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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 18 - The Refuge

Chapter 18 - The Refuge

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After leaving the warehouse, the remaining roads weren't dangerous. In fact, after the violent explosions, Chu Hao claimed that it would temporarily attract the nearby alien weapons, so it would be safe for at least five to ten minutes.

During this time, he had already entered the basement of an apartment building with the other two and started tapping on the wall there. After a while, he had found the spot, but Chu Hao's action made them confused.

Because when Chu Hao had told them that there was only one wall behind this location, there was another sewer connected there, and that sewer could go straight to the refuge, they were looking for a steel bar or something to destroy the wall, but they saw Chu Hao instead put down Jenny and picked up an iron bucket next to him. Then he closed his eyes and stood in front of the wall for a long time. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes became unfocused.

"In my organization, I developed a self-hypnosis system for some reason. I don't know if you have heard of this in real life, a person can only exert a very small part of his strength, but in a very few critical situations, it is possible to exert the true potential of the human body, such as a woman lifting up a car, because there is some sort of physical self-protection system. Once one's strength exceeds its given load, it is easy to cause irreparable damage, and the self-hypnosis system in our organization can unlock this self-protection system, even if the hand or the muscle is broken, it will not stop the body from exerting its power, is this Genetic Unlock?"

"Perhaps this shackle is what it is....."

While talking, Chu Hao slammed the iron bucket into the wall. In the eyes of the two stunned people, his hands deformed and blood was oozing out very quickly, but the wall was actually collapsed. Finally, the two watched as he kicked hard and the entire wall collapsed, revealed a dark passage.

Chu Hao casually dropped the iron bucket, and didn't care about the blood in his hands, he smiled at the two and said: "Go, let's go to our refuge."

Then the two people followed Chu Hao and took seven or eight turns, passed a semi-corrupted iron gate, passed through an upward passage, and finally came to a hydro-power maintenance room. When the two entered, they found that there were already a few people waiting inside the room. They were actually Ares, J, the two protagonists, who were separated in the sewer.

The four also saw the three people came in covered in blood, they immediately came up and support the three people. Ares also came up with a small medical kit and helped them with their wounds.

Chu Hao looked at the refuge carefully. The interior was full of boxes, and there were several picnic tents and lights. Only then did he relaxed. "Everything in this refuge is good. Our injuries aren't serious. How is your situation on the other side? Did they track you when you came in?"

Ares immediately shook his head and said, "No, according to your instruction, on the way, let the male protagonist sense it, so no hostile alien weapons found us, we also waited three minutes before entering the refuge. When I came in, I turned on the surveillance camera, there are no alien weapons in the area."

"That's good..."

Until then, Chu Hao abruptly sat on the ground, he took a few deep breaths while suppressing the severe pain. He quickly said: "While I fainted, everything is up to you, provided that we don't get exposed, and, I have some new ideas, but wait until I wake up..."

After the voice the voice fell, Chu Hao fell straight to the ground...

When he woke up, Chu Hao didn't immediately open his eyes. He smelled a steak scent for the first time, and also heard Jenny's excited voice.

"...It's really 3000 reward points! Three thousand! Normally, you have to live through three horror movie worlds to get this much! Anyway, I'm satisfied, but my 1000 reward points defensive tool is broken. 3000 reward points... I have long wanted to a Pokemon, but the cheapest one is 3000 points, this time, hehehehe..."

Jenny seemed to be too excited. She even started to smirk in the end. For a long time, there was only her voice.

Then, Osage's voice also rang: "Yes, I can prove that there was a voice in my mind. It wasn't a hallucination, because the voice appeared directly in my mind, and I can still remember it very clearly. Two octopus aliens, a total of 3000 reward points. I can confirm that it wasn't wrong."

Hearing that, Chu Hao didn't continue to close his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked around and found himself lying in a tent. His body was cleaned and his wound was bandaged. Ares was still a doctor regardless of his family, he was still a professional in this aspect.

After the few people talking outside heard a small noise in the tent, Chu Hao pulled up the tent door and walked out. At this moment, everyone was sitting around a table with streaks, salad, and glasses of red wine in front of them. The atmosphere looked very lively.

"You woke up?"

Jenny excitedly put down the pork and knife, immediately said: "Come, taste Ares' cooking, I didn't expect his skill to be this good, this is the best steak, and this red wine, Ares said it's more than 40 years old, I don't believe it."

Didn't know why, when he heard Jenny's energetic words, Chu Hao's heart felt warm, he sat down on a chair, and then Ares brought out a plate with black pepper steak and placed in front of him along with a glass of red wine. He took the glass of wine and smelled it, then took a light slip and said after a while: "Ares didn't lie to you, the value of this bottle of wine is more than the salary of the job you worked in the real world for a year... How is the current situation?"

Ares sat down gently, cut the steak and then said: "The situation is very good, the refuge is not exposed, although there are alien weapons nearby, there are many people tried to escape into the building above the refuge, but no one came found this place."

Chu Hao nodded. He hadn't spoken yet and J spoke up first: "Chu, are they telling the truth? 3000 reward points because they killed two octopus aliens."

"Yes, I can testify this."

Chu Hao smiled while cutting his steak and said: "Every octopus alien is 1500 points. Now I, Jenny, and Osage, we all have 3000 points. If we are survive this horror movie world, then we will have 4000 points to spend."

Ares and J looked at each other feeling a bit envious. Until then they had no doubt about the Reincarnation World. So, they had a lot of expectations for the endless enhancements from God.

Who has never dreamed?

Some perhaps wanted to be unique when they were young, like those dragon knights, or Superman who protected the world, or all kinds of martial art figures. Who didn't want to have abilities? With legendary abilities, superpowers, and superman, with powers to transverse land and sea, and even live forever, like an immortal...

Here, their childhood dreams were so close, even if it was an aged old man, their hearts would still get excited, so Ares and J were actually looking forward to it.

"This is what I have to say before I fainted."

Chu Hao put a piece of steak into his mouth. The steak was cooked perfectly, it was tender and rare, the aftertaste was strong, plus the quality of the steak was good, it really deserved a good praise. He ate two steaks and patted his stomach. After that, he continued: "Reward points, this is the point!"

"We have an old saying in the East, the soldiers, the major events of the country, the land of death, the way of survival, must not be ignored." (TL: it means that war takes priority, related to life and death of the military and civilians, the survival of the country, cannot be ignored.)

Chu Hao directly said this in Mandarin Chinese. Anyway, thanks to this Reincarnation World, he doesn't need to translate himself. Regardless of whether the translation was accurate or not, he continued: "This is true for the country, but is it an exception for the individual? In the real world, money is the power. The so-called power, is it not money? For us, reward points are our power. Skyline is still okay this time, it's a Sci-Fi movie with a bit more powerful aliens, but what if we go to a world of horror movie that cannot be explained, understood, or perhaps indescribable? For example, the famous The Grudge, as well as a large number of movies involving death and ghosts. Those movies, with the current us, even if we have nine lives, any strategy would be useless."

"Because of this, the number of reward points in every horror movie world, such as death, is just when our luck are good, and what we have to do now is, as far as possible, before we encounter such horror movies, save enough reward points to make us strong enough to deal with all of them, so I'm suggesting that we should go..."

"Hunt alien biological weapons!"

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