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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 25 - Arrived

Chapter 25 - Arrived

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For the rest of the days, they'd only need to safely eat and stay in the refuge. 20,000 points, a b-level difficulty side-story, were enough.

“After all, we have made such a big scene. Although it was covered by the chaos of the nuclear explosion, but again, the aliens should be on the alert. If we get greedy, then we won't last long."

Since even Chu Hao said this, then everyone naturally no longer insisted on anything. Anyway, there were still two days left, everyone could relax.

Early next morning, everyone started with a relax breakfast, followed by their own entertainment, reading, playing cards, and Chu Hao received medical treatment from Ares in a small room.

“It’s very bad. To be specific, your body is collapsing. It can be seen from your muscles, blood vessels, and nervous system. It should be occurring directly from the cellular level. In fact, I even suspect that this is genetic. The problem is that we don't have a lot of modern appliances, I can’t give you a more detailed diagnosis. My advice is to stay as quiet as possible, and don’t enter the genetic unlock state you mentioned, which will greatly accelerate the speed of the collapse.”

Ares looked at the bruises on Chu Hao's body, he sighed and began to bandage his body.

Chu Hao said in disappointment: “I have already anticipated this situation. After confirming that this is Skyline, I started to think about the story of the male protagonist. This situation is very similar to his situation. In fact, you can inspect his body, I believe his body should be worse than mine. Tell me the truth. Under such circumstances, can I still hold on for two days?”

Ares laughed and said: “There is absolutely no problem in two days. In fact, as long as you don't enter genetic unlock state, you can even hold on for ten days, but…” Having said that, Ares' expression turned serious.

“Jarrod’s situation is very bad. Today he even has blood in his urine. The organs in his body are depleted. If he continues this way, he won't last more than five days.”

Chu Hao’s expression also turned serious. At this moment, a small knock on the door suddenly came. The two looked at each other as if they knew everything. After a while, they saw Jarrod and Elaine came in.

Before Jarrod could speak, Elaine was one step ahead: “Dr. Ares, please look at him. Just now his nose was bleeding. He was also bleeding last night when we went to bed…”

Ares sighed silently, and carefully examined Jarrod until the end, he was silent, the two were also silent, while held each other’s hands.

“Tell them.” Chu Hao whispered: “They have the right to know their future, even if it is a bad one.”

Ares is no longer silent, he whispered: “I am sorry, the collapse in his body is currently incurable. The specific symptoms are very similar to the Ebola virus. Although it is not contagious, but it is fatal. His body might have been…”

The two were still silent. After more than ten seconds, Elaine suddenly spoke excitedly: “Chu, your body is also broken like this? You are not worried, you mentioned the God Space and the enhancements, where you cure Jarrod? Please, take us to the God Space!”

Chu Hao sighed. “I’m sorry, Elaine, we were also pulled here from the real world. I don’t even know what the God Space is. We can’t bring you there… I am sorry, sorry.”

Elaine was already bursting into tears. When she was still talking, Jarrod hugged her and didn’t talk, but he gently caressed her face, which made Elaine even more depressed.


Nothing happened on that day, except for the sorrow of the male and female protagonists, the rest of the people spent their day quietly. Although the whole city was already destroyed, it seemed that this refuge was isolated from the world. So far everything was calm……

Then the last day, at noon, that is, the same time as everyone entered Skyline, a total of seven days finally about to come, and finally they could return to the God Space, Jenny had been talking for a long time, excitedly talking about their first enhancements.

Early in the morning, everyone got out of bed and had breakfast. Except for the male and female protagonists, everyone else was on the scene, but the atmosphere was gloomy, especially Jenny, who was sulking and playing with her own fried eggs, among all of them, she was a very emotional girl and the most affectionate with Elaine. She seemed to be very uncomfortable when she saw the loving couple who were about to die.

Just when everyone was silently waiting for the remaining time, suddenly the male and female protagonists came to the simple dining room with a very serious expression. Seeing these two people, Chu Hao silently sighed.

“Have you decided?”

Before waiting for the two to talk, Chu Hao asked them one step at a time.

Jarrod and Elaine were very surprised, but due to Chu Hao's miraculous performance these few days, the two of them didn’t say much, but they nodded at the same time, and Jarrod said: “I, I don’t want to see my child, even if… I want to see my child, grow up with him, but when you leave, the foods in this refuge will eventually run out, it'd be really hard for us to live on, so… I have to do this so Elaine can live.”

Chu Hao nodded silently, then looked at Elaine. Her expression was exceptionally firm. She also nodded at the same time: “He…no matter what he becomes, I love him as long as he can survive. Together with me, this love… I will always persist forever.”

“If this is the case… I won't persuade you anymore.”

Chu Hao smiled and said after a while: “Just do it, as long as you can live, everything can be changed. Let’s go, Elaine, you stay here, Jarrod, come with me, I will send you to the right place…”

A few people around had been listening to their conversation. Gradually, a few people understood everything. Only Jenny who was so surprised that she couldn’t help but ask: “What the hell is this, what are you talking about? What, why don't I understand? Are you looking down on my IQ?”

Ares sighed and patted Jenny's head. This was his first time being this intimate with Jenny. It felt like he was a big brother treating his younger sister. He whispered: “Jarrod is ready to become like the original movie story. He's ready to become like one of those alien combat weapons, and only this way could prevent him from dying, unfortunately, this is indeed the only method for him to survive.”

Jenny snorted. She stared at the male and female protagonists. They were looking at each other with affection. Jarrod was rubbing Elaine’s face with his hand. The two people were communicating without any words, but their tears were unstoppable, and when Jenny saw it, her tears also started to flow.

A moment later, Chu Hao, wearing a camouflage uniform, carrying a sniper rifle, took Jarrod out of the refuge, he said along the way: “First, you must choose the most suitable alien weapon. My personal suggestion is that huge gorilla weapon, which is the most powerful weapon that is currently known. In fact, I can’t get the flying octopus and can’t load your brain. As for the small octopus, you won't be able to adapt to many situations, so your only and best choice is the huge gorilla weapon.”

Jarrod nodded silently, and he said after a moment: “I understand… but can I really control the alien weapon as it is in the plot you saw, instead of being controlled by it?”

“I don't have 100% assurance, but…”

Chu Hao said seriously: “As far as the current plot is concerned, basically there is no difference with the original movie, so I think you can try it, otherwise, I can avoid this hardship.”

Jarrod bit his teeth and said, “I understand, I choose the giant gorilla weapon.”

Then they stopped talking. When they reached the exit, Chu Hao took the ear-piece comm device out and handed it to Jarrod. After a few more words regarding the plan, he turned and climbed up a tall building.

After Chu Hao’s sniper was in place, he commanded Jarrod to leave the entrance and begin to move in the direction he chose, and at the same time, a giant gorilla alien was slowly approaching him. .

“Well, just be there, stand there, don’t move anything, no matter what happened… think about the woman you love, think about the child you are going to give, for them… live on!”

Chu Hao looked at the giant gorilla alien as it found Jarrod and ran toward Jarrod. His fingers were pressed to the trigger. After more than ten seconds, the giant gorilla alien had already rushed to Jarrod. When the tentacles were about to pull Jarrod in, Chu Hao’s sniper rifle made a sound, and a bullet hit its exposed brain. After a loud bang, the giant gorilla alien fell to the ground. At this moment, Jarrod was still entangled by the tentacles from the giant gorilla alien, and it was impossible for him to move.

“Okay, my mission is completed… Live, Jarrod, you are a hero.”

Chu Hao silently closed his eyes, as he stood up and was about to leave the platform. Suddenly, a strange yet familiar feeling hit the heart, this feeling, this feeling! This feeling was…

He once encountered it in the real world, the feeling of the spiritual force user who appeared in the C organization!

Chu Hao suddenly looked awkward, and he fiercely looked at the other side of the street. In the far distance, only three small black figures could be seen in his line of sight. It was three humans, they seemed to be looking at him and started running to where he was...

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