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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 14 - Big Explosion!

Chapter 14 - Big Explosion!

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How did people survive in these Horror, Sci-Fi, and Disaster Movie worlds?

First of all, all of the non-suspend types of horror, Sci-Fi, and disaster movies could be described as almost insignificant, and the difficulty was also different. For example, if it was a horror movie with biohazard, as long as one didn't encounter any super monsters like the eaters, ordinary zombies could be killed by ordinary people, but if one encountered some physically unexplainable horror movies such as ghosts and curses that killed thousands of people, then the only way to survive was to rely on luck.

Sci-Fi and disaster types of movies were the same, such as the most terrifying disaster movie, needless to say, just drop a few meteorites down and that would be enough to destroy the world, who could reverse that? Who could survive in that situation? Not to mention Sci-Fi movies with horrific stellar explosion, or black hole in space, it wasn't something any living beings could fight.

So... How could one survive in such a Reincarnation World?

Ever since Chu Hao confirmed the existence of the Reincarnation World, and being stuck in the sewer at this very moment, these few hours were enough for him to understand some things, such as the existence of the Reincarnation World.

Everything had its meaning, even if it was the Rebel Organization that he founded, or even the C and X organization, they all had their meanings. Only spirits were completely out of orders and completely free of self-awareness. Who or what capable of creating this Reincarnation World was something that he did not dare to think about. It was impossible to think that the creator was an idiot.

In any case, the Reincarnation World must had its meaning, and the humans who were brought into this world must also carried some meanings. As for what, it was temporarily unknown. After all, he had no information in regard to the existence of Reincarnation World.

But it wasn't like there was no clue at all. For example, Jenny mentioned various of enhancements, tools, abilities, and bloodlines... these enhancements and the existence of the Reincarnation World made Chu Hao thought of the ancient arena, where strong men were given weapons and either fight each other or fight against beasts. The winners got to live, while the losers would die.

If one added some systems, for example, the winner would get some points for every kill, they could use the points to exchange for weapons and armors, better horse, or better attendants, etc. One hundred points could exchange for freedom, a thousand to become a noble knight, with such pattern... wasn't it the same as the Reincarnation World?

If that was the case, then who were the audiences watching them struggling to survive? Could it be a god or a devil? Or perhaps a more unspeakable supreme being?

In any case, since there were a system and audiences, their purpose certainly wasn't to watch the endless slaughters, at least not completely, then based on this deduction, there was a very important conclusion, but this conclusion wasn't enough... at least not until people would be able to survive through countless Reincarnation Worlds, and the conclusion was...

The Reincarnation World didn't want to let them die, so it was impossible to give them impossible missions, and it wouldn't throw them into a world that led them to inevitable death.

All of the horror movies, all of the Reincarnation Worlds, there must be a way of life!

Chu Hao recalled all of his analysis and results in his mind. He slowly relaxed, he wasn't afraid of danger and death. But he was afraid of inevitable situations, because the only way to survive then was to rely on luck. And he definitely did not want to gamble on luck. As long as there was still a ray of hop, he would work hard instead of gamble with luck, which was also a pure insult to the reason why he established the Rebel Organization. His comrades relied on his wisdom to survive, even if he did abandoned some of his comrades to save the mass, they would still put their faith in him... …

In the silent sewer, only the breathing sounds and heartbeats of everyone were heard, mixed together with the faint water dripping sound, made the whole atmosphere appeared more heavy and dangerous, but no one dared to say a word, only god knew if the aliens were still around. Even the male and female protagonists did not dare to speak, not because they were afraid of the unknown aliens above, but they were being wary of Ares and J on their left and right.

Everyone waited for about ten minutes, it could have been longer or even shorter, in the darkness, it was impossible to grasp the correct time. At this moment, Chu Hao whispered: "They have already left, but the situation isn't good. I don't know if they have left any monitor device outside. If they are waiting for us to come out, then we won't be able to run away."

Jenny shook her head and talked in a low voice: "How is it possible, they are not people, how can they arrange monitor devices..."

Chu Hao interrupted her: "They are more advanced than human. You can't take it for granted that only human have monitor devices. Otherwise, how could the male and female protagonists along with the black man in the plot, the moment they drove the car out of the building, they were immediately attacked by giant ape-like alien weapon? Coincidence? So many coincidences? Perhaps there are various monitor devices on the street now, they...need countless of human brains."

When they heard the words human brains, the male and female protagonists started shaking slightly. Only those who knew how terrible those aliens were would really feel the horror, it was no longer a problem of death, but even if they wanted to die, they wouldn't be able to, so no one dared to take the risk.

"But staying here is also not a solution. First of all, let's not mention whether this is safe or not. There is no way to solve it. There are many days left, we still have to eat and drink. And the environment here isn't suitable for people to live in..." Chu Hao whispered.

Everyone was silent. After a moment, Ares suddenly said: "Are you hoping to gamble on luck? Let's run up together and then rush to the refuge? This distance... shouldn't be far from the refuge."

"If we run in straight line, it's about three hundred meters. but if you calculate the walking distance... it's only seven hundred meters at most, and you don't need to go through any big streets or roads..." Chu Hao did not answer Ares' question, and murmured to himself.

J also spoke up at this time: "I can carry Elaine, and still be able to keep up with you."

Jenny also quickly said: "I have my spider webs, and along with my enhancement, as long as we start running, I am definitely the fastest..."

After a few people whispered, there was no action, they were waiting for Chu Hao's decision. Subconsciously, it seemed that Chu Hao had became the Captain of this team.

Chu Hao spoke up after more than ten seconds, "Sorry, my words may have caused some misunderstanding. I'm here to apologize to everyone... I didn't mean to run out and rely on speed and luck to survive, I didn't mean this, the reason is the refuge, it must remain secret. Once we rush to the refuge, there is a high chance it will be exposed, by then it would be no different than how we are at the moment, so I didn't mean this.

Everyone was silent, waiting for Chu Hao to continue. They didn't know why but they had a strange idea in their minds, it seemed... seemed like Chu Hao knew he would definitely encounter an alien biological weapon in the middle. Otherwise how could he be so clam?


Chu Hao took a lighter out from his pocket and looked around after lighting it. He found a wall of the sewer and scratched it with his nails. He said: "This is our current position represented by a circle, here is our destination, the straight line distance and the real walking distance, I recorded it on top... and then this is the approximate topographic map of the surrounding."

Chu Hao didn't pause or hesitate. Everyone focused on the wall. Although it wasn't very clear, after a minute or two, the entire wall was filled with a simple drawn map. Everyone could tell at the first glance, it was simple and clear.

Suddenly, Osage pointed to their current location, and a black dot between them and the refuge, "What's this here? What are you trying to show?"

"That... is our way of life."

Chu Hao smiled and said: "The front door of this building is a slum hotel. There shouldn't be anyone there now. As for the kitchen behind it, there are many oil barrels and gas pines. Also, there is an underground storage room with flours."

"Oil barrels? Gas pipes?"

Osage eyes shined, he looked at the dot on the wall, "So, are you planning... to do that?"

"Yes, what you are best at."

Chu Hao turned off the lighter, no one could see his expression in the darkness, they were only able to hear him muttering.

"I want to make a blast that is enough shift their attention, enough to disturb their line of sight, enough to cover us to the refuge..."

"Big explosion!"

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