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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 6 – Daybreakers

Volume 2, Chapter 6 – Daybreakers

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After days of verification and review, Chu Hao had basically confirmed a little bit of the law behind the exchanges. First of all, what existed in reality, basically did not need to spend rank reward, or only a low rank reward. For example, a D rank reward or something, basically there were a few things existed in reality that could be obtained, but they required C rank rewards.

As for non-combat, non-self-evolving items, such as various enjoyment items, or various precious metals, as well as various raw materials, and even some scientific information, the exchange price for these things were very low, they were as low as close to nothing. The exchange rate, followed by the technological weapon exchange prices was also very low, and even the futuristic high-tech weapon prices were very low.

The relationship was related to its own enhancement, its own evolution, and how far an ability would be able upgrade, whether it was skill, attribute, or bloodline, their prices were very expensive, and most of the enhancement exchanges, they needed layers of upgrades, from beginner level to advanced level, accumulating attributes, often representing a large number of reward points and rank rewards.

In fact, there were too many things to study. The more questions they had related to this world, the more research needed. A short ten days was not enough for Chu Hao to study, he could only done some inductions. And once the current known situation was wrapped up, they started preparing for the next horror movie.

“First of all, one pistol per person, I recommend the type 54 pistol, an old generation type of pistol. Although it is small, average power, high penetration, reliable performance, but the shortcomings are obvious, less rounds, the degree of accurate is slightly worse, the recoil is also relatively high. There are two reasons why I recommended this pistol. The first is cheap, the second is small and easy to hide. As for the shortcomings, we have a way to avoid it. Beside the pistol, I also recommend exchanging two to three high-explosive grenades, for some special cases. As for rifles and other heavy weapons, I don’t recommend them for a simple reason, we don’t have enough reward points.”

“We also need supply, we don’t know what horror movie we are going to. It is very likely that we will not be able to meet people for a long time, so I recommend a three day high energy food and portable fresh water for supplies. It is also good to have a bottle of hemostatic spray per person. Of course, Ares is the expert in this area. J has some extra points, which can help us exchange for some of the first aid equipment.”

It was all happened on the tenth day after everyone returned to the God Space, and was about to go to the next horror movie. All three had experience with guns, and both J and Chu Hao were proficient with firearms. So the problem was not big, and in the past ten days, the three people had also discussed about the new horror movie world several times, so after Chu Hao gave his best preparation plan, the other two did not have any objection, and very soon, they redeemed those items from God, and each had 100 spiritual type bullets for any possible spooky scenes.

When once everything was ready, it was twenty minutes from the next horror movie. The three of them put their backpacks on the ground and then directly sat down on the ground, then Ares handed a cigarette to each of them, and J asked: “Chu Hao, what do you say about our next horror movie? Can you possibly predict it?”

Chu Hao slightly hesitated and then nodded. “I mentioned it before, regardless of whether it was the Reincarnation World and the God Space, no matter who the creator is, since there are enhancements and so on, then this facility wasn’t built to kill us. For a simple example, the last horror movie was a team battle. Team China was very strong. They were so strong that we couldn’t fight back, but in reality we weren’t necessary at the dead end, we might not have lost a single person, God wouldn’t give us missions that would result in our deaths.”

“So considering our current strength, the first is we probably won’t get any supernatural type horror movies, so carrying the spiritual type bullets is just to prevent any accident, then the destruction type disaster movies. Yes, except for these two categories, other movies may appear, but as long as we don’t panic and think about the plot calmly, we should be able to survive.”

Both Ares and J nodded slightly. Both of them had some confidence in Chu Hao’s ability. After all, the previous horror movie was all thanks to his arrangement. If they didn’t get the 20,000 points, then they might have been in the negative and be eliminated by God now.

There were still more than ten minutes left. The three smoked their cigarettes, but they had already stopped talking about horror movie. They talked to each other about the real world. Of course, they are all men, so naturally the topic was about female, they talked about the women who they gunned, also some adult content, although they were honest but they didn’t describe them. But just when they started talking about their most unforgettable women, their expressions changed.

The first thing to talk about was the most frank and daring out of the three, J. His expression was a bit gloomy, but he still said: “The woman I am unable to forget, right, it’s not about the bed talk… It’s my mother, she… forget it, I will stop here, I don’t want to say anything else. In short, when I get stronger, I will definitely return to the real world for revenge, this bloody enmity, it’s not one or two people, not even one or two thousand people.”

Chu Hao and Ares didn’t say anything. After a long time, Ares said with a smile: “Chu, don’t tell me, you’re waiting for me to say first? Well, let me talk about it… there was someone who I couldn’t to forget. A female, a girl with small freckles and long braids, liked to listen to me talk about the world’s best doctor… That’s all.”

Even after waiting for Ares talked for a good while, Chu Hao was still silent, even the smile on his face disappeared, but Ares and J didn’t urge him. Both of them waited patiently, then suddenly a voice rang out in their minds.

“ Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked, starting transportation to Daybreakers …”

The three men looked at each other and immediately picked up their backpacks and checked their pistols and magazines. When they were all in good conditions, they quickly walked into the light beam, but before entering the light beam, Chu Hao’s voice suddenly rang: “The most difficult woman I couldn’t forget is my elder sister…the elder sister who I killed, before she killed me…”

When his voice fell, the three people had stepped into the light beam, and although it was only a moment, a feeling of half awake struck them, and everyone could not tell if they were dreaming or awake, as if although it was only a moment, it seemed like countless years…

When Chu Hao woke up, he found himself lying on the ground, and he suddenly became depressed. This damned God, why did it always made them lie on the ground every time they woke up after a transfer?

Chu Hao thought in a strange way, and when he opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding, he found that it was dark, only some street lights in the distance, but it still looked very dark, and then carefully checked the surrounding environment, he should be next to a street, it was just a little out of the way, unlike the big street in Skyline, but it was fine, after all, it was Daybreakers.

Daybreakers, this movie, was about an unknown plague. A virus which turned most human beings in the world into vampires, afraid of the sun, blood thirsty, strong, and almost immortal. Except for the extremely powerful power and spell, it was almost the same as the legendary vampire.

When the vast majority of humans became vampires, the remaining humans became a minority, and these vampires did not lose their minds and memories, which different from zombies, so the entire human society became the vampire society, humans were farmed and became the source of vampire food.

But after all, since humans had became very small in number, unable to satisfy the vast majority of vampires, so the number of human was getting scarcer. For this reason, vampire tried to create a substitute for blood, and at the same time, in the movie, a small number of human, worked together with the vampire male protagonist, found a way to turn vampire back to human.

This was the main story of Daybreakers, and in this movie, except for the so-called Subsider, there was basically no power beyond technology. The so-called Subsider was a type of vampire, due extremely lacking in human blood, they started attacking other vampires and sucking their bloods. Their bodies also began to degenerate into the legendary vampire with half-man and half-bat appearance, their power were extremely strong, far beyond the human form vampires, these were the Subsiders.

If it was like this, it seemed that this movie was not too dangerous, but it was only an illusion. Because of the Reincarnation Team, this movie world would be even more dangerous than Skyline!

How many people were there in the Reincarnation Team? 100!?

But this world’s order made up of Vampire, even if they were to rely on 100 people to fight the entire nation? What a joke! Unless it was a strong force like Team China, 100 people might be able to engage in a terrorist attack, but wanting to fight against a whole nation, it was simply courting death!

The most terrifying thing was that the Reincarnation Team was completely standing on the opposite side of this world’s order, simply just because the Reincarnation Team members were human, and the dominant civilization here was vampires.

After Chu Hao woke up, he thought about it in a few seconds. He then looked at the ground again. J and Ares were awake and were getting up from the ground. In addition to the three of them, there were five others, and what made Chu Hao felt strange was that he actually saw an Asian yellow skinned youth among them, but this was the North-Iceland team. The possibility of Asian was really very small.

Chu Hao looked at the newbie members on the floor, and he looked at the watch again, which showed the mission for this horror movie world.

“In the first stage of the mission, search for the protagonist, Edward Dalton, in three days, and follow him until he found Lionel Cormac. Upon completion, 2000 points reward, one C rank reward, deduct 3000 points if mission failed.”

“Mission restriction, once you found the protagonist, Edward Dalton, you can’t leave his side for more than one kilometer, otherwise eliminated!”

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