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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Chapter 27 - Escape and Return

Chapter 27 - Escape and Return

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Everyone quietly followed Chu Hao and began to escape through channel 3 of the refuge, which was a previously selected institution for the most dangerous moment to block the enemy. It was to be used this time, but unknown if it'd work.

At the same time, inside channel 1, one man and two women, three people were also in a difficult situation. In the small underground waterway, it was difficult to move without light, although they were better in this passage. But in this narrowed place, the octopus aliens were much stronger, except for the male who did not suffer a slightest damage, the two women suffered different degrees of damage, one got one of her arms and legs torn off. Although it was not fatal, she could only be supported by another woman at the moment, and she couldn't run fast.

“Garbage, you have such difficult time dealing with these octopus aliens?! With you, how am I suppose to catch those six people?”

The man looked at the woman with a sullen look. His eyes were cold, the woman immediately trembled and fell to the ground. She shouted: “Master, master, don’t kill me, we're in a team battle, if I die, we'll be down by one point, and we will lose two thousand points. I don’t care if I die, but it won't be good for master. Master can put me in this sewer, I can definitely live, even if Team China appeared, they don't have a spiritual force user, so they won't find me. Please master, I won’t drag you down, please master.”

The man's expression changed a few times, then suddenly laughed and said: “How could I kill you? Don’t worry, you are my important piece. Okay, you stay here, don’t mess around, wait for me to kill those six rookies, and come back to save you, remember, don’t go.”

“Thank you master, thank you…”

The woman’s face finally showed some joy. But the man suddenly grabbed her with a sly look, but he did not kill her, instead, he broke all her limbs, and then threw her on the ground: “I doing this for you, I am afraid that you will run around and put me in danger. This is for the best. You are safe here.” After that, he rushed forward and did not look back.

The other woman showed an unbearable expression, looked at the man’s back with both fear and resentment, but still followed the man and marched toward their goal.

At the same time, Chu Hao and others had already reached the end of channel 3, where there was a huge valve, in addition to the exit to the street, there were several petrol cans at the door. It was placed at the same time as the hunting plan was executed, and it was in case they needed to escape.

Chu Hao did not hesitate, and Osage simply manipulated it and ignited the detonation system, and then he and everyone went down the stairs to the exit. Before they could reach the exit, the entire ground was slightly trembled, a muffled sound came from the bottom of the ground, and then there was a sound of violent water.

Chu Hao saw that everyone seemed to have wanted to look back. He immediately sighed: “Don’t look back! Now, immediately, go to our pre-hidden vehicles, we need to escape far away, flee toward the center of the city!”

The crowd quickly ran to the garage and began to rush to the garage at the 3rd exit, where a heavy-duty Jeep locomotive was parked there. Without waiting, Ares ran directly to the driver’s seat, while the rest were also hurry to get on the bus, followed by Ares slamming on the gas pedal, the heavy-duty jeep roared and rushed out of the garage.

“…Did I hear wrong? Chu Hao, why are we going there?”

Ares drove the car to the street and suddenly remembered Chu Hao’s words. He immediately asked in a strange tone.

Chu Hao was in the passenger's seat, he answered without turning his head: “We are going to the city center! We have this heavy duty Jeep, don't need to worry about those octopus aliens, as for the giant gorilla alien, avoid it as best as you can. Rather than going to the edge of the city, or running to some suburbs, we're more likely to survive this way… I tell you this, those three people I saw before, they ran faster than this jeep at full speed! Do you understand! Only run to complex locations, and not any remote or empty places, we still need another hour, once the hour has passed, we will return to the God Space, so… go to the city center!”


As soon as Ares heard that those three men could run faster than the jeep, he immediately understood. Were they still human? Wouldn't they be able to play this jeep like a toy!? He didn't say anything else, immediately slammed on the throttle and ran toward the city center, where the huge alien spaceship located.

Just about 100 meters away from the jeep, everyone could see that at the 3rd exit behind them, the ground collapsed, and two figures, one man and one woman, came straight out from below. Although the concrete floor was blocked, it couldn't stop them. Although they didn't look very good, but the man was actually unscathed. After they got out, the man looked at the jeep that was already far away, he roared and grabbed the woman with one hand and started to chase, and just as Chu Hao said, his speed was actually faster than the Jeep…

“This, is this an enhancement from God Space?!”

Everyone nervously looked at the man, and as soon as Jenny saw them, she was scared. She turned her head and looked down, and muttered, “Yes, they must be Team China. I heard the veterans said that Team China has three people, their captain is the most powerful, followed by a youth, who is slightly weaker, and is a summoning type, so not strong in term of physical fitness, and this must the weak youth, and their captain is there, the demon who is said to have swallowed tens of billions of souls, he must be waiting for us, yes, it must be…”

Everyone was silent, and Chu Haom who was sitting next to Jenny, took her hand and smiled at her: “You don’t have to think so much, the time is approaching, their captain is estimated to be dealing with aliens. After all, we are just nobody, certainly aliens won't think of us as bigger threats, don’t think too much, we can safely return to the God Space.”

Jenny opened her eyes and she already had tears in her eyes: “Is it really ok? Really? Can we return to the God Space? I… I want to live!”

“of course we can……”

Chu Hao had a gentle smile on his face. Didn't know why, when he looked at Jenny, he seemed to have seen the scene before a long time ago, and the one who held his hand and asked if she could live, his younger sister…

“Of course, we will survive!”

With these last words, everyone in the car was silent, only the whistling of the wind, and the roaring sound that kept coming close from behind, and the time passed without stopping, until……

When the giant gorilla alien spotted the jeep, it began to crazily chase after the jeep, even faster than the man who was pursuing. The three sides kept moving forward on the street. At this moment, they were very close to the city center, and the jeep had been smashed by at least a dozen of octopus aliens. Although the front end had been ruined, this heavy duty jeep was specially selected, its quality could be used on the battlefield. So far, this jeep hadn't had any problem.

In such a long pursue, time had unknowingly reached 11 o' clock in the morning, and there was only a few minutes to no more than ten minutes before they could return to the God Space. As they were getting happier and happier by minutes, they didn't know that the two people who were chasing behind them were getting more and more dull and confused.

“I don’t care anymore!”

The man gnashed his teeth, and suddenly bit his tongue while running, then randomly sprayed out a lot of blood mist. Afterward, he actually squirmed and turned into a few blood-red bats, then flew toward the jeep at a very fast speed, and his face also became paler.

These blood-red bats didn’t go and bite anyone, but instead flew under the jeep’s wheel, then burst into the blood mist, and the blood mist solidified as soon as it caught the air, formed a blood red mixture that was actually stuck on the ground. Although it only stuck for a moment, it was enough to pull the jeep and flipped it over, and crashed into a street shop. It was no longer possible to escape.

“Run! Keep running! I break your bones and refine your soul!”

The man snarled loudly and arrogantly, then began to rush toward the group from the far side of the street. The people in the jeep, in addition to the bruises on their body, or a little fracture from bad luck, weren't fatally wounded. This jeep was designed for the battlefield, it could reduce damage from the impact. However, at the moment, the people in the car knew that they were about to die, and heard the man mentioned refining their souls, it was more unacceptable than death.


Just as the man arrived in front of the street shop, as he was about to kill the six people in the car, the giant gorilla alien finally caught up to them, but the six people in the car felt curious. The giant gorilla alien did not directly rush to the shop, but it looked at the flipped jeep like a human being, and the people inside, and then madly rushed toward the man and the woman.

“Ja, Jarrod?”

Elaine first reacted. After she stared blankly at it, she immediately yelled, and the giant gorilla alien looked at her, and then continued to step on the man and the woman on the ground, and this was enough enough to confirm its identity… That's right, this giant gorilla alien was Jarrod who had taken over the body of this alien weapon!

Everyone in the car felt like they had came back to life. They quickly got out of the jeep, but they didn’t dare to leave the half-collapsed shop, because there was a fierce battle outside, the man also didn't know what the monster was, but actually caught the attack of the giant gorilla alien. Although he didn’t have the upper hand, he wasn't easily killed by a slap. Small scratches appeared on the giant gorilla alien from time to time. It was too terrifying, and everyone did not dare to leave the store.

“Mission completed, survived in Skyline for a week, start counting down in a few secs, and return to the God Space…”

Suddenly, there was a voice in everyone’s mind, and when the voice appeared, the man was obviously falling back, and Jarrod began his chase, and everyone was excited looking at each other, and Jenny shouted happily.

Seeing this, the man still didn't know that they were about to return to the God Space, and he immediately threw the woman on his hand to them, and shouted: “Kill them for me! Otherwise I will cut you and feed you to the dogs!”

At this moment, everyone was hurt and injured, but they could still retaliate. Seeing that the woman was thrown over, everyone could only keep running backward, but behind them was the ruined pieces from the collapse, and the woman also climbed up from the ground, although one of her arms was distorted, she still smiled and looked at the crowd.

“I am sorry, it's either you die or I die, so it's better if you die…”

The woman smiled coldly, and rushed toward the crowd at a fast speed. Among them, J snarled and rushed forward, but none of them looked at him. The woman's hand directly penetrated through his chest and then slammed to the side. It was unknown if he was still alive.

(There are still seven seconds… six seconds… fight!)

“Why does Team China have to kill the other Reincarnation Teams?” Chu Hao yelled and snarled as he rushed toward the woman. At the same time, his eyes lost focus.

The woman snorted and sped up, and rushed to the crowd and said, “We are China…Team China!”

While speaking, the woman actually stopped her steps, and did not look at the crowd, but instead looked at the half-collapsed ceiling, as if there was a big thing that woke her up, in fact, not only her, the man in the distance also looked at the sky, just like the woman, the man’s face has changed from crazy to frightened, and then became desperate.

Through the half-collapsed ceiling, everyone looked at the sky, where there stood a small human figure in the void, and everyone had good eyesight, they saw that human figure punched the alien spaceship, and then… the spaceship crashed, the huge force even formed a shock wave, and it went straight to the ground, even the half-collapsed shop was among them… …

The rock flew, the ceiling collapsed, and various reinforced concrete cracked open…

Chu Hao looked at the ceiling crashing down. He was rushing toward the woman at the moment. It was too late to change direction. This huge piece would crush him into paste, but it was too late to change direction…

“Live on…”

A female voice came, Chu Hao had only time to see Jenny’s tears with a smile, and she pushed him under this huge block, just a thrust, she pushed his upper body outside the impact area, and she… was completely pressed under it…


When the pain came, Chu Hao seemed to enter a strange state, half awake and half unconscious, everything was so unreal, and at the same time, there was a voice in his mind.

“Nine people died in the team battle, minus nine points, deducting two thousand reward points per deduction, and deducting a total of 18,000 reward points…”

When Chu Hao could see again, the surrounding environment had completely changed. There were no aliens, no ruins, no city. There was only nothingness in this small square, but in the center of this small square, there was a brilliant light ball…

In the square, in addition to his lower body being crushed into meat, there were also Ares, whose body was almost rotten, and J whose chest was pierced. As for Osage and … Jenny, they had disappeared…


“Team China!”


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