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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 26 - Inhuman

Chapter 26 - Inhuman

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what was that! How could there be a spiritual force user!? And that speed… was that really the speed achievable by human?!

Chu Hao descended down the sling from the top of the building. Although he had the equipment to jump off the building, he did not do this because there was a high chance he'd be captured by aliens in midair, if so, then everything would end.

But at this moment, he had already taken care of this issue. In fact, Chu Hao was more concerned about the three people than the alien weapons at this moment, because when he saw them, he felt an intense and dangerous air, the kind of air that he encountered when he faced the elites from the C organization.

As for the spiritual force user, Chu Hao wasn't familiar with their existence, neither their skills nor how they came to be, what he knew, and had been verified by the organization, that was, spiritual force users could perceive and detect within a certain range, similar to a radar, but they could penetrate the steel layer and even deep into the ground. Due of this, they were a terrifying existence.

That was just their basic capability. In addition, the spiritual force user could also be able to mind control others. Unless the target self-hypnotized or enter genetic unlock state, otherwise, they wouldn't be able to break away from the spiritual force users.

Because of this, Chu Hao hurriedly left the building using ropes. On the one hand, before the three people approached, on the other hand… he had to return to the refuge as soon as possible, he could not confirm their goal, but they must had discovered the refuge, the spiritual force user had the ability to do this…

(Are they the enemy? Or are they the humanoid alien weapons? Or is it a hidden force in this world? Damn! There is too little information to analyze…)

Chu Hao was very anxious, no one knew more about the horror of the spiritual force user than him. With the strength of the Rebel Organization, the spiritual force user also needed to pay a huge price to win, and if compare it with the refuge, those few people… it was like sending to a dead end, they'd definitely be dead.

Considering the speed of the three people, in some cases, their speed was equal to their strength. The physical fitness of these three people were likely to far exceed the human limit. It should be about ten to fifteen times the strength of human. This was already a scary data. Even if it was the elite force of the Rebel Organization, unless the battlefield was set up in advance, and equipped with heavy firepower, otherwise, they'd be annihilated!

So… shouldn't be powerful!

This was Chu Hao’s first reaction after seeing the three, and as Ares said, this was the most favorable situation for Chu Hao, especially if they could get a lot of reward points. But Chu Hao needed them as team members for the future horror movie world, so he must lead them to escape before the three enter the refuge.

(Now the time is…9:46, we entered this world seemed to be around 11:20 in the morning, so about one and a half hour, we will leave the world, before this… absolutely make sure that we don't face each other!)

Chu Hao had already descended down from the top of the building. He also avoided all the alien weapons and began to rush back to the refuge. While he was running, all his thoughts were focusing on analyze the three. Their origins, and their possible weaknesses, or how to avoid them.

(First of all, they are very powerful. There is almost no possibility that they are ordinary humans. Secondly, they came without any warning. There are also no similar characters in the original movie. Once again, they have a spiritual force user. This is the biggest clue… So to speak, are they from the C organization, no, could it be those personal guard member in the X organization came to chase after me?)

(Wait, my way of thinking seems to be a problem. I'm currently in the Reincarnation World. How did they come in? C and X organizations shouldn't have this capability. The Reincarnation World has gone beyond science, even transcended the mythical category, and it is absolutely impossible for these two organizations to be strong enough. Oh, I seemed to have missed something… Repeat all the clues again…)

(It turns out that… I have made such inferences before, C and X organizations are all established by the Reincarnation World, if so, then they can create spiritual force users, and these three powerful people… They are also Reincarnation Team members but not the Reincarnation Team I am in!? Are there any other Reincarnation Teams?!)

At this point, Chu Hao had no doubts. When everything was impossible, the rest might not be creditable. There was only one truth. It seemed that Jenny, that rookie veteran, was really useless. If he knew that there could be other Reincarnation Teams, he would have planned this differently!

(Dwelling on this now is too late, the only way to survive is to reach the refuge as soon as possible, then call everyone to start escaping from exit 3, the authorities should be able to block for a while, but how long must we run until…)

(Jarrod has completely control over the body of the giant gorilla alien!)

Yes, Jarrod…

The only chance to survive!

It was really unintentional. Since the encounter with the male and female protagonists, Chu Hao didn’t really want to help them, and he didn’t have the ability to help them. But because of sympathy, he made some plans for the two, and finally, chose a suitable alien weapon for the male protagonist. But he did not expect that this move that he did not care about, became their only chance to survive. It seemed that it wasn't all for naught.

Chu Hao was extremely fast, and he had already entered the unlocked state. In this state, he pushed his five senses to the limit, from a small rock on the ground, to all the possible alien monster positions. His speed, power, agility, etc. and the number of octopus aliens that were pursuing him, everything seemed to shine in his mind, and naturally, he knew how to run faster, how to deal with the attacks of octopus aliens, everything was so natural...

It took Chu Hao only a few minutes to return to the refuge, and in a channel he entered, there were several octopus aliens wandering there, although it would take a bit of time to deal with them, but it wasn't a problem.

When Chu Hao entered the refuge, everyone there was gloomy. They looked at him with an unspeakable gaze and wanted him to explain why he brought the octopus aliens with him, especially inside the refuge, when it was about time to return to the God Space.

“Are there any other Reincarnation Teams?!”

Chu Hao didn't try to explain. He rushed directly to Jenny and grabbed her shoulder. “Tell me! Did the veterans mentioned before? Are there any other Reincarnation Teams? Or are we the only ones here in the entire Reincarnation World?”

Jenny stunned, and said: “There are other Reincarnation Teams. Is there anything weird about this? Yes, I didn’t tell you this because you didn’t ask so I didn't remember. Let's not make a fuss, instead explain why you brought those octopus aliens to the refuge.”

Chu Hao was so angry that he sighed. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath and let go of Jenny. “Those octopus aliens are the barrier to help us escape the danger, although I don’t know how long they can last… tell me, how many Reincarnation Teams are there!”

Jenny thought for a moment: “I don’t know how many Reincarnation Teams there are. Anyway, I only know that our team is called Team North-Iceland. I heard from those veterans mentioned, the strongest is Team China, also known as God Team, followed by Team Devil, and Team Devil is also very powerful, and…”

Chu Hao immediately interrupted her and asked: “Did the veterans mention any team with three people, male or female, but these three are very powerful?!”

“Chi, Chi, Team China…”

Jenny’s face suddenly turned pale, and she trembled fiercely. Her whole person seemed like she could faint at any time, and even her words sounded very terrible.

“Three people, very powerful, only, the only team that matched this description is Team China” Jenny trembled and said: “That is the most powerful Reincarnation Team. They are extremely violent and extremely evil. It is said that they are so strong because they slaughtered every creatures they saw in every world they went, absorbed their soul, used soul and malice to become stronger, it is said that the creatures died in their hands are at least tens of billions or more, before the veterans told me that during the great war between six teams, Team China’s captain directly sank a piece of land, and three teams were destroyed. Yes, only Team China, and Team China also appeared? They must have come to chase after us, I don’t want to die and have my soul abused.”

Jenny talked as she was crying out loud, and as the rest of the people listened, they also looked extremely gloomy…

Half a continent…

Is that still human??

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