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Demon’s Diary (Web Novel)


Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand at another place two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

Their young master looks nearly like our MC
What will happen?

610 • 2019-09-08 13:56:32


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 528: Changyang Marke2021-01-19
Chapter 527: Two Sword Techniques2021-01-18
Chapter 526: Gan Lou Pearl2021-01-18
Chapter 525: Green Face Ghos2021-01-13
Chapter 524: Xu Family Fortress2021-01-13
Chapter 523: Cangman Mountain2021-01-12
Chapter 522: Selling Elixir2021-01-09
Chapter 521: Strength Increased2021-01-09
Chapter 520: Training in Illusion2021-01-06
Chapter 519: Fighting Lan Xi Again2021-01-05
Chapter 518: Flawless Grade Elixir2021-01-05
Chapter 517: Cold Condensing Pill and Golden Yuan Pill2021-01-02
Chapter 516: Materials2020-12-31
Chapter 515: Demon Flying Skull’s Evolution2020-12-30
Chapter 514: Tai Yin Cave2020-12-30
Chapter 513: First Time Seeing Magical Grade Weapon2020-12-28
Chapter 512: Deep Into the Cool Pool2020-12-25
Chapter 511: Icesilk2020-12-25
Chapter 510: White Insect Egg2020-12-23
Chapter 509: Sword Duel2020-12-22
Chapter 508: Cold Pool2020-12-22
Chapter 507: Revisiting the Marke2020-12-18
Chapter 506: Sect Contrac2020-12-17
Chapter 505: Jin Yuhuan2020-12-16
Chapter 504: Three Methods2020-12-15
Chapter 503: Gain2020-12-14
Chapter 502: The End of Trial2020-12-13
Chapter 501: Bone Scorpion Woke Up2020-12-13
Chapter 500: Underground Treasure2020-12-09
Chapter 499: Crystallization2020-12-09
Chapter 498: Fire Spirit King2020-12-09
Chapter 497: Sneak Attack2020-12-07
Chapter 496: Return2020-12-07
Chapter 495: Giant Fire Spiri2020-12-07
Chapter 494: Abrupt Change2020-12-07
Chapter 493: Escape2020-12-07
Chapter 492: Three Tastes True Flame Cauldron2020-11-28
Chapter 491: Planning2020-11-27
Chapter 490: Died in the Battle2020-11-26
Chapter 489: Join Forces2020-11-25
Chapter 488: Mutated Fire Spiri2020-11-23
Chapter 487: Fire Spiri2020-11-20
Chapter 486: Fire Crow2020-11-19
Chapter 485: Small Flame World2020-11-18
Chapter 484: The Secret of the Alien Race2020-11-17
Chapter 483: Suspicion2020-11-16
Chapter 482: Silver Spring Valley2020-11-13
Chapter 481: Long Yanfei2020-11-12
Chapter 480: Wood Spirit Cave2020-11-11
Chapter 479: Life And Death Lis2020-11-10
Chapter 478: Fierce Battle in the Black Sun Mountain2020-11-10
Chapter 477: Tiancan Tongzi2020-11-10
Chapter 476: Armor Dragon Beas2020-11-10
Chapter 475: Snowclaw Spider2020-11-10
Chapter 474: Black Sun Mountain Range2020-11-10
Chapter 473: Tes2020-11-10
Chapter 472: Xuan Notice2020-10-30
Chapter 471: Five Elements Hall2020-10-29
Chapter 470: Three Ways2020-10-28
Chapter 469: Void Spirit Tower2020-10-28
Chapter 468: Outer Disciple2020-10-27
Chapter 467: Emerald Cloud Peak2020-10-24
Chapter 466: Thousands Spirit Mountain2020-10-24
Chapter 465: Temple Panruo2020-10-22
Chapter 464: Four Great Ancient Sects2020-10-21
Chapter 463: Yu Qing2020-10-21
Chapter 462: The Final Fight Part 22020-10-17
Chapter 461: The Final Fight Part 12020-10-16
Chapter 460: Third Round2020-10-15
Chapter 459: Blue Pythons Nine Turn Technique2020-10-15
Chapter 458: The Second Round2020-10-13
Chapter 457: Warming Up2020-10-10
Chapter 456: Spirit Gathering Technique2020-10-09
Chapter 455: Jia Lan’s Battle2020-10-08
Chapter 454: Xin Yuan’s Mighty Strength2020-10-07
Chapter 453: Draw Lo2020-10-06
Chapter 452: Valley of Fire2020-10-06
Chapter 451: Second Heavy Water Drople2020-10-06
Chapter 450: Qualified for the Gambling Figh2020-10-06
Chapter 449: Selective Trial2020-10-06
Chapter 448: Purple Night Temple and Golden Jade Alliance2020-10-06
Chapter 447: Detoxification2020-10-06
Chapter 446: Slayed the King Beas2020-09-25
Chapter 445: Battling the King Beas2020-09-25
Chapter 444: Fighting Beast Group2020-09-23
Chapter 443: Huang Zhen And Spiritual Materials2020-09-23
Chapter 442: Detoxification and the Letter of Challenge2020-09-20
Chapter 441: Qingsan Pill2020-09-20
Chapter 440: Split Up2020-09-20
Chapter 439: Changfeng Association Presiden2020-09-20
Chapter 438: Envoy of the Purple Night Temple2020-09-20
Chapter 437: Undercurren2020-09-20
Chapter 436: Changfeng Association2020-09-20
Chapter 435: Qingyu Island2020-09-20
Chapter 434: South Sea Region2020-09-20
Chapter 433: Illusive Demonic Pupil2020-09-20
Chapter 432: Prison2020-09-07
Chapter 431: Luo Hu2020-09-03
Chapter 430: Defeating Siren King2020-09-03
Chapter 429: Being Controlled by Demonic Thoughts2020-09-03
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