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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 5 – Preparation and Characteristics of Magic

Volume 2, Chapter 5 – Preparation and Characteristics of Magic

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Chu Hao exchanged four level 0 magic spells, namely magic hand, blackout, restoration, and communication spell, two level 1 magic, they were charm, and fear, total of 2000 points, and 500 points remain.

The effect of the magic hand had already been mentioned. The blackout spell had a range of ten meters, allowing all the light to disappear for five to ten seconds. The restoration spell allowed a small object of no more than five pounds to be restored. As for communication, it could communicate with a creature within ten meters directly through the mind. It was similar to using telepathy. These four level 0 magic spells, which would be very useful in some cases.

Then the two level 1 magic, charm, which allowed a target to be friendly or even intimate to the caster for half an hour, and the fear spell could inflict fear to no more than five creatures for five to ten seconds. The fear could even make them run away.

None of the six spells was offensive. Even the fear spell was only a distracting magic, and it had nothing to do with offensive. In fact, Chu Hao used to think of DnD when he read the rule book. The mage’s most usefulness was their almost perfect adaptability, not their fire power. If one redeemed only offensive spells, then they’re idiots.

For example, magic missile was a level 1 spell, was there a heavy machine gun that powerful? For example, the level 3 spell fireball, would it surpass high-explosive grenade power? If it was in the magic world, then there was no way. After all, is was impossible to be unarmed, but in this world, since there were so many technological weapons, why bother exchange for such a weak offensive spell? Rather than doing that, it was better to exchange for spells that technology couldn’t do, such as the six spells he got.

After all three people completed their exchanges, the next step was to get familiar with their own abilities. That was needless to say. The time would last until the eight day during the time they were in God Space. The three had a preliminary understanding and familiarity with their own abilities. Basically, it was no longer a slap in the face. At this time, the most important problem was basically to concentrate on the next horror movie.

“After returning from a horror movie world, we can stay safe for 10 days in the God Space, whether it is for exercise, experiment, enhance, etc. We only have ten days, of course, we can return to real world with the exchange, or to go to a horror movie world, but the price is very expensive, not what we can afford now.”

In Ares’ room, the three people sat together to discuss the next horror world movie, which was the topic mentioned by Chu Hao.

When he heard this, J’s expression turned grim: “This is the first time I returned to the God Space, so I didn’t say anything, but after the next horror movie is over, I have to return to the real world. Don’t worry, I have to go back to solve some things.”

Ares also nodded and said: “I also have the same important things to resolve, because it is not clear whether the time between this world and the real world will be the same. For example, we could have been in Reincarnation World for a few years, and only a year has passed in the real world? Or is it still the moment we enter this world? If the time is not static, then I have to go back to the real world, otherwise if I disappeared for too long, there will be a major event…”

Chu Hao smiled and said: “As you said, I must also return to the real world, because this involves thousands of lives. Because of this, the next horror movie must be carefully planned. First, earn enough reward points and rank rewards, and second, how to survive… Let’s summarize our strengths.”

“First of all, J, your physical fitness is already very good, and you are good at close combat. Now you have the intermediate level internal force, which greatly increases your strength, speed, and reaction. In fact, your melee combat power is equivalent to about twenty soldiers, or about ten elite special forces soldiers, but I am sure this is not your full strength, because you are good at close combat, but you didn’t apply any internal force techniques before.”

J stunned, then suddenly realized: “I say, why is this Internal Force so hard to handle, it turned out to be this reason… but I also remembered, in the martial arts novels I have seen, there seems to be some special kungfu skills? For example, what is it, oh, 18 dragon palms?”

Chu Hao smiled and nodded. “Yes, these so-called techniques are actually the method of using Qi. Similar to magic’s incantation, its function is to bring out the energy resided in the body. In fact, improving physical fitness is just a very simple function, that’s all, there is no trash, only trash users, such is the truth.”

“As for Ares, your skeleton can only be summoned once, and you also need a human corpse. Of course, corpses are more common in horror movie world, but that does not rule out special circumstances, such as the movie Hypercube. If we don’t stay with the protagonists there, then you can’t summon any skeleton, which is a big problem.”

“Last is me…”

Chu Hao smiled a bit, he closed his eyes, and when he opened again, he was in unlocked state. Then the two saw he made a hand sign, while his mouth was reading some incomprehensible words. Two seconds later, the two saw Chu Hao’s hand in the dark, the next moment, they could not see anything, and they were caught in an unspeakable darkness, there was no light, as if they had come to a world without light.

The whole darkness lasted for about six or seven seconds. The entire room suddenly appeared bright again. Ares and J discovered that Chu Hao was sitting in the same place, and there was no change inside the room.

“This is the level 0 magic spell, blackout, which lasts only six or seven seconds. Compared with the real darkness spell, its flaw is obvious. For example, I can’t see any light myself. Once I use it, this area will only show darkness, no light, I even got some data through some research equipment, not only the visible light, even the invisible light is prohibited, I look at the complete spell structure, to the correct posture and incantation, to release it smoothly, this process takes about two seconds.”

Chu Hao smiled and explained the principle of of his magic, and then continued: “I have exchanged four level 0 spells, two level 1 spells. For level 0 spells, I need two seconds to cast, for level 1 spells, needs five to six seconds, especially the charm spell, which takes at least six seconds to cast. It must be said that magic casting time is really bad.”

Ares quietly listened. He thought about it and said, “Can’t you shorten the time? For example, practice, until you mastered it.”

Chu Hao nodded. “We don’t have time. If there is enough time, I’d only need one second to cast a level 0 spell, and three seconds for level 1 spell.”

J had an eager look, he curiously asked: “I have also played many DnD games, aren’t there many high magic spells? For example, silent casting, designated casting, these two high magic spells can get rid of hand signs and gestures, and after reaching the legendary level, there is also instant casting, which can omit even the spell structure.”

Chu Hao shook his head and said: “It’s still just a game. After all, it is a setting. I personally experienced magic. It’s like a strange rune circuit. As I mentioned before, I can only understand it like the circuit in modern electrical appliances, and when the energy traveled through these rune circuit, it will form a variety of peculiar effects, that is magic. As for the characteristics of high magic, I also went and searched, and they are not there, in fact, I couldn’t think of any way to remove the most basic electronic panels, which is the core of the spell, so I haven’t developed any high magic in these days because I couldn’t even understand the principles of these high magic.”

Ares suddenly remembered what it said: “Right, you mentioned the rune circuit? As you said… every time I use skeleton summoning skill, I feel the energy in my head, automatically condensed by some strange rune image, but I don’t need any incantations or gestures, maybe… The real principle of the high magic is that you can automatically form the spell structure in your mind and cast without incantations or gestures?”

Chu Hao smiled and said: “Spell structure, but in my mind, if I’m not concentrated, or I am out of shape, then it will be transformed into something else, how do I form a spell structure automatically? Condensing? Unless there is a strong computing core, and this computing core can replaces my thought process, then it is possible to simplify this step, such as…Godhead or something.”

All three turned silent. In fact, in the past few days, they had browsed over the exchange directories many times like an addict. Among them, they had seen angel bloodline, demon bloodline, archangel bloodline, demon baron bloodline and whatnot, there was even some insane ones like half-god bloodline, god bloodline, and even Godhead… but these were just delusions. The weakest level 1 Godhead, the lowest level of Godhead in DnD, required 30,000 points, two A rank rewards, and according to God, there was a condition that must be fulfilled. Otherwise, any creatures that integrated with the Godhead would be annihilated, and no one knew what this condition was.

Chu Hao sighed in his heart, but he still put on a smile and said: “In any case, we now are more powerful than ordinary people, although this power is still very weak, but this is our beginning, by the next horror movie world, we still need to have enough weapons to fight against modern technology.”

“Exchange for modern firearms, and then exchange for spiritual bullets, in case we enter a supernatural type horror movie world!”

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