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Demon’s Diary (Web Novel)


Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand at another place two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

Their young master looks nearly like our MC
What will happen?

391 • 2019-09-08 13:56:32


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 391: Antidote2020-07-09
Chapter 390: Two Forces2020-07-08
Chapter 389: Sand Armor2020-07-07
Chapter 388: Return to the Entrance2020-07-06
Chapter 387: Dispel the Toxic again2020-07-03
Chapter 386: Bounty2020-07-02
Chapter 385: The City in the Mine Cave2020-07-01
Chapter 384: A Young Stranger2020-06-30
Chapter 383: The Forces in the Cave2020-06-29
Chapter 382: The Person in the Painting2020-06-26
Chapter 381: The Old Man in the Mine2020-06-25
Chapter 380: Guard2020-06-24
Chapter 379: Underwater Palace2020-06-23
Chapter 378: Blood Spirit Silk2020-06-22
Chapter 377: Black Elixir2020-06-19
Chapter 376: Hurting the Real Pellet State Powerhouse2020-06-18
Chapter 375: An Ultimate Blow2020-06-18
Chapter 374: Xuan Yin Needle2020-06-18
Chapter 373: The Disaster of the Crystallization Period Powerhouse2020-06-18
Chapter 372: Call for Surrender2020-06-18
Chapter 371: Siren King Appeared2020-06-18
Chapter 370: Strange Scene2020-06-18
Chapter 369: Detoxification2020-06-18
Chapter 368: Fever Snake Venom2020-06-18
Chapter 367: Earth Burrowing2020-06-18
Chapter 366: Pursui2020-06-18
Chapter 365: An Escape2020-06-18
Chapter 364: Essence Pearl2020-06-18
Chapter 363: Another Sudden Change2020-06-18
Chapter 362: Sudden Change2020-05-29
Chapter 361: Blood Beast Crystal2020-05-28
Chapter 360: Counterattack2020-05-27
Chapter 359:Golden Fallen Sand2020-05-26
Chapter 358: Being Intercepted2020-05-25
Chapter 357: Group Battle in the Ironfire Valley 42020-05-22
Chapter 356: Group Battle in the Ironfire Valley 32020-05-21
Chapter 355: Group Battle in the Ironfire Valley 22020-05-20
Chapter 354: Group Battle in the Ironfire Valley 12020-05-19
Chapter 353: Mysterious Young Man2020-05-19
Chapter 352: Escape Plan2020-05-18
Chapter 351: Secret Talk in the Wood2020-05-14
Chapter 350: Mysterious Tail2020-05-13
Chapter 349: Nine Skulls Shield2020-05-12
Chapter 348: Red Glow2020-05-11
Chapter 347: Being Assaulted2020-04-28
Chapter 346: Flying Sword Fusion2020-04-28
Chapter 345: A Troublesome Matter2020-04-28
Chapter 344: Severed Head2020-04-28
Chapter 343: Meeting Jia Lan again2020-04-08
Chapter 342: Conflict2020-04-08
Chapter 341: Soul Lock and Tidal Shield2020-04-08
Chapter 340: Five Spiritual Weapons2020-04-08
Chapter 339: Ironfire Valley2020-03-25
Chapter 338: Yunchuan Token2020-03-24
Chapter 337: Meng Ning2020-03-09
Chapter 336: Speculation2020-03-09
Chapter 335: A Windfall2020-03-03
Chapter 334: Black Blood2020-03-03
Chapter 333: The Valley South City2020-03-03
Chapter 332: The Black Demon Bird2020-03-03
Chapter 331 Out on the Sea2020-02-07
Chapter 330 Soul Lock2020-02-07
Chapter: 329 The Morphing of the Demon2020-01-29
Chapter 328 The Choosing of the Six Sons2020-01-29
Chapter 327: Qinzhou Alley2019-10-18
Chapter 326: Liquid Middle Stage2019-10-18
Chapter 325: Meeting of Dragon and Tiger2019-10-18
Chapter 324: Out of the Tower2019-10-02
Chapter 323: The Comeback of the Round Sky Stele2019-09-11
Chapter 322: The Round Sky Stele2019-09-08
Chapter 321: The Demonic Eyes2019-09-08
Chapter 320: Out Came the Demonic Character2019-09-08
Chapter 319: Another Drop of Heavy Water2019-09-08
Chapter 318: The Seal and the Black Snake2019-09-08
Chapter 317: Sealing the Giant Foot2019-09-08
Chapter 316: Black Snake2019-09-08
Chapter 315: Black Liquid and White Flame2019-09-08
Chapter 314: Breaking the Seal and Setting the Bait2019-09-08
Chapter 313: The Seal2019-09-08
Chapter 312: Slaughtering the Demonic Tiger2019-09-08
Chapter 311: Big Wind Bird and Blood Tiger2019-09-08
Chapter 310: Di Qiu Beast2019-09-08
Chapter 309: Entering the Tower2019-09-08
Chapter 308: The Suppressing Demon Tower2019-09-08
Chapter 307: The Man in the Coffin2019-09-08
Chapter 306: Snow Blowing Spell2019-09-08
Chapter 305: Demon Calling Spell2019-09-08
Chapter 304: Han Li2019-09-08
Chapter 303: Blood Tiger2019-09-08
Chapter 3022019-09-08
Chapter 3012019-09-08
Chapter 3002019-09-08
Chapter 2992019-09-08
Chapter 2982019-09-08
Chapter 2972019-09-08
Chapter 2962019-09-08
Chapter 2952019-09-08
Chapter 2942019-09-08
Chapter 2932019-09-08
Chapter 2922019-09-08