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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 1 - Must Remember This Hatred

Volume 2, Chapter 1 - Must Remember This Hatred

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Chu Hao shouted at the huge ball of light in accordance with Jenny’s words: “God, do a body repair, deduct points from me.”

After he said that, three beams of light fell, enveloped the three men. They slowly floated inside the light column, especially Chu Hao, and his column of light was the most dazzling. Gradually, all three were in the light columns. They weren't visible until the light columns disappeared, and the three people were already healed under the light ball.

All three were now awake, even though they were all unconscious except for Chu Hao, but they were all awake at this moment, and there was not a single scar on their bodies, their lower body wasn't broken, or crushed, or their chest was pierced. The body repair from God was indeed so powerful that couldn't be described, it was beyond the scope of human understanding.

The three men looked at each other, but for a period of time they didn’t know what to say, only silence and… sadness?

“Team China…”

After an unknown period of time, Chu Hao let out a sound from the gap between the teeth. His coldness gave the other two a chill down their spines. This was the first time they felt fear toward Chu Hao. A thick killing intent, this killing intent was so fierce that even made they felt afraid.

After a few seconds, Chu Hao returned to normal and muttered to himself with a very small voice that only himself could hear: “I never owe anyone, not to mention the fact that this is life and death, Jenny, yours. I will remember, and… your hatred, I will take over!”

“Team China, swallowed tens of billions of souls? Massacred the whole continent? Hehe…hehe!”

Chu Hao sneered, then the coldness and the killing intent faded away, and smile appeared on his face.

The other two did not think that Chu Hao was really an ignorant person. On the contrary, being familiar these days, and the untold killing intent, no one knew more about Chu Hao’s determination at this time. … the strongest Reincarnation Team? Can they really fight against such godlike creature in the sky?

“Well, don’t think too much…” Chu Hao muttered with a smile: “Hatred… just remember in your heart. After all, we are still alive, there are countless possibilities to live… just like this God Space, before you came here, have you ever thought about having such a world was possible? No, so, as long as we are still alive, then everything is possible.”

Yes, we are still alive…

Ares and J both smiled bitterly. Relatively speaking, J’s smile was more frank, and Ares’s smile had another meaning. This time it was really a dead end, an inch away from death. In his experience, there may have been such experiences, and such experience... was truly good to be alive.

“Well, don’t think about it anymore. Let’s take a look at how many reward points you have.”

After Chu Hao finished talking, he closed his eyes facing God, thought about asking for his own reward points. Just as how Jenny told him at the time…

“Chu Hao, reward points: 5500, one B-level Side-Story.”

(5500 points? I got a total of … 24500 points in Skyline, but I was deducted by 18000 points, there should be 6500 points left, and a B-level Side-Story, and Side-Story is unchanged, so the whole body repair actually consumed 1000 points reward points, which was really expensive)

Chu Hao sighed in his heart. In fact, he didn’t know that the reason why it was so expensive was because of him. Compared with physical disability or half-death, he had unlocked his genetic constraint, which was why his costed the most.

(5500 reward points, there are only so few left… then the future enhancement needs to be well planned, otherwise the next horror-movie will be really dangerous…)

When Chu Hao thought about it, he already said: “I still have 5500 reward points, and a B-level Side-Story.”

Ares also opened his eyes: “I have 3500 reward points, a B-level Side-Story.”

“My reward points and Side-Story are the same as Ares'.”

After the three people mentioned their rewards, they kept their eyes closed in front of God, but the expressions of the three people changed. First of all, J's expression became more and more pleasant, even the corner of his mouth was even slightly curled up, and Ares’ expression was more cautious, he seemed to be making a difficult choice between this and that.

As for Chu Hao’s expression, it was getting calmer and calmer. There was a smile, but gradually, there was no expression on his face, calm… No, it should be expressionless, his whole person seemed to have lost all feelings in general, no, there was still a slight smile on his face, as if it had gradually became plain and unremarkable...

At the same time, outside of time, space, matter, energy, as well as logic, thinking, and even higher levels of the world, in the Skyline horror-movie world…

“…I just saw Chu Xuan.”

On a large ruin, two guests and a teenager stood there, next to them was a giant gorilla alien with half of its arm fell off, and a woman was being held in the hand of the giant gorilla alien.

The tallest of the three youths, scratched his head and said: “Before I destroyed the alien spaceship, I saw a few people from the Reincarnation Team. Chu Xuan was there…”

The other two youths, they were all involuntarily shivered, that strong looking youth said with a smile: “Team captain, don’t say such a terrible thing, do you want to scare people?”

The other teenager also said: “Yeah, big brother Zheng, this is not a supernatural-type horror-movie. Don't joke about such a terrible thing."

The tall young man laughed a little, and looked at the pile of muddy roads beside him: “The last time this slaver team escaped, this time I finally got rid of them, but the captain slaver team has such a novel protagonist air, actually let him enhance the two kinds of bloodlines, produced a mutation, became a demon vampire, not only can he absorb blood, but also capture and refine souls, but unfortunately he was too greedy, and only reached the second stage of genetic unlock, otherwise he would be a really strong enemy…”

When the tall young man talked, the boy whispered to the other youth: “How strong? At most, it is also a punch or two.”

The other youth smiled and patted the boy’s head and turned his head toward the tall young man: “Captain, here, the male and female protagonists have survived, and we have to return to God Space in ten minutes. What are you going to do now? Encircle the alien monsters? Or go to another city and blow up an alien spaceship?”

The tall young man thought for a moment: “The time is running out, let's just simply clean up the alien monsters in this city… Damn God, clean up the alien monsters in a city, plus an alien spaceship, only give me two thousand reward points and two rank C Side-Story… Yes, go ask the male and female protagonists, the Reincarnation Team with them, I was sure I saw Chu Xuan.”

“Captain ……”

“Big brother Zheng!”

“Okay, okay, I was wrong… but I really…”

So a few minutes later, the three men looked at each other with a strange look. In front of them, the female protagonist had already told them about Chu Hao and others.

“Sage… Chu…”

“Please don't……”

Beyond space and time, beyond the most powerful team and the most powerful man, and their horror, Chu Hao who stood still in front of God for a while, suddenly opened his eyes said to the two: “Hey, come here and check out God. Is it the time to think about the enhancement? Aren't we too rushed?”

After the two opened their eyes, he smiled and continued: “Do you see the doors over there? That should be the personal space that Jenny mentioned. Just hold onto the door, and think of how you want it like, anyway, we have to stay in this space for ten days, don’t worry about the exchange. We need to carefully consider it. After all, our reward points aren't that much? I just confirmed that I carry on the exchange. Let’s take a day off.”

Ares and J immediately nodded. In fact, when they queried God’s attribute exchange, those categories and those countless attributes made them dizzy. Now they urgently needed to find a place to sum up the above exchanges, and also take a good rest. They had really reached their limit in Skyline.

When there was nothing at the moment, the three men found a door to open, held onto the door handle, and then figured out the style of the room they wanted, but Chu Hao did not do it. He just took the door handle and without any thought, quietly opened the door, he wanted to see what the most desirable place in his heart was.

Behind the door, it was a messy and dim underground warehouse, dirty, damp, and cold. In the corner of the warehouse, there were some broken cotton shredded materials, formed a small nest, big enough let a child-sized body lie above.

Here… here is…

Chu Hao’s tears flowed out. He walked into the room, closed the door, and then walked quietly to the small nest, bent down and laid on it, as if he felt the familiar and warm atmosphere, as if his elder sister was there, holding him next to her, so that he would not freeze in the winter, but his elder sister was chilled by the cold… Gradually, he fell asleep peacefully…

My heart is my hometown…

My home.

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