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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 20 - Madness

Chapter 20 - Madness

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"Distance... wind direction... wind speed... humidity...temperature...sunshine..."

Chu Hao climbed up the roof of a building, wore a black and green camouflage uniform, blended in with some potted plants on the roof with a sniper rifle in his hands. Unfortunately, it wasn't an anti-tank sniper rift, it was smaller, but it was still the heaviest weapon among the weapons they possessed.

"Lightning is in place, begin observation."

"The gorilla-type weapon is found at 7 o' clock, moving toward 8 o' clock. The spider group stop at the place and don't move, wait for the next step."

"Explosive group, there are no alien weapons in the distance of 3km radius, you have five minutes to get to the gas station. In any case, I will immediately notify you to start counting in ten seconds, start the operation after ten seconds."

Chu Hao whispered softy with the ear-piece communication device. After a while, from the scope of the sniper rifle, J and Osage had already come out of a building and ran toward the gas station. There was no one else on the entire street, instead, there were many broken vehicles. Due to that, the two people on the street did not appear very conspicuous, but rather relatively safe.

When the two came out, Chu Hao concentrated his attention on them. Although this was a temporary and compelling team, a team was still a team, and he was responsible for his team members, which was what he had been insisting on. It was the same at the moment.

In fact, very few people knew that in a sniper group, observers tended to be more tired than the snipers themselves, and as the only member in the team who could use the sniper rifle, he also shouldered the responsibility of an observer and a sniper. Not to mention, the roof was the most dangerous place out of all at the moment.

"...It's almost five minutes, the remaining oil doesn't need to be taken, get it next time when there's a chance. The morning work ends here, the two groups are to return to safezone, wait for 30 minutes before returning to the refuge, repeat, the two groups are to return to safezone and wait for 30 minutes before returning to the refuge."

After Chu Hao finished giving out orders, he did not get up. Instead, he quietly stayed in the same place for a while. When the two groups were in his line of sight, he suddenly turned up and bent down, his whole body moved forward,and within seven or eight seconds were enough for him to break into the roof of the building and then rushed down the stairwell.

The process was very smooth. After the three groups returned to the refuge, there was a scent of foods in the air because of the female protagonist, Elaine. Thus when they returned, they could have lunch immediately.

"It's been hard on you." Chu Hao seemed to have a very gentle expression, he was the first to thanks Elaine every time. In contrast, Elaine, who was thanked, was always silent, even now. She knew that Chu Hao and others were protecting them, but after all, they were still abductees, and it didn't sit well for her.

Of course, Chu Hao didn't ask them to do anything, apart from not leaving the refuge, they still had their freedom. Either way, there were two and a half days left, when they left Skyline, it was estimated that they wouldn't meet again in the future.

"We're being watched."

When lunch ended, the people planned to continue their work in the afternoon before they were ready to go out, Chu Hao suddenly said: "In fact, I had already noticed since the afternoon yesterday, but it was only until this morning that I confirmed, we really are being watched."

"Who is watching?"

Except for Ares, the other three asked almost unanimously.

"Who is it?" Chu Hao smiled and said: "I have said this long ago, don't underestimate the aliens, they are more advanced than our civilization level, although high level civilization does not mean they think like us, but please think of them as smart creatures like us. We have been watched by the aliens. I assume that they are waiting for us to lead them to other humans."

Everyone was afraid for a while, and Ares immediately asked: "Why do you say this? Why don't the aliens capture us immediately? Or at least trace us?"

"It's just too early to catch something directly."

Chu Hao picked up a cigar on the table, cut it with a cigar cutter and ignited it, then continued: "The city was very chaotic at first, some escaped, many were caught, and some was hiding, like in the original movie. The two protagonists are hiding. In this stage, the aliens may not capture in small numbers, but instead capture when they are caught in a large group, which is more convenient than finding them in the ruins."

Jenny's face turned a bit blue: "I mean, we are being used as baits by the aliens? This is really dangerous. Fortunately, you found out today, otherwise, we can be in danger. Are we ending this operation then?"

"How is it possible now that we have worked so hard these few days, isn't it all for this moment?"

Chu Hao smiled and immediately said: "Maybe you have been wondering for these two days. I did not just talk about hunting this or hunting that, what about the results? In addition to being on the alert and a slight attraction everyday, we are constantly moving stuffs, no, it's moving oil, and it's being stored in several irrelevant places. Does that confuse everyone?"

"In fact, all of this is planned."

Chu Hao touched his eyebrows, smiled and said: "Maybe you thought that this so-called hunting is to kill one or two octopus aliens every day? How could it be so simple? With nothing else except explosives, we don't have any heavy weapons to deal with the octopus aliens, even sniper rifle would not work. At the first glance, their fatal point seems to be the human brain, but in fact, it is not. From the plot, we can see that even if the brain dies and rots over time, those biological weapons can still operate, maybe due to reserve energy, or self healing, and you think you can just hunt... you think too simple."

Those words were heavy for them. The idea of obtaining one or two thousand reward points in their heart gradually faded away. Their suspicions toward Chu Hao's actions these two days were also gradually faded, but there was still an unwilling emotion in their hearts. After all, they worked hard, but the result... no one could figure it out.

"I didn't say no hunting."

Chu Hao chuckled, then said with a very serious expression: "On the contrary, not only do we hunt, but we also make it big... I believe that everyone should understand our situation, we are weak, we are weak here in Skyline, we are at the bottom of the food chain. In fact, if we don't get stronger and get more points, then the next horror movie, or the next next one, until there is no more, we will be the same as we are now, just ants..."

"So... do you want to fight with me? Let's make it big..."

"We...take the opportunity to kill a giant ape-like alien weapon when the nuclear explosion in the movie plot begins!"

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