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Death Progress Bar (Web Novel)


Shi Jin once read a book. It was supposed to be about satisfying the desire for vengeance.

The main character, also named Shi Jin, was the sixth son of his harem-novel-protagonist-like father. All was well—while his father was alive. But after his death, Shi Jin’s five elder half-brothers tormented him, eventually leading to his death. The protagonist was reborn, determined to take revenge, and… the novel was discontinued.

That day, Shi Jin almost spat blood and dropped the book into a shredder. The next day, he died in a car accident. Somehow, when he came to, he had transmigrated into a teenager, a youth also called Shi Jin.

There was only one problem. His father had just died. His older brothers were about to torment him…

Shi Jin: Let’s eliminate my brothers’ hatred, my goal is to keep my life!

139 • 2019-05-28 14:06:42


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 64 - Morgue2019-12-10
Chapter 63 - Pharmacy2019-12-03
Chapter 62 -  Lishui Hospital2019-11-25
Chapter 61 - Counter Poison With Poison2019-11-12
Chapter 60 - Eye For an Eye2019-11-04
Chapter 59 - Doghouse2019-10-29
Chapter 58 - Explosion2019-10-22
Chapter 57 - Shares2019-10-14
Chapter 56 - A Couple’s Character Set2019-10-07
Chapter 55 - The Protagonist’s Halo2019-10-01
Chapter 54 - Pink Bubbles2019-09-23
Chapter 53 - He’s a Monster!2019-09-16
Chapter 52 - Mermaid2019-09-09
Chapter 51 - The Conference’s End2019-09-03
Chapter 50 - A Simple Question2019-08-26
Chapter 49 - Love Breeds Hate2019-08-20
Chapter 48 - Poison Formula2019-08-12
Chapter 472019-08-05
Chapter 46 - Bet2019-07-29
Chapter 45 - Ship2019-07-22
Chapter 44 - Exam2019-07-15
Chapter 43 - Replacement2019-07-15
Chapter 42 - Massage2019-07-01
Chapter 41 - Lapdog2019-06-24
Chapter 40 - Crescent Bay Island2019-06-18
Chapter 39: Egg Cakes2019-06-03
Chapter 38: Sorry2019-06-03
Chapter 37: Sweet Little Quilted Jacket2019-05-28
Chapter 36: God’s Will2019-05-28
Chapter 35: Sniper2019-05-28
Chapter 34: One Hundred Meals2019-05-28
Chapter 33: Silver Bracelets2019-05-28
Chapter 32: “I Forgot”2019-05-28
Chapter 31: Anger2019-05-28
Chapter 30: Sick2019-05-28
Chapter 29: Dream2019-05-28
Chapter 28: Autograph2019-05-28
Chapter 27: Dinner2019-05-28
Chapter 26: 00J2019-05-28
Chapter 25: Pinching2019-05-28
Chapter 24: Mission2019-05-28
Chapter 23: Training2019-05-28
Chapter 22: Survival Factors2019-05-28
Chapter 21: Noodles2019-05-28
Chapter 20: Fight2019-05-28
Chapter 19: Cause of Death2019-05-28
Chapter 18: Hug2019-05-28
Chapter 17: Happy Birthday2019-05-28
Chapter 16: Soft-Boiled Egg2019-05-28
Chapter 15: Cucumber Feast2019-05-28
Chapter 14: Dancing2019-05-28
Chapter 13: Zero Degrees2019-05-28
Chapter 12: “Nightlight”2019-05-28
Chapter 11: Promotion2019-05-28
Chapter 10: Outcome2019-05-28
Chapter 9: Traitor2019-05-28
Chapter 8: Exercising2019-05-28
Chapter 7: Flames of War2019-05-28
Chapter 6: Staying2019-05-28
Chapter 5: Buff2019-05-28
Chapter 4: Power2019-05-28
Chapter 3: “Darling”2019-05-28
Chapter 2: Running Away2019-05-28
Chapter 1: Inheritance2019-05-28


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