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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 19 - History

Chapter 19 - History

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What Chu Hao said was really crazy, hunting alien biological weapons?

When Chu Hao said those words, everyone else was shocked. This was something they never even thought of. Hunt the alien biological weapons? Why? Do you want everyone to fight? Although before entering the refuge, Ares got a lot of weapons through the power of his family, including a sniper rifle, several shotguns and pistols, but no high explosive grenade or any other explosives. There was no big lethal weapons. After all, Ares was just a wealthy person, not an arms dealer. It wasn't easy to get those in more than a day.

But...but with this, there wasn't even any anti-tank rocket launcher, so planning to hunt the alien weapons was simply a joke.

"I'm not kidding."

Chu Hao even ate a few pieces of steak, and drank some red wine, ten clapped his hands and said to everyone: "I never try my luck, even if what I said is exaggerated, but believe me, this is the conclusion I got after thinking carefully. We need to hunt the alien biological weapons, I really think so."

A few people looked at each other. After a long time, Ares poured another glass of red wine for Chu Hao and said, "Please tell us how you got rid of the alien weapons... No, how did you do it? Can we safely hunt those alien weapons? I really want to know this."

"It's nothing more than an interest that's all."

Chu Hao smiled again, but it wasn't a normal smile he normally had, but he found that this Ares was the same as the one he knew, whether it was his thinking process, tone of speech, or behavior. Although...... this Ares was definitely not the Ares in his world.

"Jenny, is there any way to leave the Reincarnation World? I mean, keep the memory of the Reincarnation World, along with all the abilities from the exchange, but no longer need to experience the Reincarnation World, and come back to our reality, is there a way?" Chu Hao suddenly asked Jenny.

Jenny immediately nodded and said: "Yes, of course, I've checked it. If you pay 50,000 points, you can leave the Reincarnation World, and you can keep everything you mentioned. 50,000 points, it is estimated that it would take a long time..."

Chu Hao clapped his hands: "Then is this going to finish? Let's not mention whether we can live through 50 horror movie worlds, let me ask you a question... Do you really have no interest in those enhancements? Let me put it this way, Jenny, do you hope to become Superman or God like you said? Well, this is too exaggerated, then do you want to get the Pokemon you mentioned? Bring it back to the real world, what about those medicines that can cure anything, and there are other things you can exchange too, maybe you can live hundreds or even thousands of years, are you not interested?"

Jenny's appearance was very beautiful, but she couldn't control herself at the moment, her face turned red, and she kept nodding.

Chu Hao looked at Ares again, "So what about you? The direct heir of the Emans family, it seems that you have everything, but as far as I know, it seems that this generation has four direct heirs, right? One is the blood related younger brother, the granddaughter of another elder, and a hidden heir, it seems that your position isn't so stable, so how? Do you not want to have powers that go beyond their imagination?"

Ares was sitting there listening, but after hearing about the four heirs, his expression instantly solidified, then there was some fierce light in his eyes, but after a while, he relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

"You have already convinced me, as long as you can come up with practical methods, then I will listen to you."

Chu Hao smiled, then looked at J, "So, do you want to continue to listen to me?"

J was having his head down while enjoying his steak, but after he heard those words, he nodded calmly and said: "I've already told you, you help me survive, I listen to you, this sentence has been effective."

Chu Hao smiled and then looked at Osage, but this time he didn't speak, only looked at the bearded man.

Osage was also unambiguous. He seemed to be thinking of something, after a while, he said: "I am very interested in joining your plan. Chu, the previous actions have proved your wisdom. I'm also the same as Ares, as long as your plans are practical and doable, then why don't we earn more reward points?"

Chu Hao smiled and clapped his hands, then said what he said before: "It's nothing more than an interest. That's all. Although it's really dangerous, I admit it now, but what isn't dangerous? Maybe we all have bad luck, and a giant alien biological weapon suddenly fall down on us, and we all die. But one thing I can guarantee, I never gambled because I've encountered too many illogical deaths, so I will never gamble."

"Let's talk about killing the alien biological weapons, it's the reason why I chose this place as our refuge... Of course, I'm still eating, everyone can finish their meals first, anyway, it's not urgent at the moment. And since we have killed two octopus aliens today, it is not advisable to do anything within 24 hours. Let's calm down and rest first, adjust our strength, and we will act tomorrow. In the meantime, we have one afternoon and one evening, we can start preparing."

After that, Chu Hao stopped talking, and started eating his steak, and even made Ares cooked him already piece. As for the bottle of red wine, he also didn't let go. The only person who didn't seem to be affected by emotions or the environment seemed to be him. It was safe to eat there, he felt that he wasn't in the refuge, but in a five-star hotel instead.

But because of how he was, the more reassured the others around him were. In fact, the better the situation was, the more people would feel safe, and everyone would be infected. Meanwhile, if everyone was at risk, then even if there was a refuge, emotional collapse was only a matter of time.

When everyone was enjoying their meals, Chu Hao didn't immediately start talking about the plan. Instead, he leisurely sat on a chair and smoked a cigar. He even had a pleasant conversation with Ares about the origin of the cigar. Then he took out a deck of cards and invited everyone to play. They leisurely played for an afternoon, except for one person who was on the surveillance duty for an hour while the rest were playing in the afternoon. Because there were sufficient foods, the equipment was also in good condition, so after a few hours of rest, their fatigues from the previous escape gradually disappeared.

After dinner, everyone went back to their tents to rest. Until then, Ares suddenly said to Chu Hao, who was shuffling and packing, "you must have managed a lot of people, have a lot of management experience, and even familiar with the battlefield, as well as able to plan ahead... I am really curious about who you are and where you come from."

Chu Hao said with a smile: "Where I am from, you must have never heard of. Simply put, I am from a world organization, you can understand it as a terrorist organization. The combined strength of four of your family, or even five times, well, counting all the cards your family have, including two mercenary organizations from both light and dark, two military bases, and the mafia. All these forces combined...even multiply them by four or five times, are only almost equal to the full strength of my organization."

Ares stunned. He looked at Chu Hao's expression carefully and confirmed that he wasn't joking. He shook his head and said: "This is impossible. This world seems very orderly, it's actually quite chaotic, but there is such a big organization in this chaos... Do you think that powerful forces like my family do not want to become stronger? Since the Middle Age, or even earlier, many families have existed. It's true that the Emans family isn't that old, our family rose in the British-French Hundred Years' War. In such a long history, do you think that there was no family trying to expand their power to become a super force that stands above dozen of countries, and even a few continents? No, there is, and there are more than one."

"The earliest Crusades, religious wars, the Renaissance, and even WWII, are these not those families playing their hidden hands, but what was the result? No family could achieve their goals, or either dissipated or annihilated at the end, or became slightly more powerful than other wealthy families. If your so-called forces really existed, they would have already united all the hidden forces in the world."

Chu Hao had already packed up the table, he patted the deck of cards in his hand, "It is true from reality, but... my situation is different from yours. In fact, I actually have some doubt, I don't know if my organization can still exist while I'm in this Reincarnation World..."

"Ares, if you can survive, and lived through a lot of horror movie worlds, get a lot of points, and your own enhancements like the abilities of Superman in the movie, to an extent of able to lift the continent alone, then once you return to the real world, can you help the Emans family become the shadow ruler of the world?"

Ares stunned and consciously replied: "Of course it's..."

Ares didn't answer, he just contemplated for a while before he said: "Of course it's okay, because everything else doesn't matter, only power does, if I have Superman abilities like in the movie, nuclear weapons can be ignored, and I can even exterminate the world if I want to. Let's not talk about anything else, I can become a real, living God. If God can create a Noah's Ark to save the world, then of course I can do the same. I can change orders with my intentions, then why not become the hidden ruler and control the whole world?"

"I think so too..."

Chu Hao's eyes flickered slightly, and he said after a while: "I think so too, and it's very likely that my enemy, the enemy I must fight but also able to defeat me, is..."

"The Reincarnation Team members!"

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