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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 4 – Arcanist

Volume 2, Chapter 4 – Arcanist

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Chu Hao inquired about the enhancement he wanted, which was the wizard from DnD. Sure enough, it was there from the list of exchanges, and there was more than one.

There were four wizard systems from DnD. The first was Sorcerer, which belonged to the bloodline type, then the warlock, this was also the bloodline type, and next was the Summoner, also a bloodline type, it could use spells like magic beast or demon. Of course, the number of spells were limited. Basically similar to the Warlock, but Warlocks could use more spells. Although the number of magics that could be used is less than the Warlock, but their physical strength were much stronger than the warlock.

In addition to these three, there was actually another type, called Arcanist, which belonged to the knowledge class, not the bloodline type.

Chu Hao furrowed his brow, but in his heart, he was very interested in this Arcanist enhancement.

In the history of the Dungeons and Dragons, the earliest magic users were not called wizards, they were called Arcanists, and they used magics different from other wizard types. These wizards borrowed magic from the magic network and they could only use the spells they prepared every day. The Arcanists were more like the wizards in online games which converted their mana to cast magic. Advanced level magic would consume more mana while low level magic would consume less, as long as your mana wasn’t exhausted, you could use magic indefinitely and wouldn’t be restricted by the magic network.

In the history of the Dungeons and Dragons, Arcanist created a magnificent magic culture. They created a magical engine that powered the floating cities. They were very proficient in magic technology, creating weapons that rivaled the gods. It was the most glorious time for human, but in the lore of Dungeons and Dungeons, Arcanists were too arrogant and attempted to replace God as mortals, which led to the collapse of the Magic Network. In the end, this magnificent magic civilization was completely annihilated in time……

This is the history of Dungeons and Dragons that Chu Hao had seen in the real world. In the introduction of the Arcanist, he did not expect that he could redeem the Arcanist from God, and the asking price was very expensive, it required 3000 points, and also a B rank reward. Once he redeemed, he would use up his rank reward, and wouldn’t be able to redeem anything that required rank rewards.

In addition to these, the other three enhancements, warlock and sorcerer could be ignored, what he needed was comprehensiveness, not to become a fireball turret, it wasn’t as good as exchanging dozens of high-explosive grenades, which had much more power, and as for the third enhancement, the summoner, was divided into three grades, grade one to grade, four to six, and seven to nine. Just like the necromancer, the next grade would be more expensive than the last, and in addition to physique, it wasn’t as good as the necromancer, and magic skills also needed to be redeemed.

As for the Arcanist… there was only one, there was no advanced level or low level, and there was no Arcane exchange. It was estimated that magic skills were still needed to be redeemed, which created a contradiction, because he didn’t know which magic network was good and which one was bad, after all, this could only be redeemed once, and couldn’t be upgraded like others, as if the potential had already maxed there…

Chu Hao hesitated, he had high wisdom, but when there was no information for him to analyze. After all, this was his first exchange. If the potential wasn’t high, then this 3000 points and the B rank reward would be in vain, he would need to make another exchange in the future, and in the next horror movie world, his situation would be much more dangerous.

The only benefit was that the Arcanist was a knowledge-based exchange that would not affect the bloodline class, which was a good news, and now he would only need to consider whether to take the risk or not.

Chu Hao thought for a long time, and finally decided to redeem the Arcanist, after all, with such abnormal things, he always felt that the Arcanist class had a hint of the inner truth.

After a while, Chu Hao opened his eyes. At the same time, he felt a cool feeling hovering inside his body, it was very comfortable, it was an indescribable feeling, it gave a cool and liquid like feeling in his heart. This feeling didn’t come the dantian like Qi, nor was it from the brain like the death aura, but it came from his heart.

“Is this the magic power?”

Chu Hao felt the energy in his heart. Although he had a calm personality and had experienced many things, it was still impossible for him not to be excited. This was magic. This was magic power in his body.

But apart from this energy, there was nothing else. It was neither skill nor attribute. He had no control over this energy. After his enhancement, he created a room in his own room. In this quiet room, no matter what he did, even if he entered his unlocked mode, he still couldn’t mobilize this energy. He could only feel the coolness in his heart, and although his physical fitness wasn’t strengthened, he still got a feeling that he could even fly!

Now he still had 2500 points, no rank reward, fortunately, the magic skill exchange, level 5 magic did not need rank rewards, otherwise he could only say that this enhancement was a failure and he got nothing.

Chu didn’t delay any longer, immediately started browsing through the list of magic skills, according to the DnD rules, from level 0 spells to level 9 spells exchange made Chu Hao felt strange, there was no legendary spell, but that wasn’t all, level 5 spells and under did not require rank reward. Level 0 magic spell required 100 points, level 1 spell only needed 800 points, level 2 spell required 1500 points to be able to exchange for one, which was really expensive and scary.

(Let me just redeem one first and see if I can use it.)

Chu Hao made up his mind and started to browse through the level 0 spells list. There were hundreds of them, which were more than the DnD spell list in real world, and many of these spells required a very long casting time.

(It seems…there is a need to get the captain authority as soon as possible. First, the automatic speed search, and the second is to know what the next horror movie is, otherwise without the captain authority, it is really troublesome and dangerous. )

Chu Hao had a constant thought while rummaging through the useful level 0 magic spells. After a while, he found a spell, mage’s hand, also known as magic hand. He could use this and cast an invisible hand which could reach a distance of ten meters away from the body and be able pick up objects weighed five to ten pounds. In some cases, this spell would likely be able to change the flow of the battle.

When Chu Hao redeemed the spell, in almost an instant, a faint strange feeling came. Subconsciously, he felt that he could use the magic hand, but before he could feel it carefully, suddenly in his heart, the cold energy moved, and instantly rushed into his mind, a strange feeling emerged in his mind and the knowledge of the spell suddenly emerged in his mind...

After a few minutes, Chu Hao completely recovered, and there was an indescribable ecstatic feeling on his face.

He was unable to use the magic hand now. When he redeemed the magic hand, he connected to the magic network. The magic network sent him permission to use the magic hand, this was actually a property of the magic net, but before he could use the magic hand, the energy in his heart shattered. No, it wasn’t shattered, it was cut off.

Yes, in just a few minutes, he knew how to use the magic hand, including hand sign, incantation, and 3D model spells, and this knowledge directly printed in his mind, he would only need to understand and remember, there was no need to worry that this knowledge would be forgotten.

How was the spell cast and how to use it?

First of all, you had to use your own consciousness to form a spell, that was, to think about the structure of the spell in your mind, much like those in the fantasy novels. In Chu Hao’s view, the spell structure was actually very much like the modern electronic pane, the rune and image of the spell were parts of the electronic panel. When a spell was ​​constructed with a very clear mind, this was just the first step to successfully implement a magic spell.

Then followed by a hand sign or an incantation. Of course, some magic spells only required hand- signs, while some spells only required incantations, and some spells required both. What was the use of hand sign and incantation? In Chu Hao’s point of view, it should be the ‘on’ button, which was the key to mobilizing energy into a magic spell. At that point, the spell then would be formed and could be used.

If it was from the magic network, then, the first two steps were skipped and be replaced by the magic network, the user would only need to obtain the permission, and then use magic power as the medium, but the permission from the magic network was limited. Such that, there was a limit of number of times which a spell could be used per day. But the energy in the body was different, as long as the energy wasn’t exhausted, then magic could be used without limit, and this was the difference between Arcanist and magic network users.

It seemed that the magic network was more convenient, but Chu Hao knew that the most importance was knowledge about magic. This was what Chu Hao really wanted…

A best step from the passage of everything to the sacred ladder, a change in life by knowledge…

The best path will lead to the sacred ground, the big change in life is by knowledge…

Arcane Knowledge!

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