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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 16 - Cheated

Chapter 16 - Cheated

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This is...

The feeling on the battlefield!

After Chu Hao got out of the sewer, he immediately took a deep breath, there was a smell of blood in the air, and the feeling of fear, solemnity, silence, and crisis... The familiar feelings, that was the battlefield.

Perhaps it wasn't like the epic scene of the war, or the aftermath of a war. But it was still the feeling of being on the battlefield. After Chu Hao took a few deep breaths, he slowly calmed down, all the hesitant, indecisiveness, slowly disappeared at that moment. He smiled and looked at Osage. "Let's go, don't fall back, even if there are monitor equipment, it's fine to be discovered."

Osage nodded calmly, the two men didn't go too fast, but they didn't slow down. In fact, they didn't care about the sound all the way, they deliberately kicked some stones and their running footsteps could be heard in the alley. In a short time, Chu Hao saw his goal, blocked by a iron gate, he turned to Osage and smiled. Then he pulled out a wire from his pocket and turned it at the keyhole on the iron gate. The iron gate soon opened. The two men did not hesitate and rushed in directly. But right after they entered, Chu Hao turned back and closed the gate with force, which created a loud sound.

"let's begin, we have about three to five minutes of safe time, we'll retreat after three minutes." Chu Hao entered the door, he looked around and spoke then walked toward several oil drums.

In contrast, Osage was also an expert in this area. He used simple equipment to create explosives. This was something he had been learning for a long time. He also went up to help, two people divided the work and it only took one to two minutes before the explosion tool was ready. Now they only need to turn the gas vault and a match was enough to decide everything.

Just as they started making small explosive device, Osage suddenly asked: "Chu, do think the Reincarnation World is real? are there really countless of enhancements?"

"How many is countless? 100 million? Billion? Or is it 10 thousands? This depends on your subjective speculation. Whether there are countless of enhancements, I am not sure, but I know at least one thing, if God Space is real as Jenny said, there's an enhancement I want." Chu Hao said without raising his head.

Osage became interested, he asked once again: "Chu, you are wiser than anyone I have ever seen. I am curious, what enhancement do you want? Is it a super ability like in X-men? As powerful as Superman, be invincible? Or some unimaginable ability like space-time control?"

Chu Hao looked up with a surprised face, he smiled and said: "I didn't expect you thought of these, then do you know the rules in Dungeons and Dragons?"

Osage nodded affirmatively: "How could I not know, such a popular game, the game is also good, I usually play these kinds of games when I'm free."

Chu Hao looked down and continued making explosives while saying: "There are no weak abilities, only weak users. This sentence may have been said by many people, but in fact, there is indeed a distinction between weak and strong. This is an undeniable fact. For example, you can spray a match-sized flame, while I can spray a sun-sized flame, which show the difference in our abilities. Perhaps your flame can be a key to reverse the battle, but that doesn't mean your ability is stronger than mine. It is obvious whose flame is stronger and there's no denying that fact."

"The fact that this world is a movie world has been verified. If we all survive, the next thing to verify is the enhancements in the God Space. If that is true... I always believe in this one sentence, that is how much. How much would you need to exchange for those strong ability, such as those you mentioned, I'm afraid that the reward points required is sky high, for example, the Superman bloodline, one hundred thousands points, do you think you can afford, can you afford?"

"And our current team doesn't have any real veteran in the team. Jenny can't be counted as a veteran, so any horror, disaster, Sci-Fi movie is very dangerous for us, and we don't have abundant reward points. To obtain those powerful abilities, it is our dilemma. To solve this dilemma, I can only think of two ways."

"One is team cooperation, according to their real world's ability, occupation, personality, physique, and other factors to determine their role and direction, form a team that can cooperate with each other, complement each other, but this is quite difficult. First has to do with trust, second is the number of people, and third is the problem of cooperation and tacit understanding. And this isn't something that can be solved in a short period of time."

"As for the second method... This is the direction of my intended enhancement. I want to carry out with the enhancement as much as possible. I can avoid other aspects. I will choose the enhancement in DnD, or a wizard bloodline, or something similar. In short, I want to enhance my ability in this aspect, strength is secondary.

Osage nodded thoughtfully, he also played various classes in DnD, he was also familiar with the content. In DnD, the wizard wasn't really initially, didn't have many spells, their power wasn't strong either, and in some ways, there was no modern weapons, and because they're newbies, they don't have many points. Even if one wanted the wizard enhancement, it was estimated that they wouldn't get many spells, but what Chu Hao said was also true, by adapting to various situations, a wizard's magic would be unique, and strength was secondary.

"Ah, also, if continue to enhance the DnD system, in the end, it would be sufficient to enhance that..."

Chu Hao didn't explain it in detail. He stopped talking once he got to that point. In his mind, flashes of his countless friends, comrades, and his once loved...

If... they were still alive, how good would it be...

No one spoke up, their only focus was to make those explosives. Osage quietly looked at Chu Hao, tried see what he wanted to do, but Chu Hao didn't care, he just quietly sat there until the two heard s noise came from outside the house. Chu Hao then said: "They certainly have monitor devices, but the speed is slower than expected. It seems there are still a lot of people in this city haven't been caught..."

Osage watched as Chu Hao picked up the explosion tool. He asked curiously: "What if there are no monitoring devices?"

"Then it's very simple, just get out of the sewer, run all the way to the refuge, isn't it easy?" Chu Hao made a rare humor and smiled lightly, then went to the doorway which was making some friction. He found a small window gap and then threw the explosion device out.

The device exploded with a loud bang, and the two people inside the house could clearly felt the whole building slightly trembled, but the power wasn't as big as they imagined. It was obvious that given the materials and tools there weren't enough to make a powerful explosive. Unless they filled the entire room with gas and treat it as a dynamite barrel, then it was possible to create a large explosion that Chu Hao expected.

"Now we'll just quietly wait."

Waiting quietly for the signal... A certain cheated woman was swearing...

Jenny wasn't trying to swear. In fact, if Chu Hao was in front of her, she really wanted to smash Chu Hao, or at least gave him a big bite...

According to Chu Hao, in the beginning, he and Osage would be the bait, and she should be safe carrying the body, but in fact... a false safe! Chu Hao was purely trying to pit her in! If this was safe, then she really didn't know what was dangerous!

When Jenny heard the first explosion, she was both scared and worried, but still ran out of the sewer with some excitement. She ran to where the middle aged woman's body was, endured the nauseous feeling and picked the body up. Then she rushed to the target location, but just halfway through, her heart turned cold as she saw at least three octopus-like alien machines and ape-like machines flying in the sky...Dear God, wasn't this the same as being surrounded? (TL: 尼 = Buddhist nun, 美 = beautiful, which is very weird to me, but it's like an expression, so I went with "Dear God" to make it sound better)

However, Jenny couldn't stop at that point. When she rushed over, one of the octopus had already found her. Although she relied on her spider silk to wander in the air, she also found that the octopus alien was also very flexible, many of the tentacles directly caught the surrounding walls and chased her at a very fast speed.

She couldn't advance, nor could she retreat at this point. Jenny was so anxious that her eyes were bloodshot, as if she was going to cry out, but she only hesitated for a moment and finally gritted her teeth while holding the body wrapped in spider silk and continued to go forward.

It was too late, it was fast, at this moment, Jenny was only about 30 meters away from the target building, the octopus alien was about 20 meters behind her, it was closing in fast on her, and another huge flying octopus also flew down from her right side, tried to stop in front of her. If she was blocked, even ten of her would be dead.

At this critical moment, Jenny hardened her heart, and joined her hands together. In just over a second, a spider ribbon was formed in the middle of the alley pathway behind her. The spider silks on hands fiercely stretched, she didn't let go of the spider silks, but instead, she used the recoil force to help her jump forward to the maximum distance. The octopus alien at this moment was already less than five or six meters away from her, when she saw that it was about to catch her, she was already sprung away by the recoil force. The speed was astonishing, and it was directly at the top of a large building where she was aiming.

In just a blink of an eye, Jenny had rushed past the falling octopus alien aircraft, and even the tentacles failed to catch her, and slammed into the glass window, didn't manage to injury her and only to see her silhouette flew past. When she was about to crash into a room in the building, while still rolling in the air, she was already shot out a large amount of spider web densely blocked the window, formed a thick layer, only then, she crashed into it and fell into the ground with a muffled sound.

"Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch... It's hurt!"

Jenny had tears in her eyes, but her first reaction was to reach out and touch her waist. When she touched the black powder, she finally couldn't help but cried out. She didn't do anything, didn't care the tentacles protruding by the window, it was as if she had lost something important.

"Alright, isn't that just a low level protective item?"

Chu Hao's voice suddenly came out from behind her, he patted her on the shoulder, made her feel better.

"I will give you ten in the future..."

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