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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 3 - Attribute Enhancement (Second part)

Volume 2, Chapter 3 - Attribute Enhancement (Second part)

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When Ares’s enhancement was finished, it was J's turn. He also intended to redeem the internal force, or Qi art, China's Qi art, as he mentioned before.

“I intend to get the beginner level Qi Art, cost 500 points, a D-rank reward, then intermediate-level Qi Art, 1200 points, a C-rank reward, the advanced-level Qi art is too expensive, you need 2500 points and a B-rank reward.” J shrugged his shoulders.

Chu Hao was there to help the two calculate the remaining points and rank rewards, Ares with 490 points, and a C rank reward, and then 1795 points, and a C rank reward, and two D rank rewards.

“It turned out to be…”

After carefully asking about the description of their enhancements, Chu Hao finally felt relieved: “The amount of points required basically represent the level of the enhancement, or skills, such as J’s beginner level Qi art. This also existed in the real world, but some are true, some are fake, so most people didn't know about it, but it indeed exists, this is undeniable, and only five hundred points are needed to get it.”

“Then there is Ares’ beginner level necromancer, this doesn't exist in the real world, at least not in our scientific real world, but our world doesn't, doesn't mean that other worlds don't, for example, we have been to the Skyline world, then is it possible to have Diablo 2 game world? I think there may be. In fact, this can be explained with the quantum theory in our real world. Of course, there is definitely no explanation for the Diablo 2 game. There are endless possibilities here.”

Chu Hao said as he played with paper he used to record the reward points, “Based on the points, the beginner level Qi is definitely not comparable to the beginner level necromancer, whether it is strength, usage, etc. it’s also a long way off, because of this, although they are beginner levels, one only needs 500 points and the other requires 3000 points, it's clear which one is stronger.”

“On the other hand, rank rewards from side story may represent another level of reward. In fact, anything can trigger a qualitative change from a quantitative change. For example, with the same strength, one person can carry 50 kilograms, and another person can carry 50 tons. It is a completely different level. The D rank may be the strongest rank among ordinary people. The C rank represents the transcendence of ordinary people and even the general biological category. The B rank may be close to the legendary level. As for the A rank, it's about the myth, angel and demon, and high level magic."

With Ares' intelligence, he basically understood, but the same couldn't be said about J. Basically, he did not understand anything, and Chu Hao didn't care, he said with a smile: “So let's start with J’s enhancement. Your enhancement is Qi art, which means you can generate internal force. This is the ability that can be found in novel and reality. You should redeem it first to see how it works.”

J didn't decline, he immediately stood up and said: “Well, to be honest, if you summed it up earlier, I would have already redeemed the Qi art, then let me go redeem it now.” As he finished, he took the lead and went out of the room.

Chu Hao and Ares followed him. To be honest, including Chu Hao, they were feeling both conflict and expectation. After all, they had lived in the real world for decades and had always looked at a plain real world of physical laws, suddenly they could gain abilities, this excitement was simply unimaginable, what did this imply? It implied that they would surpass mortals!

The two saw J stood under God and closed his eyes as usual. After a short time, suddenly a light column fell straight down from the sky, and shrouded J in it, and it only lasted for a few seconds before the column of light disappeared, and J opened his eyes with excitement. He opened his hands and looked at his hand with suspicion. Then he adopted a boxing stance and constantly threw multiple punches.

At first, it was fine, both Chu Hao and Ares had the same expression, but gradually, their expressions were getting more and more dignified, because J's punching speed was getting faster and faster, even seemed to have become a boxing line. It was very difficult for Ares to follow his speed. If J was to attack Ares, then Ares wouldn't be able to escape.

“Hey ah!”

J slammed loudly, and swung out with one hand, and with a bang, his punch actually made a sound.

Unlike Ares, Chu Hao had carefully studied various Chinese martial arts techniques. Although he did not find enough strength to fight against C organization, after scientific induction, he created a set of fighting techniques for the Rebel Organization. His soldiers, the strongest of them, would be able to make this sound. In the martial art world, there was a saying that it is difficult to buy a sound. This sound did not only have power, but also carried a wave.

Now J was able to produce this sound purely with brute force and speed, which really made Chu Hao amazed.

“Hahahaha, really, there is internal force! The martial art novels I saw didn’t lie!”

J laughed loudly, and he quickly came to the front of the two people: “In my stomach, there is a heat flow around the size of a finger, traveling around in my body, it feels very warm, and when I need it, this energy will flow to my muscles, and my strength is at least two or three times higher than before!”

Chu Hao immediately said: “This is not the entire application of Qi. Although I don’t have Qi, but there is research in this area. Close your eyes, and then concentrate your conscious on your Dantian…that is, your stomach, then imagine the flow of the energy and command it, then concentrate the energy on the fist, and then hit as hard as you can on the ground. Don’t be afraid of hurting, don’t be afraid of injury. Here is the God Space. Any injury can be healed at any time.”

J was afraid of pain, he immediately stood there with his eyes closed in accordance with Chu Hao’s instruction. At this time, Ares also widened his eyes, because this would be the beginning of his witness to the true power that transcended mortals, but let alone him, Chu Hao felt strange that J had just stood there for at least a few minutes already without any movement, and god knew what he was doing.

Just when both were feeling impatient, suddenly J opened his eyes with excitement, followed by a big bang, a fist slammed down to the ground, the whole ground actually cracked with a fist sized hole, at least a dozen centimeters deep, and his fist was only slightly bleeding on the surface, the fist itself wasn't damaged.

“Too amazing!” J shouted loudly with excitement, he laughed heartily and said: “It’s really amazing! This power is too strong! And I don’t feel that all the energy in the body is mobilized, otherwise the power must have been bigger than this. The only downside is that it takes too long. This energy is very hard to control.”

“It’s Qi!” Chu Hao corrected and said with a smile: “So you need to practice. This is an ability you obtained out of thin air. You don’t know how to generate Qi. Of course, I think your enhancement can also automatically generate Qi, but you don’t know how to optimize its use, and basically can’t control Qi. If Qi’s lethality is 100, then you can use 30 at most. What you need is not to re-enhancing anything, but to have an absolutely control of what you have.”

J listened very seriously, he knew Chu Hao’s wisdom and strength, so he couldn’t be more serious. He kept those words in his heart. He grew up with black boxing, he was not afraid of hard work or training. So those words were really very important to him.

Then it was Ares. To be honest, he couldn't wait any longer, followed by the same beam of light and enhancement. When Ares came out, his expression was both shocked and pleasant. And although it was faintly visible, there was some black air around his body, but soon disappeared into his body.

“Go, come to my room, I want to experiment with my skills right away.”

When everyone entered Ares' room again, his basement had become very strange, it was a cemetery, and he stood there with his arms opened. There was no curse or gestures and the likes, his black eyes flashed, then a white skeleton slowly raised from the ground.

The white skeleton had a white bone knife and a white bone shield. the knife looked very worn out and was about 1.8 meter long. It was covered with pale bones and seemed like it would break when touched. But under Ares' control, a deep trace of a knife appeared on a piece of cement board. This power was definitely not what an ordinary human could have. The skeleton's strength was stronger than expected.

“I don't have any internal force. This is something called Death Aura. It is stored in my brain. It seems to be controllable. I use my mind to control and then absorb the surrounding Death Aura to enhance. Now I can only summon a skeleton, if the Death Aura is strong enough, I can summon two or three, and also summon a more powerful one."

After Ares pondered for a moment, he told them about his ability.

When both of them completed their enhancement, they immediately turned to Chu Hao…

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