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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 24 - Imagine the Future

Chapter 24 - Imagine the Future

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In fact, they had many things to ask. The more they held in, the more they thought about it. When they finally said something, they would feel much better. At least men were like this, however, they wouldn't rule out how women were.

When they let it out, when they confirmed Chu Hao was still Chu Hao, the atmosphere gradually warmed up. In fact, it was really impossible for them not to be enthusiastic, the harvest was so big that it was impossible to not be surprised. Everyone got a total of 20,000 points, and a B level difficulty side-story, even Jenny also got it, but regarding the side-story, according to Jenny, not even those veterans seemed to have gotten it. No one knew anything about it, but it was definitely a good thing.

Everyone was now discussing how to use this 20,000 points. First of all, it was impossible to exchange to return to reality. They still needed more than double the amount of their current points. After all, everyone was still too weak. If they encountered a desperate situation, rather than die as a miser, it was better to have a superhuman ability first, and as their strength increased, there would be more ways to get reward points and side-story, and the safer they'd be. For example, if everyone in the team had Superman strength, then Skyline would be a breeze.

“A breeze… Actually, I have some other ideas, but I haven’t verified it yet, so I don’t want to say it.” After Chu Hao ate his food, he ate another staple food, he also carried a lot of fruits. When he stopped eating, and the amount of food he ate was much more than everyone else.

Ares resumed his gentle expression, he said with a smile: “You can still tell us in advance, even if it is not accurate, at most we will verify together later, if you keep it from us, it will create more misunderstandings."

Chu Hao thought for a moment: “Alright, in fact, my thoughts are just speculations, because I have always believed in one sentence, how much will be lost, this is the same truth, this time we were in so much troubles, laid down such a big plan is almost always dangerous, to get this 20,000 points, how many alien monsters do you think we need to kill? The ape alien is likely to be hundreds or thousands, or even tens of thousands? If our strength is strong enough, what about a million reward points? Is the Reincarnation World really be this easy?”

Everyone was silent. After a little thought, they already understood what Chu Hao said. Indeed, the existence of Reincarnation World must had its own reason. How could one become a god this easily? Not this cheap.

“So I personally guessed that there are two possibilities. One is that with our strength, killing these monsters that are weaker than us will not give any points or side-story, and second, with our power, Reincarnation World, horror movie world may also have more powerful monsters. For example, if we kill dozens of giant ape aliens in a row and anger the alien spaceship, the alien spaceship will directly shoot laser gun at us, then even if we want to cry, we won't be able to”

“So… the thing that can be scored is probably not going to come true. The most important thing is to plan well. With this big harvest, we can get what the enhancement we want. This is the best choice.”

Having said that, Chu Hao stated his own enhancement, DnD, which was the magic system in Dungeons and Dragons. Although he did not know how many points and side-story his enhancements worth, he assumed that the enhancement definitely needed a lot of points. After all, those countless magics were not a joke.

Since Chu Hao mentioned his, the rest of the people also started to talk about theirs, the first one was Ares: “I intend to get a summoning class, for example, I think the necromancer in Diablo game is very good, of course, for the specific one, I still have to go to the God Space to check it out. If this kind of enhancement will make me like a ghost, then I will choose another one”

Next was J, J wasn't polite at all and directly said: “I intend to enhance my own attribute, you also know that I am a martial arts champion, I have experienced many things, including foreign things. I don't believe that my fists aren't worthy. In fact, I am very interested in the ancient East’s internal forces. If there is such enhancement, I will get it, and I'm also interested Wolverine's resilience in X-Men, and also werewolf bloodline..."

And then Osage. This bearded man had always been silent. Even at this moment, he was still silent, but when he saw people around him staring at him, he could only helplessly say: “I want to see if there is an Angel enhancement, or an enhancement that allows me to comprehend God's will, my ultimate goal is to become something like a prophet…”

Everyone had their own dreams, something that everyone wanted to be in their early age. In the real world with only cold physics, there was no such thing like fantasy, and here, they could actually make their dreams come true. There was nothing better than this.

“I… I also have something I want to enhance!”

Suddenly, a female voice came out of the tent, and then everyone saw that Jenny had drilled out from there with a sullen expression. She deliberately snorted at Chu Hao and said: “I want to exchange for a pokemon, in addition to that, I also want get the magical girl bloodline!” When it came to this, Jenny’s face suddenly became a bit red.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Ares and j weren't asking out of curiosity. In fact, they heard it clearly, but for a moment they didn’t understand what Jenny was saying.

“It’s magical girl enhancement, it's an anime from Japan. It’s for kids… I didn’t expect Jenny to know it?” Chu Hao smiled and explained for her.

Jenny’s face suddenly turned completely red, and she stuttered: “Who, who would watch those things, I, I just watched with my younger sister, no, it was my younger sister, and I was only watching her. Who would watch those things that kids watch, right, that's right! How do you know about magical girl? Do you also watch childish anime that girls watch?”


Chu Hao’s facial expression was normal, and he confirmed directly. However, the same couldn't be said to Jenny, her heart was so uncomfortable that Chu Hao continued to say: “On the one hand, there were times when I was bored. On the other hand, the biggest enemy of my organization, occasionally pass information through TV, newspapers, movies, animations, games, etc., so my organization would search for almost all relevant information, unfortunately this magical girl is also among them.”

Jenny was somewhat angry, and was about to say something, but after she heard his answer, her expression gradually eased, and she said reluctantly: “There is no meaning, did you enjoy it? You… yes, Chu, tell us about your organization. Rest assured, we are all members of the Reincarnation team. Even if we go back, we won’t reveal your secrets, and it’s useless to disclose it, so let’s talk about it. “”

Chu Hao stunned for a moment and then said with a smile: “It's not that I don’t want to tell you, I have a guess, but I really can’t tell you before I confirm it. I'm really sorry. Actually, instead of talking about this, it’s better to talk about your future plans, not about the enhancement, but your goals after return to the real world. Although it's still very early, it’s fine for everyone to talk.”

Such an obvious change of topic, Jenny naturally didn't want to, but she didn't had time to talk, Ares seemed to know what she was going to say, and quickly said with a smile: “My plan is … to be the best doctor in the world, I want to go back to the real world, set up the world’s largest hospital, and then become the chairman…”

Chu Hao smiled again, but he didn’t talk, but went to the pile of goods next to him and took out a bottle of red wine, poured a cup for the people present, and raised his glass to Ares, then said “Why are you telling me these lies? I know your heart, but I don't want to tell you about it. If you don’t want to say it, you don’t have to say it.”

Ares had good eyes, then showed a bitter smile. He even drank a few glasses of red wine, then said bitterly: “I… I want to resurrect people. I hope ghost exists. I hope there is a paradise after death, or… hell, I want to see someone again, even if just to look at them, this is what I hope…”

The rest were silent, everyone could see that there was something in Ares. He was a man with a story…

At this time, J also said: “If I can return to the real world and bring back the all the abilities I gain here, then I want to kill a person, no, it's a group of people, I may become a bloody killer, I have lost tens of thousands of people, but I will not regret it. If these are all done, I might go to Hollywood, take my younger brothers and sisters to live in the United States, watch them grow, and I will become a big star,as brilliant as my idol.”

“Idol?” Jenny seemed to be very sensitive to these. She asked with interest: “Is it Governor Arnold? Your body shape is really suitable to be such a big star.”

“No.” J grinned, his white teeth stood out, he shook his head and said: “My idol is Bruce Lee, I hope to be a world martial arts star like him.”

Jenny suddenly stared at night sky and murmured: “I, if I can survive and return to the real world, then my plan is… I want to be a magical girl, like Superman, Green Lantern, etc. The world is chaotic, of course, in reality, I will have a secret identity, then I will become a beautiful star, wow, this is great, and what if I'm also going to redeem the elf bloodline? Then I can even enter the singing circle, elves are good with music, right?…”

Jenny was drowning in her own fantasy, she started to plan and imagine like a child, with a smile on her face.

Chu Hao suddenly looked at the always-silent Osage: “What about you? What are your plans after returning to reality?”

Osage was silent, and it was only a long time later: “If I return to reality with my enhancement, I want to change the religion, make a big change, because… they are too extreme, my dreams, no, what Allah told us should be true, what's good, what's beautiful, not like now, so I want to change them”

This topic couldn't be discussed in depth. After all, religion was a belief. Outsiders had no power to interject. But no matter what, even the silent Osage had his own dream. Everyone had something to struggle for. Watching this, Chu Hao’s eyes became softer.

(That's right, persistence and goal…)

(My persistence and my goal… will they be achieved?)

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