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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 22 - Big Harvest and...Tracking

Chapter 22 - Big Harvest and...Tracking

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When the human aircraft group began to attack the spaceship in the center of the city, a nuclear bomb was fired a moment later, and the spaceship was successfully destroyed. However, that was only a superficial phenomenon in the original movie plot, the spaceship quickly repaired itself and was almost unharmed. Human's nuclear weapons were really nothing but trash in front of their technology.

However, this nuclear explosion was exactly what Chu Hao had been waiting for!

Because before the explosion, and the period after the explosion, the large number of aircraft troops would attract the attention of the aliens, and gathered their biological weapons to one place, Chu Hao could take advantage of the situation and destroy those alien biological weapons.

Otherwise, once Chu Hao and others started to attack, the alien biological weapon would flood the sky, and it would be difficult to attack.

“Spider Group, begin the operation, the target is at nine o’clock, six hundred meters away from you, and it is starting to move towards point A.”

“Explosives Group, begin the operation, you have… three minutes, leave point D immediately after complete the setup, then join with the Spider Group and go to the hidden escape.”

When Chu Hao’s voice fell, Jenny and Ares at a hidden location ran out at the same time. The two people began to advance from the street and quickly moved toward point A.

At the same time, under Chu Hao’s observation, the huge ape-like biological weapon, six hundred meters away from the two, turned to the side immediately. After a few seconds, it began to run toward the two. Unknowing of what it was doing, while it was rushing over, a large number of octopus weapons also appeared on streets, roadways, and some buildings. The number of the biological weapons wasn't far from what Chu Hao initially predicted, they were following the ape-like weapons, and their speed were even faster than the huge ape-like weapon.

“No problem, don’t stop, be careful, don’t fall, Jenny can release spider webs as much as possible to delay the octopus aliens that are close to you… There are still twenty seconds, you are about to enter point A, I will give you ten seconds. Stay far away from the explosion area. Let's hurry.”

Chu Hao observed the situation and spoke to the two who were running. At the same time, his fingers were on the trigger, ready to support them at any time.

But fortunately, the two people were able to run all the way, and there was no obstacle on the way. During that period, there were two or three octopus aliens close to them, but were blocked by the threads shot out from Jenny’s wrist. For a moment, they have already reached point A perimeter, which was the location of abandoned vehicles, and these vehicles had been rearranged, enough to let the two escape.

“Good, keep moving forward, don’t look back, be careful of the explosion impact that will come from your back…”

Chu Hao was concentrating at the scene. When the two had already ran a ten-second distance to point A, the giant ape alien was still a distance away from point A, but seven or eight octopus aliens had already rushed over, and they were much faster than the two, and when they were about to catch up, the sniper rifle in Chu Hao’s hand had already rang.

The bullets were shot at a fuel tank at point A, and then exploded. The vehicles there were also exploded one after another. The octopus aliens rushing to the front were suddenly swallowed up by the explosion. Chu Hao could only see a huge explosion before his eyes.

“Killed three small octopus weapons, 1,500 reward points each”

“Total… 4,500 reward points!”

Very good!

Chu Hao’s eyes zoned out. At this moment, he had entered that state again, Genetic Unlock, at this moment, he was responsible for the harvest of the entire team, as well as the lives of other team members.

“Go ahead…you have heard the announcement, 4,500 reward points, very good, let's keep moving forward, this is only a part of the harvest!”

When Chu Hao’s voice came, the Spider Group's members, Jenny and Ares, were gasping their breath. In fact, they didn’t run far, but they were at the border between life and death. Once the alien weapons caught up, they would die. It was this kind of cognition that made them feel extreme fear, which also led to their current physical exertion.

However, Chu Hao’s voice gave them strength, the two suddenly felt that their bodies were full of strength, in fact, this wasn't an illusion, when human got extremely excited, the body would have a strange reaction, which would use more energy and strength to maintain this excitement state… 4,500 reward points, they also heard this announcement, this was 4,500 reward points! One needed to survive four and a half movie to get this much!

Because of this, the two people started to move their feet and continued to move forward. After more than a minute, they ran into a two-story small building, which was a small convenience supermarket that passed through both sides. In the store, the gas pipeline had been fully opened, and there were also a large number of oil tanks inside it…

As the two ran out of the store, a moment later, there was a loud explosion at the rear, and the violent explosions undulated even a few tens of meters away. Both of them could feel the ground tremble. The heat waves behind him seemed to have reached their backs, and at the same time, a new voice came in their minds again.

“Killed seven small octopus weapons, 1,500 reward points each.”

“Total… 15,000 reward points!”

4,500 points plus 10,500 points… 15,000 reward points!

Even though no one had not entered the God Space except for Jenny, and had not seen the endless enhancements, the 5,000 point were still shocking enough to think about it. After all, surviving a horror movie world is equivalent to 1,000 points, and 15,000 reward points, that was the same as surviving 15 horror movie worlds!

Perhaps the rest of the people were just surprised, but Jenny was feeling ecstatic. When she ran, her face was bright red, she whispered to herself: “Heaven, my God, it’s great, real, this is real. Chu Hao is too powerful. He is definitely the sage that veterans mentioned, only sage can do this. This time, I have to exchange a lot of things, first give my own Elf bloodline, then the most super cute Pikachu, no, Raichu is better, wow, I want to exchange to return to reality, and also bring drugs that can cure cancer, and still have……”

Ares immediately discovered a discourse, he quickly asked: “Isn’t it necessary to have 50,000 points to be able to return to reality? We have only got 15,000 points, it is not enough.”

Jenny immediately said: “That is to completely return to reality, you can pay to return for a short period of time, of course, still very expensive, and it is calculated on a daily basis.”

“This is good…”

Jenny’s words were not only heard by Ares, but everyone else with the comm also heard it. Everyone was surprised, and that invisibly boosted their morale. While at the same time, when the two had left, at point B which was at least four or five hundred meters away, there was another violently explosion behind them, and a giant ape alien was caught in it. The monster was obviously blown up on the spot, its outer shell was exposed in multiple places. It seemed that its flesh was mixed with unknown mechanical parts.

“Effective, but the explosion is not strong enough…”

Chu Hao’s voice was a bit dull. At this moment, it was like he changed to different person due to genetic unlock. His tone was plain and unremarkable, there was no emotion fluctuation, his voice also sounded cold, with no feelings.

“The basic situation is like this… Advance to zone C, then enter the hidden escape, Explosives Group is ready to take over the bait and proceed to the final stage.”

There was a trace of horror in Chu Hao’s eyes. He looked up and looked at the distance. At the center of the city, the human aircraft cluster had started fighting with alien spaceship. Several of the aircraft carried nuclear bombs were also rapidly approaching the spaceship, which meant… …the nuclear explosion was about to begin.

At the same time, the Spider Group had already entered zone C. It was a small square, empty and full of sparsely placed vehicles. There were some obvious oil tracks on the ground, as if they were connected together.

Behind the two, the giant ape alien was approaching closer, the distance between them was only a hundred meters away. At this speed, it would only takes a moment before it caught up with them.

“The C zone explosion will start twenty seconds later…”

At this moment, the two just ran into the small square in the C zone. After hearing this, they were both shocked and enraged. Jenny immediately shouted: “Hey, wait a minute, Chu Hao, how can I run away in twenty seconds? Are you planning to kill us both?”

Chu Hao’s voice still had no feelings, He calmly said: “Ten seconds is enough for you to run to a safe distance. The explosion in this area is specifically designed by me. Every explosion will not cause the next explosion. When the explosion starts, the time between each explosion is about five seconds to seven seconds. with your current position plus the distance of twenty seconds…”

“It is enough!”

When the voice fell, the sniper rifle in Chu Hao’s hand rang again, and the first car on the outside of the small square below exploded, and the explosion stopped just in front of the giant ape alien, but it was hard to block it. Although it could block for two or three seconds, but it was enough to anger the giant ape, and during this time, the two had already run farther away.

“Really exploded, really exploded, really exploded…” Jenny seemed to be scared, whispered these words, and Ares by her side was also stunned, and they subconsciously ran faster. After all, this place would become hell at any time. If they didn’t want to die, then they had to hurry and run away!

At the same time, the giant ape once again chased, but in a few steps, another car exploded in front of it, once again blocking it, and then another, and another one…

When the giant ape finally reached the center of the square, the vehicles all around exploded one after another. The area suddenly became a sea of ​​flames, and the giant ape was completely covered in flames…

The two from the Spider Group…

Were forcefully crawling on the ground, and no matter whether it was the dirty ground of the sewer, both of them were breathing heavily. Even the rich young master, Ares, wasn't mindful with the dust and moisture on the ground. There was no safer and more secure place than this dark sewer. They survived the explosions one after another, they also did not suffer any injury, they jumped into the prepared sewer before the explosion. But that one second between life and death… made them feel that they were just returned from hell.

“Explosives Group, depart!”

At this moment, Chu Hao's cold voice came again, and then they felt that the ground on the top seemed to vibrate violently, as if a giant beast roared and ran for the half a day. After that, the two did not dare to make even a small sound, even their heavy breathing stopped.

On the ground, the giant ape alien rushed forward madly, and ignored everything around it. It madly searched for the two humans who were running away, but here was a flat land, except for itself, there was no building here, at the first glance, and it seemed that there was no place to escape. So, the giant ape alien looked at the big gas station some distance away, and eventually, rushed to the big gas station…

Suddenly, the whole world seemed to turn dark… No, it was so bright that it seemed that even the sun had become bleak. In the middle of the city, a mushroom cloud shot up and completely shrouded the alien spaceship. Among them, almost at the same time, at the big gas station, a small black mushroom cloud was also discharged.

“Killed a giant biological weapon, obtained 5,000 reward points, completed a B difficulty side-story."

The voice once again resounded in everyone’s mind. After a few seconds, Chu Hao’s cold voice sounded.

“The mission is completed, retreat to a safe place, wait for half an hour, return to refuge, repeat…”

At the same time, in another dark part of the city, in a dark warehouse, three men and two women were standing and talking in front of a pile of bones.

“This is awful. That huge monster is really too strong. It doesn’t kill but it hurts. Fortunately, there are still a lot of resources here, otherwise it would take a long time to heal.”

The pale-faced male said evilly, and he looked at one of the women: “What's wrong, still can't?”

The woman shook her head and said: “No, unless the other side also has a spiritual force user, using spiritual masking, otherwise my spiritual force scan can definitely find out.”

“There are two remaining areas…”

The man meditated a bit, and he looked at the watch again: “There are two days, that horrible Chinese… is coming, three teams war, we have killed seven people, and now we are at positive seven, that's 14,000 points… This way, we have searched for a day and a half. If we haven’t found them in the last two remaining areas, then we will evacuate and be farther away from that horrible guy…”

“Begin, there are still two areas!”

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