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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 23 - Crack and Repair

Chapter 23 - Crack and Repair

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Chu Hao returned to the refuge half an hour after the two groups. When he came back, he was in a sorry state. Not only was he covered with dust, his clothes were also tattered and there was even blood. It was as if he just went through a fierce battle.

Everyone quickly gathered, but other than to J and Osage asking questions, Jenny, who always had a lot to say, was silent, and even Ares frowned looking at his wound.

Chu Hao returned with a smile and showed a gentle expression. He smiled a little at the corner of his mouth: “I will sleep for a while, my body is very exhausted, if there is anything, wait for me to wake up first.” Then he directly fainted in front of them.

After a few seconds, J said: “Ares, let’s first give Chu treatment, other matters, wait for him to wake up and talk.”

Ares nodded silently, then began to clean his body and treat the wounds, and Jenny indignantly said: “What treatment… We are not cold-blooded like him, and will definitely treat and bandage him. Ah, but he is too much. You should have been there at that time, I don't want to say it but it was only a few seconds at the time, if we ran a little slower, or if we fell, then we'd really be dead…”

“Don't say it anymore, didn't you say that you don't want to mention it anymore?” J said indifferently.

Jenny suddenly seemed to have stepped on a cat's tail. If she had furs, her furs would be directly erected. Immediately, she said loudly: “Hey, didn't you see, we were almost dead, you were almost dead, and you are being ignorant. Open your eyes, what do you think we are doing? I ran to three places in a row and passed through the explosions several times. That was dangerous…”

J stunned, he was a big man, he blinked and replaced with a fierce expression and said coldly: “Do you think that you were the only one in danger? What do you think we were doing in the Explosive Group? Do you think we were playing? Do you dare to work with gasoline and various oil tanks? Just a single mishap can blow you up into countless pieces. Try it if you dare.”

Jenny shrank back, and spoke in a low voice: “I didn’t say that you weren't in danger, but… What was he doing? When we were at the most dangerous moment, he seemed to be at the safest place, I just can’t figure it out. We were so tired that we were half dead, but all he did was observe, gave orders, and today…”


As Ares finished bandaging Chu Hao, he stood up and said: “This is where you are wrong, Jenny. He was in a more dangerous situation than us. We were on the ground, there was always a place to hide, but he was on the roof, if the aliens discovered him, he would need to fight to escape. And as a sniper as well as a scouter, fatigue is not what we can imagine… For example, today, how did you think all the injuries on the body come from? He is stronger than us, yet he reduced to this state. It must have been the octopus aliens or even more terrifying things. This is the case… so just stop there.”

Jenny opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she saw that several people were all looking down. She couldn’t continue to talk about it. She immediately returned to her tent with a slight anger, ignoring the people outside.

In fact, a few people outside were speechless. Other than putting Chu Hao into his own tent, the rest of the people were all working together for a long time without saying any words.

Like that, until the evening, Chu Hao came out of his tent with a smile as gentle as usual, anyone who had been in contact with him for a day could tell… but because of this, the scene today made the two people in the Spider Group unable to let go.

“Haven't eaten yet?”

As soon as he asked, he went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came out, he sat down at the table and said to Ares: “Were you waiting for me? Was there something worth celebrating? Why so quiet?”

Everyone was silent and speechless, although didn't know why, looking at the expressions and words from Chu Hao, they felt relaxed, and then Elaine and Ares helped to start the dinner. And because Ares was here, they were able to secure the ingredients for a hearty French meal.


When the foods were served, before Chu Hao had time to finish his words. Jenny enthusiastically said : “Don’t eat first, you are all quiet, even if you care for your reputation, or you love to talk about other people, I don’t care, I will say what I want to say… Chu Hao, you are a wise man, but you were too much today, I want you…to apologize! Yes, you must apologize to me and Ares! Today you almost killed us. Do you know how dangerous it was at the time?”

Chu Hao still had a smiling expression. When he was going to get a croissant, his hand was slapped by Jenny. He wasn't angry, he didn't eat after taking the bread, just looked at his hand and said, “It was very dangerous. If it was dangerous, then I apologize to you. I don’t seem to have said it thoroughly about the danger…”

“You know that I am not talking about this!”

Jenny was so angry that her face was red, and she snarled loudly: “I mean you betrayed us on the battlefield, you…”


Chu Hao’s voice suddenly grew a bit louder, but he immediately took a deep breath and recovered, and continued to say gently: “I didn't betray anyone, and I have no intention of betraying you. If I wanted to betray you, I didn't have to plan this out for a long time… Sorry, I let you experienced such danger, but I still say this, what is not dangerous? Everything is dangerous, even if we eat this meal, it is dangerous, I am not God, what I can do is to maximize the benefits and minimize the danger. At that time, the situation had reached the most critical point. If I was a few seconds later, you could enter the sewer ten seconds or more before the explosion, but at the same time, the giant ape alien wouldn't fall into the most explosive place, then it would be able to spot the two of you, and in that case, you'd really be dead.”

“I don’t know how you think about the danger…”

Chu Hao held the bread and took a bite. After he swallowed it, he slowly said: “I once said, I never gambled because I have encountered too many unexplained situations and illogical deaths, so I will never gamble, everything is dangerous, but danger is danger, death is death, they are two different things, please calm down and think twice, were you two really at a dead end at zone C?”

This time even Jenny was silent. After a long time, Ares said: “No, because before you made this plan, you gave us a long-distance test. From the test results, we should all know there are fifteen seconds of buffer time to enter the sewer, is this the case?”

“Accurately speaking, it is five to ten seconds.”

Chu Hao silently said: “After combining all the data, I deliberately calculated the speed of your running in fear, and the speed at which you might fall. The final result is five to ten seconds. This period is absolutely safe, it can be very dangerous, but danger does not mean desperation, danger does not mean death. It is just a danger, but I still want to apologize to you.”


Chu Hao said seriously: “I am really sorry, because I have asked everyone in my organization’s standards, I am very sorry, I will make corrections and references when planning in the future... But I have not, I will not betray any of you. I have already explained everything I have done to you. The danger now can be exchanged for the survival of any horror movie world. If such a thing happens again, you can ask yourself, are you willing to listen to me and follow my plan?”

Everyone was silent again. After a while, Ares solelmly said: “Even if I have experienced all of this, if I let me choose again, I am still willing to continue this danger… Well, Chu, you convinced me, I actually thought about it a lot, but one thing I can be sure of, you really have no malice against us, and there is no reason to be malicious. In fact, we can only help you if we are alive, right? Compared to the next batch of newbies, at least you already knew us, and our abilities, we are more important to you, so this time it was only a surprise, and because we ran slower than expected. So I forgive you.”

In addition to Jenny, everyone else also slowly relaxed, and then began to eat food. Jenny looked around, and she looked at Chu Hao, and found that Chu Hao was smiling at her, she snorted, and went back to her tent without saying anything.

She was too proud.

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