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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 15 - Plan

Chapter 15 - Plan

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Chu Hao's proposal was too amazing.

Anyone or any ordinary person, in any case, the first thing that came to their minds would be to escape as lowkey as possible. As long as there was a hiding place, it was better to hide there to not alert the aliens, try their best to stay alive and ask for help from the army or a group of people. These were the ideas of any ordinary person.

Unordinary people like Ares, J, or Osage would not ask for help from others, because they were fully aware of human nature, it was better to be alone or with just a few elites and must absolutely be as lowkey as possible.

But at the moment... Chu Hao's decision made them surprised, because that was completely different from their decision. It wasn't a lowkey escape plan, but on the contrary, he wanted to create a big explosion, was he not afraid that a lot of aliens would show up?

"Everything, every existence, even every thought has its own meaning..."

After explaining his specific arrangements, Chu Hao seemed to notice there were doubts on their faces, so he simply said: "Afraid or not afraid, what I'm planning to do is very simple. What is the meaning behind it, or whether it is worth the risk, I'm prepared to pay some danger for this... Let's put it in a way that's easier to understand. It's based on interest, as for danger, a capitalist would dare to face death for a 300% profit..."

"First of all, we can't stay here and wait for our deaths. This is a dead end. The longer we stay here, the more dangerous it is. The second we head out, there will inevitably be danger waiting for us, whether it is the patrol weapons, the monitoring equipment, or due to delay and many alien weapons show up. These are the dangerous possibilities and according to your previous ideas, escaping as lowkey as possible, let's not mention about the success rate, even if there's a small chance, who say their luck is so good to come out unscratched? If your luck is that good, might as well go buy a lottery, and what about the others? They'll die if their luck is bad, who can reverse that? Nobody, we... no one can be sure!"

"Because of this, in order to find the best escape method in this situation, this is the only method I could think of... Aren't the aliens looking for all of the movements? Don't they need a lot of human? Then we will give them just that. Of course, we are not giving up anyone here, but one person must be there. As long as they can attract their attention and attract all of the alien weapons around there, then we can safely escape into the refuge. And that's our plan!"

Chu Hao paused, after a while, he continued: "According to my previous proposal, first of all, J and Ares, you two are responsible to lead the male and female protagonists to the refuge, as well as their safety of course. In addition to ensuring your safety, monitor your every action, don't act alone to escape, they can easily kill you, believe me, to them, human lives are no better than dogs or cats."

"And I'll go with Osage. We are responsible for the preparation of the explosion as well as the bait. This job is going to be dangerous. How about you, Osage? Would you like to act with me?" Chu Hao went on.

Osage stayed silent, after waited for more than ten seconds, he solemnly said: "Okay, I will go with you, but I have a request... I hope that I ask you later, I hope you can use your wisdom to help me, I won't ask you to kill, just need you to help me come up with a plan, this is what you are best at."

Chu Hao did not hesitate, he calmly said: "As long as it is not too much trouble, then I'm fine."

Until then, Jenny said in a trembling voice: "Chu, Chu... I wasn't blaming you earlier. I just... I wasn't used to it. After all, it was a human life. Before our team, I haven't done this, so I... Don't abandon me, I beg you, I didn't mean to challenge your position, I know you are a wise man, I heard about the legendary sage from those veterans, I believe in your judgement, please do not leave me..."

Having said that, Jenny seemed to have cried out. In fact, when Chu Hao assigned the roles, he didn't include her, which made her panic. No one knew about the horror of the Reincarnation World better than her here. Although she did survive through two horror movies, but in fact, she was relying on luck, so she didn't gain much points, not even from the side story. If one didn't know better, they'd be calling her a veteran, but in fact, it was better to call her a rookie newbie in a veteran's skin. She... understood that being abandoned by a team, it was dangerous for one person to survive in the Reincarnation World, which was almost the same as death.

"What are you thinking, how can I abandon you..." Chu Hao replied immediately after he heard what she said, but then he felt that his answer seemed to be wrong, so he said with a conviction: "Your mission is the most important, we can survive if you can safely return to the refuge, all of which will depend on your actions."

"From now on, until I and Osage set off the explosion at the target point, then when the first explosion sounded, you immediately leave the sewer and secure the woman's body left outside, it's definitely still there, be sure to take the body and carry it to refuge."

Chu Hao took out the lighter again, he pointed at the mark on the wall after igniting the fire, "You have the spider web. When you get the body, don't walk on the ground, try to climb over the buildings. Once the corpse is brought to the top of our location, come inside and join us. During this time, you must use the fastest speed, the most covert action, and try not to alert the aliens. This is your mission."

Jenny tried hard to remember every word Chu Hao said. When Chu finished, she whispered: "Why do we need that body, does this have any effect?"

Chu Hao laughed and said: "That's right, it's better. On the way, as long as see any body on the road, as long as you have enough strength, even if you bring a hundred bodies, that is fine. So what do you think?"

Jenny's face suddenly turned dark, not sure if it was due to fear just now, or seriously considering Chu Hao's suggestion. She was silent and stared at the map on the wall until Chu Hao's lighter on his hand turned off and the entire sewer was once again filled with darkness.

"So this is the order. I and Osage will set off first, when the first explosion came, Jenny will start her mission, and then when the most violent explosion came, the rest of you will set off, but your route must change... Ares, do you remember the thing I mentioned to you in the afternoon yesterday?"

Ares was distracted, but immediately answered: "Are you referring to that?"

"It's good that you remember."

The dialogue between Chu Hao and Ares made the people around confused, but this time hey didn't ask. Everyone saw that Chu Hao once again ignited his lighter, looked at his watch and started counting down.

"Osage, set off after thirty seconds."

"Ten seconds..."

"Five seconds..."

"Set off!"

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