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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 21 - Getting Started!

Chapter 21 - Getting Started!

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"Point A is in place, point B is in place, point C is in place, last is point D, the oil quality seems worse..."

In the early morning, when everyone was still resting and asleep, only Chu Hao was writing on a piece of paper. One could see the frown on his face, the lines on the paper were extremely cumbersome, normal people would only see scribbled line drawings.

Just as Chu Hao continued to calculate, suddenly his ears moved slightly, and immediately placed down the pen and looked at the tent not far behind him. After a while, a man and a woman came out from inside, they were the male and the female protagonists.

Chu Hao didn't look surprised. He just smiled and looked at the two sitting across the table. He slightly smiled and asked: "I thought you would come and talk to me yesterday. I didn't expect it to be today. Patience? Or still afraid of me?"

The male and the female protagonists looked at each other and Jarrod took a deep breath and said: "Are.. you people not from this world? Are you like similar to The Matrix? Well, this isn't a problem we should care about, I just want to know, when you leave two days later, what are you going to do to us?"

Chu Hao looked at the worried looks on their faces. He smiled softly and took out three cans of beer from the pile of goods next to him. After handling a can of beer to Jarrod, he opened his mouth again and said: "Do you think that I'm a cruel man? Or my teammates are cruel people? Others I can't guarantee, but I at least dare to promise that we will not do anything to you once we leave, and will not hurt you."

However, the protagonists were not as relieved as Chu Hao thought. On the contrary, the female protagonist's expression was more serious, she asked: "When you leave...what should we do? You leave here in two days, away from all of these dangers, what about the two of us? Staying here?"

In the past few days, Jenny and Elaine talked a lot, she also told her about all the plots in Skyline, specifically about the human would use nuclear attacks, but even then they couldn't do anything about the aliens. The movie ending also did not talk about how the aliens were defeated, it only mentioned that the two protagonists were in a desperate situation. The male protagonist was transformed into an alien weapon, but still maintained his rationality, and the female protagonist was held captive and had her child taken out of her womb. They both were on the alien spaceship and were in a dire situation.

Although the protagonists still had some doubts, but they also started to plan for the future. Their observations in these few days were enough for them to discover the role Chu Hao played in the team, so they came to ask him.

Chu Hao still had a smile on his face, but he was silent until the protagonists had a pleading look. He sighed, "I have to say sorry, whether it's my situation, or yours, I'm really powerless, we are too weak and don't have the ability to change the world. Therefore, I cannot give you any absolute safe advice. My only suggestion is...when we leave, stay here for at least half a month to a month, keep watch on the surveillance camera, once you find that the alien monsters density dropped to a certain extend, you immediately flee this city, go to places with the less people, the better, be it the jungle, desert, mountain, or swamp, as long as you can survive, don't go to the crowded places, and don't go to the military safe area, it won't be safe there."

The protagonists carefully listened. After a long time, when Chu Hao stopped talking, the female protagonist Elaine asked again: "What else should I pay attention to? Help us, you know I'm pregnant, I don't want to him to die before he is born... Help us."

Chu Hao sighed again and said: "The advice I can give you is very limited, because you have too few resources available. First of all, you don't have any military skill, you are just ordinary people, and secondly, you lack survival skills, basic medical ability, reconnaissance ability. I'm really sorry, the only suggestion I can give you is the more remote it is, the better."

"But we..."

Before Elaine was about to finish, Jarrod pulled her back and said: "Sorry, I know that you are trying to help us. If the army really has no way to, even nuclear weapons can do nothing to the aliens, it's really hard to force you to come up with something to help us. I'm already very grateful, although the kidnapping wasn't my wish, but it has changed our destiny."

After Jarrod said this, he pulled Elaine and went back to their tent, leaving only Chu Hao alone. After a while, Chu Hao smiled and shook his head slightly, then started drawing again on the paper.

Afterward, when it was over two in morning, Chu Hao didn't immediately go back to his tent and sleep, but he went to the bathroom, took a shower first, then stood in front of the mirror naked. Looking at the traces of red blood on his chest and shoulders, he felt pain as he touched, and when he tried to touch the wound, the skin cracked, as if the flesh inside had began to collapse.

"Is this due to the external force to unlock Genetic Constraint? If there is no suitable medical treatment, ** will completely break down before long."

Chu Hao recalled the Genetic Constraint information that Jenny told him. It was the power that the veteran mentioned. It would only be triggered at the moment of life and death. The first few uses would be very heavy on the body, if the body wasn't strong enough, and not treated in time, then they wouldn't survive.

Like in Skyline, relying on the strange light from the aliens to forcefully unlock Genetic Constraint, it was estimated that the load on the body would be greater. For example, in the original movie, the body of the male protagonist began to collapse. In fact, Chu Hao paid attention to the four people who looked directly at the strange light. He, J, Jarrod, and Elaine, were the same, their bodies were affected to certain degrees.

However, what made him curious was that the four people had different degrees of physical damages. Among them, J was the slightest, his body had almost completely healed, followed by Elaine, although her body still had various kinds of bruises, it was obvious that it wasn't serious.

Only his and Jarrod's were gradually entering the state of collapse, although slow, but in an irreversible state.

"So, is it due to physical reason? Or is it because of the exposure time? Speaking of which, the two of them did look at the light for a short time, maybe they didn't unlock their Genetic Constraint?"

Chu Hao shook his head gently, there was no data or evidence to continue his guesses. He didn't think much about it anymore. Anyway, there were two more days, after two days, he'd return to God Space, if everything was as Jenny said, then he could be healed.

Thus Chu Hao returned to his tent and went to sleep quietly. At about 5:30 in the morning, he woke up and woke up the rest. After having breakfast, at six o'clock, five people departed the refuge. the execution of their hunting plan.

"Remember my instructions, if you feel that you can't adapt to the danger, can't complete the mission, or give up for any reason, immediately tell me through the communication ear-piece, I will point you to the corresponding escape route, but!"

Chu Hao looked at the four people in front of him, he had no smile on his face, but instead an indifference look. "But don't create any trouble to the team and others at any time. I mean any initiative, such as sudden violent amnesty, exposing teammates' position, and betraying or running away alone. This is absolutely unacceptable to me. Believe me... I will be first to kill you, even without any long-range rifle, believe me, I will definitely do it."

Th four people were all slightly surprised to see the serious expression on Chu Hao's face, which they had never seen him like this before in the past few days, the coldness in his words gave them a chill down their spines. After seven or eight seconds, J calmly said: "As long as you continue our agreement, then I will definitely listen to your instructions."

Ares also said: "Do not worry, such a thing is absolutely prohibited, I naturally know our relationship."

Jenny was scared and nodded, and Osage also nodded silently. Until then, Chu Hao smiled and left the refuge, headed to his sniper location.

"Explosive group arrived at the scheduled location."

"Spider group arrived at the scheduled location."

Chu Hao was still the sniping location where he was yesterday, he exhaled, "Lightning is in place, everyone is waiting quietly..."

Time passed slowly, during which there were several teams of various biological weapons patrolled the streets, but everyone was hiding well and there was no exposure, and time passed slowly. At nine o'clock in the morning, there was a large number of human aircraft on the horizon, it was a group of aircraft carrying nuclear bombs in an attempt to blow up the Skyline's alien spacecraft. This was exactly the signal that Chu Hao had been waiting for!

"Begin operation, code name..."


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