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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 7 – A Desperate Mission

Volume 2, Chapter 7 – A Desperate Mission

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This mission…

“Damn God!”

Even the usual calm Chu Hao couldn’t help but cursed when he saw the mission.

In fact, Chu Hao reacted a few seconds later after seeing the mission. It seemed to be a very easy mission, but in fact this mission was really dangerous! It was a terrible mission!

Daybreakers’ protagonist, Edward Dalton, was a vampire and a very important one at that. He was a blood expert who specialized in the largest blood supply group in the United States, a core member in the human blood substitution research. He went to the most populated place in the city of vampire to work every day, where there were thousands of vampires there, as for humans… they were the “dairy cow” for this supply group!

Everything else was clear enough, they had to be with the protagonist within a distance of one kilometer. Once they crossed that distance, it would turn into a desperate situation! How to complete this mission? How was it possible to complete this mission? Did they want them to follow the protagonist to the city, and then kill the vampires? With eight people, and five newbies!?

(TL: I made a small mistake in the last chapter, the 100 people was a hypothetical number from Chu Hao)

“Damn you God!”

Chu Hao cursed again. When he looked up, he saw J and Ares looked at their watches. J was still thinking, and Ares seemed to have understood something. His face was already a bit blue.

“This is a very dangerous mission, the specific situation will be discussed in detail, but can be summed in one sentence, it is absolutely impossible to meet him before Edward Dalton meets Lionel Cormac, otherwise… this mission will be our end! As for the 3000 point deduction… I have to plan carefully, there is always a solution!”

Chu Hao said in a hurry, he had already produced several plans to recover the deducted points. But it was really impossible… It’d be good if he could start a terrorist attack, which was what he was good at, even better than the already dead Arab Osage. It’d be good if he could blow up the city, in short, this mission was an absolute trap, and should never be able to finish it!

Speaking to that point, the five people on the ground woke up one after another, but unexpectedly, the first one to wake up was actually the yellow skinned Asian youth, and the way he woke up made the three people startled. His body trembled slightly, then suddenly turned up and took out a small handcuff from his sleeve, and cuffed onto the hands of the standing three.

(This action, this reaction… This person is not an ordinary person. Is he a soldier? Mercenary? Or something else?)

“Hey, buddy, be careful, we just woke up from the ground, but wake up earlier than you, be careful and don’t shoot.” Chu Hao immediately waved his hand, blocking J and Ares behind him from shooting and said to the youth.

The youth’s eyes were slightly blurred, but they quickly returned to normal. He looked at the three people in front of him coldly and looked at the four people on the ground, and the corners of his eyes also observed the situation around him. Slowly, He put his hand down, but didn’t put his crossbow away.

“Where is this, why am I here?” The youth asked immediately.

Just as he asked, the four people on the ground were also waking up. They were two men and two girls. The two men were a blonde youth, and a brown fat big man, the two girls were teenage students, and looking at their school uniforms, seemed to be students of the same school. They look very beautiful, one was short haired and the other was long haired.

“Ah! Who are you? Where is this place!?” The long-haired girl shouted as soon as she woke up, and desperately moved behind them.

The short-haired girl immediately hugged her, and watched the rest of the people vigilantly, “Don’t be afraid, Mary, don’t be afraid, I am here… Who are you? What do you want to do with us?”

Chu Hao was a little speechless, because this scene was really a bit strange. If he was to use the two girls’ perspectives to interpret it, it was like a group of perverted men kidnapping two flowery girls and then going to the suburbs to rape them, so he immediately said: “everyone quiet down, two ladies, we won’t do anything to you. Please relax now. In fact, we just came to this place and also just woke up.”

The four people looked at him with disbelief. Only the Asian, who frowned then looked up and down. “He didn’t say anything wrong. He really just got up from the ground. As for why, I also don’t know.”

The rest of the people looked at the situation with suspicion, and the cool youth didn’t move: “I am an assassin, good at observing the terrains and details, so I could see that he really did wake up from the ground. This is absolutely true, believe me.”


Only the four people were shocked, even Ares and J were also surprised. It must be known that it was the start of a team, if the team could have more powerful people, this would boost their survival in the future, which was really good, but it was really an assassin. It was really a very gratifying thing.

Chu Hao frowned. He began to recall the assassins he was familiar with in his mind. The famous characters in the assassin world, but this famous assassin was not the same. He was too young, he seemed to be only about 21 or 22 years old, maybe because he had a baby face, but this actual youth was really in his 20s, and an assassin… It seemed that there was no such famous assassin that young.

However, this was not the most important thing at that moment. Chu Hao coughed and said: “Everyone quiet down first. Listen carefully to me. This is not a kidnap, nor is it a joke. It is not a mischief from the TV station. The specific information should already be in your mind, please remember carefully…”

The five people in the room stared blankly. Suddenly, the expressions of the five people became fascinated. It seemed that there was a huge amount of information in their minds. After a while, the fat middle-aged man got up first and shouted: “I don’t believe it! I absolutely don’t believe in such a thing! What medicine have you given me? I have seen a lot of TV movies. Yes, you must have made me take some medicine. It must be like that, hey, where is the camera, hurry up and show it to me, what you’re doing is illegal, understand?”

While speaking, the fat man began to walk toward the edge, but did not go far, suddenly fell down to the ground, as if he had hit something, he rubbed his head and touched the front, there was an invisible barrier blocked his way.

“Do you want evidence? This is evidence.”

Chu Hao smiled and walked over to the fat man. He touched the invisible barrier: “Every time before the Reincarnation World begins, we will be inside this barrier. Until the world opens, we can’t go out, but it is absolutely safe. It’s to give us time to get the team together. Everyone can come and touch to see if I am telling the truth.”

The other four people walked around with a dubious suspicion. The result was that they touched the invisible barrier. Everyone showed a blank expression, but their faces showed more disbelief and inconceivable expressions.

Yes, that was it…

Chu Hao sighed, in fact, although he had seen those movies in the real world, he often felt that doctors, polices, those in mentally ill hospitals defended what they do. They wouldn’t believe that there were exceptions or ghosts, aliens were even more ridiculous, but in fact that was the reality. After decades of living in the real world, when they encountered something beyond scientific explanation, most people first would not believe it, then began to doubt themselves, unless there was countless of evidence, or it would be too difficult to believe that there was really something beyond scientific explanation.

“No, this is impossible! This is definitely a hypnotic effect!” The fat man screamed loudly.

The blonde youth next to him was also skeptical: “Speaking of hypnosis… I have seen a similar hypnosis show, after hypnotized a person, made him believe there was an invisible barrier, this kind of thing indeed happened, hey , everyone, shouldn’t we really be hypnotized?”

At this time, J was angry, was about to go up to say something or do something, Chu Hao reached out and stopped him, then pointed at the watch: “Look carefully, this time the number 0 isn’t displayed on the watch. It’s not team battle, we won’t get negative point if a team member dies…”

“We are not charitable organizations. If they don’t believe us, they will drag us down. We have already given them the opportunity, and explained the situation to them, showed them the invisible barriers. It’s not something that we should care about, and… this has always been disbelief, even wouldn’t dare to try, can only think of them as ordinary people who are escaping, and are not qualified to be our teammates.”

Chu Hao maintained his smile while saying those cruel words. His voice was low, but the people around him heard it clearly, and he didn’t wait for them to think, Chu Hao still smiled and said to them: “It still hasn’t started yet, everyone introduce yourself, age, what kind of work, your specialties. Just now everyone should’ve heard my words clearly, although we will not drive you away, but we are not a charity, and will not deliberately protect anyone unless they have some specialties.”

All five people hesitated. They didn’t know whether they should believe it or not. If it was really a horror movie world, if the Reincarnation World was real, then it was impossible to believe that it wasn’t true, but if it was false… …and they bought it then they would suffer big losses and be deceived.

After a few seconds, the youth suddenly said: “I will introduce first, my name is Zhang Heng, a professional assassin.” After that, he looked at everyone coldly.


At that time, Chu Hao and Ares both screamed, seemed to be thinking of something, J quickly asked: “Are you a very famous assassin? Are you strong? That would be great!”

Ares and Chu Hao were all very surprised. They looked at each other, and Ares first said: “He is indeed an assassin. From the rumors and materials of the dark world, he is good at using various kinds of bows and cold weapons, and he is very good at it. Able to kill people in constricted places, so his strength is also strong, just…” When he said this, he smiled and shook his head.

Chu Hao smiled and said something to him: “It’s a pity that his mission completion rate is less than 10%. Basically, even rookie assassins could surpass him easily. So very few people requested for him. Unless it’s a large scale mission required for team cooperation, his strength is really good, the only surprising thing is his luck, or something stranger than luck…”

“I have seen some of his assassination information. He would fail every time because of some accidents, and his failure was really funny. For example, once he received a big list, when he was going to assassinate a politician in some small country, and the only chance was to kill at the airport. It was difficult to bring weapons in, and he was invited. At that time, everything was normal, but at the most crucial moment, he got entangled with a heartbroken girl at the airport. Although he wasn’t exposed, but it was a failure.

After saying that, Chu Hao thought a bit and reminded him: “Yes, that woman weighed 180 kilograms… It is said that he was unable to use violence and broke two of his ribs before able to escape from that woman’s clutch…”

“Say no more!”

Zhang Heng suddenly got angry and threw the crossbow to the ground, and interrupted Chu Hao. His face was also red, he did not attack Chu Hao, but he was annoyed. It could be seen that he was still quite restrained, but it was a pity that the cold image he had been disguising had suddenly broken down.

Chu Hao shrugged his shoulders helplessly: “Well, the next four, please hurry up, the movie may start soon.”

The four people looked at each other. After a while, the short-haired girl actually took the courage and said: “My name is Aikeer, her name is Mary, my younger sister, we are both high school students.”

Since they took the lead, the blonde youth immediately said: “My name is Tom, also a student, but I’m an university student… Are you really not joking?”

Chu Hao shook his head and didn’t talk. After a long time, he continued: “My name is Chu Hao, I have experienced a horror movie world, so I am barely a veteran, he is J, also a veteran, his name is Ares, the same, then… Welcome everyone to the Reincarnation World…”

When his voice fell, the wind blew, and at the same time, a car appeared from the far end of the road.

When Chu Hao was planning to hide these few people, he suddenly snapped out by a car from another intersection. With a bang, the two cars collided together, but the scene made everyone stunned.

“Really, a car accident right off the bat…”

Chu Hao shook his head. He was a little surprised because he seemed to have seen this scene from somewhere, but he couldn’t remember, and then said to everyone: “This is the Daybreakers world. I don’t know how many people have watched this movie. Please let me know if you have seen it.”

Ares and J immediately said while the other five hesitated. After a while, Zhang Heng and the blonde youth said that they had seen it, and the remaining three had never seen it.

“It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen it. I have seen this movie, and the details are basically memorized. So if you don’t have any opinions, you can follow us. Of course, I’ll still say this, we are not a charity. It is very likely that you’ll be in more danger if you follow us than finding a place to hide. As for what it is, whether it is disbelief, afraid of danger, or simply to follow us, it’s up to you to decide.”

The five people looked at each other again, but before they could even discuss about what happened, suddenly the sound of the police car sounded in the distance, it seemed to be coming there to deal with the traffic accident.

But Chu Hao’s expression changed, he was thinking about this scene!

Yes, this scene appeared not long after the opening. The protagonist collided with the female lead’s car. The protagonist was a vampire, but he was very sympathetic to humans. He deceived the police to save the female lead, saying that the humans had fled and pointed to that direction…

And worst of all, they were standing in the same direction the protagonist pointed!

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