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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 2 - Attribute Enhancement (First part)

Volume 2, Chapter 2 - Attribute Enhancement (First part)

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Chu Hao had a very pleasant sleep but at the same time very painful.

Well, it sounded very contradictory. In fact, he felt the excitement and the happiness, but it was really painful due to back pain and leg cramps.

And… this place was the place deep in his memory. Unless his ultimate goal was achieved and he completed his revenge, otherwise this place would be kept for a long time, which would make him weak.

Because of this, after waking up, Chu Hao changed the residence completely, and became a simple living room, including several laboratories, as well as an exercise room and a weapons laboratory. What was different from his residence in the base.

When everything was done, he left the room. As soon as he got out, he saw Ares and J sat directly on the ground, surrounded by a lot of foods and lots of wines. The two people were there eating and drinking.

Seeing Chu Hao come out, both of them waved, welcoming him, Chu Hao went straight to the two people and sat down, and then picked up a big crab and cracked it up, put it straight into his mouth. He didn’t try to have any decency. After eating the crab weighed at least three pounds, he satisfyingly said: “Nice flavor, the seafood taste in this crab is strong, very fresh, completely natural sea crabs, boiled in water, tastes better than fried.”

“It's from the refrigerator.”

Ares was eating a half-hand-sized snail, he said while eating: “Jenny said exactly the same, you can always take out any ingredients you want in the refrigerator, they are all fresh, and it doesn't have any trace of pollution taste at all, and these ingredients are not a small number in reality, right, God’s four major exchange categories, technology, magic, auxiliary, and entertainment. There are also ingredients exchange, all of which are legendary ingredients, did you look at them? For example, the two bottles of amber brandy in the silver bottles, it's called the king’s wine, each bottle only needs five reward points, it’s so hard to believe that it’s the best brandy I have ever tasted.”

J was holding a large piece of barbecue. He also repeatedly said: “Yeah, I also looked at the ingredients in the exchange, there are so many, I even saw dinosaur meat, and alien meat, but I don’t know if alien meats are edible."

Chu Hao felt a little speechless, but he was also interested, and immediately stood up under God and closed his eyes.

Then, in his mind, there were four major categories to search, namely, technology, magic, auxiliary, and entertainment, and his personal six attributes, intelligence 273, spiritual force 171, vitality 121. agility ​​139, strength 131, resistance 1672, compared to an average adult with 100 points in each attribute, he basically belonged to the superhuman category, especially his resistance, he was 16 times stronger than ordinary people. Basically, he'd immune to all known viruses, even those that he encountered in the real world, the biochemical virus spread by the C organization was also ineffective to him.

(Is this body… is it made for this purpose?)

Chu Hao sneered, his consciousness still connected with God, and he began to choose the entertainment category. Then, countless of items appeared in his mind, almost endless too. It was so cumbersome that even though he only looked at it for a moment, he started to feel dizzy.

“Yes, we were like this before.” Ares said with a smile, while speaking, he poured a glass of the king’s wine, gently sipped, and looked satisfied.

J also sneered, this big black man suddenly mentioned the leg on his thick arm and said: “Do you know what this is? This is the leg of the western dragon, one of the exchanges, only costed five points, I couldn't resist the temptation, so I exchanged for it, it is… too delicious! The meat is strong, and the taste, just boiled it with salt water and spices, is really delicious. It is… far beyond all the meats I have ever tasted!”

Chu Hao still had his eyes closed even after hearing the words. He still stood there motionlessly. After a long time, he opened his eyes and went sit next to the two men. Only then, he said. : “It’s really… incredible.”

Compared to the two, only Chu Hao knew that the exchanges weren't endless, but these exchanges were beyond his imagination, he saw the redeem for a phoenix, the price was not expensive, it was only 999 points to redeem, yes, not 1999, not 19999, just 999, and you could take a phoenix home! At this moment, his head was chaotic, and suddenly there was a strange imagination.

All in all, in short, although he only took a glance at the entertainment category, but the exchange inside it still surprised him, compared to the cheaper entertainment items, he slightly looked at the other three categories, and the exchange price of the items were much more expensive than the entertainment items, so much more expensive.

(Inside… perhaps there is something wrong with the doorway, but I don't have much information, it'd require a long period of research…)

Chu Hao had some ideas, but he didn't put them in mind. After all, those things were basically used for entertainment. There was really nothing worth paying attention to. It was better to think about attribution exchange than to care about this.

The three people ate and drank for a while, and after the satiated meal, the three came to Ares’s room. His room was a well decorated European modern room. The wall shined like gold, but it wasn't intense. It meant, on the contrary, it gave people a feeling of grandeur, and the three were not in the slightest uncomfortable.

J came in and looked around, and then sighed a moment: “Sure enough, time can turn one into nobility, money can turn one upstart, my devoted power, the villa where my leader lived, I have also been, although the decoration looks similar, but it feels completely different, and yours give a feeling of happiness”

Ares smiled and didn’t talk, handed each person took a cigar. Only J shook his head, and preferred the cigarette. Right then, Ares said: “We took a break, we had delicious foods, the fatigue from Skyline is almost smoothed out. Now it’s time to think about it… Chu Hao, what do you think we should enhance?”

Chu Hao ignited the cigar and smelled the scent of the cigar. He said with a smile: “Because of love and trust, this is what I have always believed, maybe you are too eager for it, the abilities or skills you dreamed in your childhood might not be the most suitable, but it is what you want the most, it's your desire, and desire is actually enough to support your motivation to continue. So no matter what you enhance, I only help you analyze and plan.”

Ares and j looked at each other. Both of them were feeling somewhat regrettable, but they were also somewhat relaxed. At the moment, Ares was the first to speak, “I have already thought about it. I decided to use necromancer bloodline from Diablo 2. Necromancer has three grades, namely beginner level, which can only summon skeleton soldiers, and at intermediate level, which can summon skeleton mage and rock golem, iron golem, then the advanced level, which can summon elemental golem, ghost and… resurrection.”

Chu Hao's mind was clear, he simply asked: “Three grades? Does that mean you need to redeem it thrice? What is the price?”

Ares forced a smile and said: “The price is too expensive, beginner level necromancer needs 3000 points, two rank C Side-Story, intermediate level necromancer needs 8000 points, two rank B Side-Story, the advanced level … it's 15000 points, two rank A Side-Story, I looked, in the bloodline enhancement, this enhancement is very expensive.”

Chu Hao suddenly asked: “Skills? Just what you mentioned, summoning skeleton, skeleton mage, various golems, are these skills? Do they need to enhance?”

Ares shook his head and said: “No, these skills don’t need to be enhanced. As long as you enhance the bloodline, the grade of the skills will also go up, and before I checked with God, you can only redeem one bloodline, if you redeem another one, there is a high possibility that a mutation would happen, but my enhancement has another benefit, if in the future I redeem the advanced level necromancer bloodline, I can continue to enhance the Curse Necromancer with Poison Necromancer. There are also three grades, and there won't be any mutation after the enhancement… so I think the potential of this enhancement is very large.”

(I’m afraid…not just for the potential…It's likely he wants to resurrect someone?)

Chu Hao sighed in his heart, and asked with due diligence: “So what is the negative effect?”

Ares smiled bitterly: “I will be corrupted by corpse qi, or cursed, or poisonous, life will slowly decline, and the appearance may be destroyed, but this is fine, God’s body repair can completely repair these damages. It will only continue to be corroded every time it is used, so it is estimated that my body repair will be a long-term consumption.”

Chu Hao thought about it and said: “Well, you first redeem the beginner level necromancer, so our next horror movie world, you can use corpses to summon skeletons, can be considered a big boost, as for the remaining points and Side-Story, keep them first, and don’t redeem anything else.”

Ares nodded. “Then let's do so… Beginner level necromancer? I am no longer an ordinary person.”

“Yes… from this moment on, we are no longer mortals. From now on, either we died in horror movie world, or…”

“Surpass everything!”

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