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Dawn Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 2, Chapter 9 – Subsiders

Volume 2, Chapter 9 – Subsiders

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“I believe it.”

Zhang Heng spoke indifferently.

“I believe it too…”

The blond youth and the two girls also said in unison.

Just a few minutes ago, Chu Hao took a few people to the car left by the female lead. The car had been damaged, but Chu Hao said that he want to repair it, and then took the male protagonist Edward with Ares and J and got on the car, he used the level 0 restoration spell to fix the car.

Zhang Heng and others saw it very clearly. The car was really repaired with magic. Only then, they finally began to believe the Reincarnation World and began to think carefully about what to do next.

The long-haired girl Mary of the two girls asked carefully: “So… that man named Edward, is he really a vampire?” After that, she also showed a fearful look.

“That’s for sure!” The blonde youth answered: “If this is really Daybreakers, then Edward is the protagonist of this movie. Oh God, vampires… I don’t know if I will become a vampire if I was bitten by them!”

Zhang Heng said disdainfully: “You seem to be very excited, do you want to be vampire?”

The blonde youth laughed and said: “A little bit, after all, vampire isn’t zombie, they won’t lose their own will and consciousness, and also won’t suffer from illness, but also won’t grow old, although there is no additional power, but if this world is real, isn’t it obvious that being like the protagonist is good?”

Zhang Heng still maintained his indifference and sneered, of course, with his delicate baby face, such attitude didn’t really suit him…

“Then why don’t you just say that you are afraid of the sun? This is also their fatal weakness. If you don’t do well, you will be finished, no one can save you. If it’s really the Reincarnation World, then you must face the horror scenes in Daybreakers. At that time, where are you going to run?”

The blonde youth stunned and then nodded to himself: “This is a big problem… But if we become vampire, wouldn’t that increase our chance of survival? This is a dilemma… That’s right, this brother, your magic, did you really redeemed after returning to the God Space?”

Chu Hao smiled and said: “My name is Chu Hao. You are not wrong. My magic was indeed obtained in the God Space. As long as you can survive, sooner or later you can obtain powerful abilities.” The premise is to not die, but Chu Hao did not say this.

The blonde youth suddenly broke into a silly smile, and fell into his own fantasy. At that moment, the short-haired girl suddenly said: “Hey, daydreamer, you need to survive this horror movie world first. Daybreakers can be much harder than you think.”

Blonde youth disdainfully said: “What’s so difficult, we know the story of the movie, know the future direction, and know many things, we just need to avoid the risks, what’s so difficult about that.”

Aikerl, the short-haired girl, sighed and didn’t talk. Mary, who was next to her, didn’t follow suit. She immediately said, “Are you an idiot? Didn’t you see the mission on the watch? Many horror movies are like this, that is, just flee directly to the police station is enough. But what is the meaning of our entrance? The Reincarnation World will not let us do it, so it will inevitably give us some dangerous missions. This mission itself is the danger. Are you really an idiot?”

The blonde youth named Tom suddenly felt a little angry, he shouted: “Follow the protagonist, follow him and meet with Lionel Cormac, how is it difficult! Are you looking down on me?”

The short hair girl Aikerl faintly sighed again. When she was about to say something, the long-haired girl Mary immediately retorted sharply: “Just with your pig head, how can you understand how deep the problem is… I will say this once, how are you going to follow Edward to the city full of vampires? As a human? Then you can directly go and deliver yourself to the blood bank, I won’t stop you.”

The blonde youth suddenly became furious. He turned his head and yelled at Mary, and Mary wouldn’t willing to show any weakness. In turn, she confronted the blonde youth Tom. At that time, Chu Hao said: “Okay, we’re all team members. Why are we having verbal disputes? As of now, we still have a lot of things to do, don’t make any more noise.”

When they heard Chu Hao’s words, the two glanced at each other and shifted their eyes away. But by that time, Chu Hao was more curious about the two girls, with such keen way of thinking, different from ordinary people. They listened to his narrative and then looked at the mission on their watch, and were able to discover the danger almost immediately. These two girls….weren’t simple.

The dispute on the road ended there. Chu Hao drove immediately behind Edward’s vehicle and headed for a residential area in the suburbs. After about ten minutes, Edward’s car drove into an independent villa community, and parked his car on the side of the road.

Chu Hao also parked the car on the side of the road. When everyone got out of the car, Edward pointed to the villa and said: “The master of this house was killed by a subsider who broke into the house. Now the house is empty. Everything inside can still be used, but unless you break through the window, there is no other way to enter the house. And if you break the window… I am afraid that you will attract the wandering subsiders and they will attack you directly from the window, which is even more dangerous.”

The blonde youth Tom who just lost his face to Mary, immediately said in a hurry: “Then we can live in your home, isn’t that better?”


Mary immediately retorted, Aikerl next to her hurriedly pulled her, and quickly said: “Tom, this gentleman should have a family. Although he is willing to help us, but not necessarily his family, and if we were to be discovered, this gentleman will also suffer some consequences. It’s better to live here, and doesn’t this gentleman also living nearby? If anything, we can still be able to respond at any time.”

When Edward heard of his family, his face showed a distressed and painful expression, and then he hurriedly said: “My family lives there, only three houses away from you. If there is a patrol, I will tell you in advance. And if you have any needs, you can come to me at any time… No, I will come to you. Every day after work, about this time I will come to you and ask if you need anything.”

Chu Hao smiled and said: “This… is it Mr. Edward? Just saw your work certificate. Thank you very much. Without you, we might just as well sleep on the street, isn’t it more dangerous? No matter what, we are all able to live here is because of you, and we’re thankful for that.”

Edward said a few words in a polite manner. By then, the sky was already bright. It seemed that the daybreak was coming, and he could not stay much longer. After saying a few words of advice, he said goodbye to everyone and went back to his home. Everyone also went to the villa, then they found a back garden window behind the street, and easily entered the room after breaking the window.

The interior of the small villa was quite neat, except for the thin layer of dust, it wasn’t dirty, and the interior of the villa was still very good, there were also a lot of rooms, enough for everyone, so there was no problem for the seven people to live there.

Just as everyone was checking the interior of the small villa, the blonde youth Tom suddenly seemed to think of something, he slapped his head and said: “That’s right, our mission is stay within a distance of kilometer of Edward… What about that middle aged uncle? I forgot and left him on the street”


Mary sneered and whispered, “That… we didn’t forget.”

Tom still hadn’t recovered yet, and he curiously asked: “Wasn’t forgotten? Then what? We really didn’t bring him with us.”

“This idiot, I can’t stand you…”

Mary also slapped her forehead and looked at his pig-like appearance: “Do you feel someone who yelled at the vampires at any time, betrayed us… is qualified to live? You are a child who doesn’t know anything.”

Tom’s expression was still distracted at first, then seemed to understand something, suddenly his face turned white, and his body was slightly trembling. He seemed to recall that moment, the smiling, gentle-looking man, Chu Hao, killed a few vampire police officers from the beginning…

At the moment, Chu Hao didn’t have the time to take care of them. As soon as he entered the villa, he began to observe the environment, then went to the villa’s kitchen and took a knife and said: “J, Ares, pick yourselves up. Get ready to fight.”

“Fight? Using this knife?”

Both J and Ares were puzzled and looked at Chu Hao. They didn’t understand what Chu Hao wanted to do with the knife.

Chu Hao directly grasped the blade of the knife with his hand. He pulled it gently, and blood flowed out of the palm of his hand. The people around him looked at him strangely. They didn’t know why he did it.

Chu Hao looked at the blood dripping on the ground, he said with a smile: “In order to attract the target… Those who have seen this movie remembered this part? When the story develops up to here, the protagonist will come home and meet with the younger brother, Frankie, to celebrate his birthday. Due to the dispute over the humans, they smashed a bottle of blood into the room, thus attracting the subsiders.”

“Our objective is naturally this subsider. In fact, haven’t you discovered it already? Zhang Heng is already ready.”

Everyone quickly looked back and saw Zhang Heng, didn’t know when but he had picked up some small wires out of his clothes frame and assembled a metal longbow. When he heard Chu Hao, he immediately looked up and smiled: “Don’t look at me like this, I just… just before entering the villa, I felt vaguely that something was following us. In order to prevent it, I prepared these things in order to cope…”

“With the situation!”

After he said that, Zhang Heng’s fierce eyes blurred, he pulled his metal longbow like a full moon, a small metal arrow was fired, followed by a soft break sound, and an arrow hit the broken window. A huge shadow appeared in front of them…

When they came back to their sense, they saw the appearance of the shadow. It was a huge humanoid bat, with a vaguely shaped head, but its arms had been completely turned into wings. And the arrow that was shot, it only ran through its shredded wings and did not cause much damage, but it obviously angered it. With a hissing sound, the huge humanoid bat swooped over to everyone. Its speed was amazing, but the fluttering sound was even more violent, which showed its terrifying power!

This is a subsider!

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