suddenly, Chu Hao stopped his footsteps, and because he stopped too suddenly, Ares who was behind him directly bumped into him, although he looked as if nothing had happened, but his face was full of caution.

"Not good, we have already been discovered, I don't know how many and what type of weapons they are, I hope that it's not the most terrifying giant weapon..."

Before the kidnapping plan was implemented, Chu Hao told everyone the alien weapons in Skyline from his memory. Most of the weapons and vehicles the aliens used were using human brains as the operation system. There were all kinds of creation ranged from squid-like looking aircraft, to the giant weapon on the ground. There were also giant looking ape, and also small octopus tentacles-like weapons.

In contrast, Chu Hao was more afraid of encountering the gorilla-type alien weapons. Its foot was more than ten or twenty meter high. No matter where you hid, just one foot and you'd definitely be dead. It was almost impossible to think that people could match it. In comparison, the small aircrafts in the air, or small weapons like octopus, as long as the terrain was right and the timing was correct, destroying them wasn't unreasonable.

When Chu Hao thought about it, he looked around and found a sewer opening. He slammed open the cover and hurriedly waved to the people around him and jumped in. The rest of the people did not dare to hesitate any longer, they also jumped. After a while, only the middle aged woman's miserable cry was left there... …

After more than ten seconds, the woman's voice got louder and louder, and then violently stopped...

Inside the sewer, in the darkness, everyone was standing still motionlessly, one could hear their heartbeats. In the dark and silent place, terror...

Was spreading!

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