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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 17 - Reward Points!

Chapter 17 - Reward Points!

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"Do you know how expensive it is? You need 2000 points to exchange for one! I only have one! It can defend against all damages, whether it is physical or spiritual curses, all can be defended! So how are you going to give me ten? Even if I sell you I still can't afford it!"

Jenny wiped the tears in her eyes and said to Chu Hao. She thought about it and said, "And, didn't you say you two were the baits? Why did I come across so many alien weapons? Did you know? I almost got caught just now, if I didn't use my head, then I would be..."

"Alright, believe me, we're fine now."

Chu Hao studied the woman's body, the whole skull was completely separated from the middle, the incision was very neat, and there was no residual brain or nerve tissue inside. This could make those brain surgeons feel ashamed to death...

Jenny was eager to take the body before, so she didn't have time to look at it. After a glance, she suddenly had a sore throat and almost vomited, but it was fortunate that she was able to restraint herself. It really made people feel sick and scared, especially for ordinary people.

"Very good, although it needs to be carefully processed, it's still not bad."

Chu Hao picked up the body, thought for a little bit, then turn his head and smiled at Jenny. "You don't need to come in to see how I process it. Stay here quietly, the explosions are ready, and our retreat route is also ready. Don't mess with them, these things are enough to blow us all into pieces."

Jenny nodded naturally, she looked at Chu Hao and Osage headed into the kitchen room, while she stood still in the lobby. The entire lobby was filled with oil barrels, there were also other things she didn't understand, but she felt the danger from them subconsciously. She didn't dare to move around carelessly, she simply just stood there.

After a short while, Jenny saw Chu Hao and Osage walked back into the lobby, but what surprised her was that Chu Hao didn't have his usual smiles, and Osage's face was somewhat sullen but still had a serious expression.

"So, the next step is our escape route."

Chu Hao smiled and said: "In fact, as soon as the explosion begins, it is easier for us to escape."

"It's easier?!" Jenny felt her teeth itchy, she didn't want to bite Chu Hao, instead she shouted: "We are trapped here, surrounded by the alien weapons, and this place is filled with explosives, aren't we the same as suicide bombers! How do we even escape, and you say it's easy?"

"It's alright, trust me."

Chu Hao turned his head and said, "I won't lie to you."

Jenny could only sigh, "I hope you don't lie to me.. but why do I feel so uneasy?"


Chu Hao laughed and said: "The explosion is completed in three steps. The first is to open our survival path, the second is to create an opportunity for us to escape, and the third is the main event. Let us give this catastrophe Skyline an opening firework?"

Neither Jenny or Osage laughed. This matter related to their little lives. Even ants still want to drag on, let alone human? They were in a very dire situation, they urgently needed to know how to escape. (TL: 蝼蚁尚且偷生,更何况人呢? It's a Chinese idiom, which translated it as "The ants still want to drag on, let alone human?")

"Starting here to the refuge, we need to run about 300 meters. If there is a big explosion, then we will be discovered as soon as we leave the room, so it is impossible to directly expose ourselves on the street the lane, but we expected this." Chu Hao still smiled slightly.

Osage immediately found out what he meant, he asked, "We? You and Ares?"

Chu Hao continued to smile and said :"I'm responsible for the selection, he is responsible for the output, the characteristics of the refuge were selected by me. The location, surrounding situation, whether it is easy to enter, how many entrances and exits, whether it is concealed, underground facilities, and whether it can monitor the outside, etc. he is responsible for all that, it isn't easy to get such an ideal refuge in a short time."

Osage nodded and didn't say anything, Chu Hao also didn't care. "I can tell you here that the refuge has three entrances and exits. In additional to the main entrance and exit, there are two entrances and exits for escape. In fact, our survival path is one of the escapes."

"Now listen carefully to me. When the first blast goes off, it will shatter at least two walls. On one side is the escape route we want, and the other side is the wall where Jenny came in. Our escape route is here. I have carefully observed before, several of buildings are connected in succession, the bottom of one of the buildings is our goal."

"And then?"

Jenny and Osage asked almost at the same time.

"And... You think that once the walls go down, the alien weapons outside will not move? No, right now they are already looking for various methods to come in. When they break through the shattered walls, they will trigger the second blast, we will rush out then with the help of the impact. Of course, this time we will suffer some injuries, but it is our only way to escape."

After that, Chu Hao pointed to a large mattress on the ground and said: "You guys lift that mattress up, block behind you, facing it, ok, that's it, now everything is ready, ready to bump."


Jenny and Osage asked again in unison.

While speaking, the two saw Chu Hao rushed out and didn't know what he did. Their sights were blocked by the mattress. When Chu Hao came back, the two people were surprised to see Chu Hao tied the mattress and all three of them with a rope. Although it was just a slipknot, it still made the two people surprised.

Just as they were going to ask, their eyes flashed, and a sound of explosion came. Although the explosion wasn't intense, it still made the two people closed their eyes at the same time. Time didn't wait for them, as the man opened his eyes again, suddenly there was a violent impact from his back. At the same time, there was another violent explosion, and because this explosion was too intense, even the whole lobby became to tremble violently.

As if it was delayed, the huge mattress was pushed forward by the impact force. The three people couldn't even react to anything, because the impact speed was too fast, and they were pressed against the wall. It was the place where the first explosion just happened, there was still flame smoke, as well as a muffled sound. The three people along with the mattress slammed directly against the wall, breaking it, created a big hole, and went straight to the other side.

When they broke through the wall and went to the other end, there was a big hole in the back. This big hole led to the roadway outside. The big hole was created in just a few seconds ago, two aliens octopus-like monsters had already rapidly rushed into the the lobby, but the moment they rushed in, they also triggered the explosive and ignited the whole lobby, including the explosives that had been arranged inside the lobby... By the way, the gas pipeline seemed to be there too...

Huge explosion...

After a few minutes, in the house next to the restaurant, which seemed to be a warehouse. This dark warehouse had been semi-collapsed, which could tell by the large number of bricks and rocks, and a large amount of goods piled up under the debris. After a while, the debris collapsed, and three people came out from underneath. The three of them came out and took a deep breath, they looked extremely unsightly, and there were blood on their bodies.

These three were Chu Hao, Jenny, and Osage. They saw Chu Hao jumped out first, he examined his body along with his hands and feet, and touched a scratch on his head, then said with a smile: "Good, no big problems, the plan is going well."

"I... my leg is broken, it hurts, how is it good!" Jenny sat on the floor while holding her calf and said while crying.

In contrast, Osage seemed to have been hit in the head. He had blood on his head and had not spoken for a while. It seemed like he had it worst.

"The situation is better than expected."

Chu Hao looked at the two carefully and smiled. He immediately hugged Jenny and patted Osage's shoulder. "Buddies, come, stop looking distracted, you seem to have some concussion, keep up, we'll be safe once we get to the refuge." During the speech, he took the lead and go to the other side of the warehouse.

Osage's vision was slightly blurred, but he gritted his teeth and forced himself to get up then immediately followed behind Chu Hao. The three walked through a lot of goods and walked out of the warehouse which led to corridor that looked like an apartment style floor.

At this moment, suddenly more violent explosions were heard from behind them. The intensity of the explosion exceeded the previous ones, and everyone fell on the ground.


When Chu Hao fell down, due to carrying Jenny on his back, he couldn't balance himself and fell down in a weird angle which strained his ankle. A small crack was heard, he suddenly frowned, but didn't say anything.

But at this moment, the three people suddenly heard a voice in their head, and a very abrupt message was conveyed...

"Killed two small octopus weapons, each rewarding 1,500 points."

"Total... 3,000 reward points!"

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