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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 8 – Follow

Volume 2, Chapter 8 – Follow

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At this moment, Chu Hao’s killing intent rose!

He even suspected that God was deliberately arranged so that they could not escape the situation of meeting with the protagonist. In fact, it was already too late to escape. They were in a junction, there was no road around, they could only going along the road or going backward, but how could a man outrun a vehicle? So either deal with the police, meet the protagonist, then follow the protagonist, or be arrested by the police, then…

Damn it!

Chu Hao was getting angrier, but still forced himself to calm down, and then thought about the countermeasures, as for the important things now… First plan out the distance between them and the protagonist, hope that they couldn’t found us, the time to escape, not including the protagonist, after all, they hadn’t seen them.

But at this moment, the fat man suddenly screamed loudly: “Hey, police!! Come help me, I need help!”

In an instant, the other seven people were shocked, and the fat man didn’t care, continued to yell loudly, and ran to the police car, and screamed even louder.

“Damn it!”

Chu Hao took out the type-54 pistol in his sleeve. He paused a bit and took back the pistol. Instead, he took a few steps, rushed toward the fat man, hit the back of his neck, and gently knocked out the fat man. Afterward, he ignored the fat man and said to Ares and J: “There is no other way, we can’t hide, let’s deal with the police here, then…. wait and meet with the protagonist.”

Speaking of this, Chu Hao felt very bitter. He was blaming himself for being too careless. He knew what ordinary people were like, but he was so careless, which became a burden to the team. They could have avoided, but now there was no other way but to face it after all…

While speaking, he and J, as well as Ares all took out their hidden pistols. In an instant, the police car rushed over, but they did not wait for the police car to stop. When the car was about a hundred meters away, Chu Hao raised his type-54 pistol in his hand and took a few shots. One of the bullets directly hit the tire of the police car. At this time, the police car had not had time to slow down. When the tire exploded, the vehicle suddenly tilted to the side. After sliding for more than ten meters, the entire police car flipped over, and after sliding again for more than ten meters, it finally stopped at the center of the road.

J and Ares were naturally familiar with Chu Hao ability, but the other four were not. Except for Zhang Heng’s serious and unexpected expression, the two girls were shocked. They couldn’t speak with their mouths opened. As for the blonde youth, he also had the same expression.

Chu Hao coldly said: “J, keep watch on them here, don’t let them mess around, and be careful. You’re Zhang Heng, right? The Funny Assassin.”

“Don’t call me by this nickname!” Zhang Heng was irritated, but apart from this, he did not do anything dangerous.

After listening to his words, J took out his type-54 pistol and stood there, while Chu Hao and Ares both quickly ran forward and approached the overturned police car dozens of meters away. The policemen pushed the door open. Chu Hao shot two shots at the door lock directly. After pulling the door open, he shot a few more shots. All was done in just a few seconds, his action was absolutely inconspicuous, he did not hesitate a single moment. When Ares came over, he had already finished, but his expression was a bit serious.

“No bonus points… Is there no reward points for killing ordinary vampire?”

Chu Hao whispered to himself, these few shots also changed his plans a bit, because killing these vampires didn’t give him any points… but it was also reasonable. The world’s vampires were like normal human in the real world. In that case, in a world with billions of vampires, no reward points was also reasonable…

In that case, then they must complete the mission, otherwise with a negative 3000 points, without doing anything, it could be a big problem…

Chu Hao sighed and took back his thoughts. At the same time, he waved to the people in the distance. When the four people and J came over, other than Zhang Heng, the three newbies were already pale and did not dare to look at Chu Hao.

Chu Hao didn’t care either. He took back the pistol and looked at the car that was coming in the distance. It was the protagonist car that had just had a car accident, but it still seemed fine and did not suffer any damage. The male protagonist and the female lead, as well as the two other men were in the car.

“Take out your guns…”

Chu Hao looked at Ares and J helplessly and said: “We will do this mission, there’s no way to hide, and the other way is to kill the vampires, but there won’t be any reward points. This horror movie is much more complex than expected. This mission must be done, and everyone needs to be mentally prepared, we are likely to encounter some dangerous situations.”

Ares didn’t say anything, placed his hand on Chu Hao’s shoulder, while J grinned, “It’s full of danger, this is not the God Space, it’s also not a resort, this world for us is full of danger, but I believe in your wisdom.”

Chu Hao nodded and his eyes relaxed a little, he ignored the other four newbies. He stood on the road and waited for the car to come closer. After a while, he saw the car with three men and a woman carrying crossbows parked on the side of the road, and a man with a black hat was first to come out of the car. He was very shocked when he saw the police car.

“Don’t shoot!”

Chu Hao raised his hands and gestured to the other side, while slowly walking toward them.

The other three startled and immediately raised their crossbows: “Don’t get any closer!”

At that time, the woman among the three asked seriously: “You, are you a human?”

Chu Hao immediately laughed and said: “Of course, this kind of thing can be easily tell by looking at the eyes.”

Among them, only the man with a black hat had yellow eyes. Such characteristic was too obvious, only vampires had such eyes. As for humans, it was completely different, so such situation could easily tell with just a look.

The three men then relaxed, and put their crossbows down. The woman immediately said, “Brothers, come with us. It’s not safe here, I can take you to a safe place.”

Chu Hao sighed in his heart, but on the surface he smiled and shook his head. He replied in a very polite but firm voice: “I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you, so I can’t come with you.”

The three people suddenly had a strange expression. In fact, it wasn’t just them, but everyone behind him was the same. When J was about to say something, Ares pulled J and shook his head slightly, indicating that he should leave it to Chu Hao.

The three men suddenly became worried, and a middle aged uncle said: “Brother, we are all humans, why don’t you believe us?”

Chu Hao still shook his head: “Because I heard from some wandering humans before, that there was a group of humans called themselves the survivors, they gathered humans then sold them to the vampires to buy their freedom to live. So I don’t trust you, I am sorry, I have my own plan.”

The three men suddenly hesitated, the woman wanted to say something, but the middle aged uncle immediately said, “Let’s go, just leave them, we don’t have much time, and if we don’t go now, we might not be able to leave.”

The woman hesitated, but still nodded after a moment, and said to Chu Hao: “You… take care of yourself, don’t go out at night, don’t go to the dark place during the day, be careful with the vampires, be careful with subsiders… if… take care.” After the woman finished, she took the lead, and the three hurriedly ran alongside of the road. After a while, they disappeared.”

Only Chu Hao and the protagonist Edward left behind. At that moment, Edward was also hesitated, he thought for a bit and said: “There was a car accident near here, and the police were done in by you… try to escape, don’t get caught, otherwise your situation will really be worse than death, so run.”

Chu Hao asked Edward: “Can you help us?”

Edward was shocked and quickly said: “I am a vampire, and you don’t believe in humans, for what reason should you believe in me, a vampire!”

Chu Hao then pointed to his ear and said: “Your ears are sharpened… As far as I know, as long as a vampire doesn’t feed on human blood for a long time, the ears will become sharper and eventually will turn into a subsider.they will become sharper as long as it does not suck blood, and it will gradually become a Subsider. Your ears are getting sharper, proving that you haven’t drink human blood for a long time. And your car, you are not a low level vampire without money, so this is enough to prove that you are more reliable than them… Can you help us? We don’t want to be blood cows to feed the vampires.”

Edward’s face showed some struggle. After a long time, he sighed: “I can take you in temporarily, but it is still dangerous… I am a vampire after all, okay, if you insist, then come with me, there are some empty houses near my house, I think you can find a place to stay for a while, but don’t let the other vampires find out, or you will definitely be…”


Chu Hao smiled, together with a few people behind him, followed Edward to the damaged vehicle…

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