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Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye (Web Novel) - Chapter 239 The Woman Years Ago

Chapter 239 The Woman Years Ago

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Chen Jing is Dong Nianshuang’s another assistant in the company. Previously, she was only responsible for rear services. As she is a little older, she follows Dong Nianshuang to go abroad to take care of Dong Nianshuang’s diet and daily life. She almost gets frightened to death when she receives a phone call from the police station.

“Nianshuang, are you OK? Let me have a look!” Looking at Dong Nianshuang in a hurry, Chen Jing who has rushed in says, “If I knew earlier, we wouldn’t come to see the aurora. You just went downstairs to buy something, how could anything go wrong…”

Dong Nianshuang shakes her head. “I’m fine. Let’s go!”

“Isn’t someone saved you? Where is the person?” Chen Jing looks around, hoping to thank the other party.

Dong Nianshuang’s original pale face turns a little paler, and she says with impatience. “I’m tired and want to go back to rest.”

“Ah? OK, let’s go back, go back!”

Lang Ruoxian has some regrets. If he knew it was Dong Nianshuang, he wouldn’t interfere… Don’t require him according to values and moral standards. He doesn’t have such things.

And yesterday, the police also told them that the kidnappers of Dong Nianshuang met her in a bar two days ago. At that time, everyone had a good time. They thought that Dong Nianshuang also came out to play for fun. But when they were going to take her to the hotel, Dong Nianshuang scolded them.

Her general idea was that toads wanted to eat swan meat or something, so that those people bore grudges. She was a single girl who came to travel from other places. She would not dare to call the police afterwards. Even if she did so, they would have run away.

“Young Master, Dong Nianshuang will return home this month.” Shu Sheng soon goes to find out why Dong Nianshuang appeared here.

There is no problem. She simply comes here to travel.

“Go back and marry Hua Yan?” Lang Ruoxian raises his eyebrows. “Dong Family is putting all their eggs in one basket. Once they unite Hua Family by marriage, it means that they will offend Bai Family completely.”

However, with Hua Family as their affinity, they will not be afraid of Bai Family.

“It has nothing to do with us. The more trouble they make, the better.” Lang Ruoxian looks down at his watch and it is time to talk to Yan Hua by video phone.

The man gently holds her, his eyes full of fascination and deep feeling. Then he slowly leans down and touches her body, with his hands and lips. Gasp, intoxicated.

At last it turns into a fierce cry, and the man leaves her body, revealing a familiar face.

Lang Ruoxian!?

Dong Nianshuang suddenly opens her eyes.

“Phew…” She unbelievably stares at the crystal ceiling of the roof and sits up slowly after a while.

Why did she dream about Lang Ruoxian? How could she… Dream of doing that kind of thing with Lang Ruoxian…

Dong Nianshuang stumbles into the bathroom and sees her face flush in the mirror. She can’t help crying out at the thought of everything in her dream.

“Nianshuang? Nianshuang, are you all right?” Chen Jing shouts at the door of the room and claps the door.

Dong Nianshuang washes her face with cold water to calm herself down before slowly goes to open the door.

“What’s the matter? I heard you scream!” Chen Jing finds Dong Nianshuang’s face covered with water. “Have you bathed?”

“No.” Dong Nianshuang frowns. “I had a nightmare, so I wash my face to be awake. What time is it now?”

Chen Jing pulls open the curtain. “It’s over 10 o’clock. Do you want to have breakfast first?”

“I don’t want to eat.” Dong Nianshuang walks to the sitting room and sits on the sofa blankly.

Chen Jing thinks that Dong Nianshuang is frightened by the kidnapping and has not recovered. She carefully asks Dong Nianshuang, “Are you going out today?”

Dong Nianshuang hasn’t been out of the hotel for several days since that incident. She came to see the aurora, but she will be back next week…

“Let’s go to Arctic Village!” Dong Nianshuang suddenly stands up and runs into the bedroom to start packing. “Hurry up, you go to book a car.”

Dream doesn’t mean anything. How can she and Lang Ruoxian… She should spend a few days going out to play, so she will forget it!

Yan Hua feels as if someone has followed her recently.

“Sister?” Tang Cao’s face is enlarged in her eyes. “What are you thinking? You don’t hear what I am talking.”

Yan Hua recalls. “Nothing. What did you say?”

“I said you could help me buy a towel by the way.” Tang Cao holds on to the door. “Are you really OK? Or I can accompany you to the supermarket.”

“No, I remember it. I will buy you a towel.” Yan Hua pats her brother on the head and starts the car.

Coming out of the supermarket, Yan Hua pushes the cart to the parking lot. Then she has the feeling again. She can be sure that someone is following her. After turning a corner, Yan Hua crouches down to hide behind a car.

Footsteps from far to near, someone comes running.

“Where is she?”

Yan Hua sees that it is a woman who is tall and having a good figure, looking around for her.

“Are you looking for me?” She stands up and walks out.

The woman gets a fright and smiles timidly when she sees Yan Hua.

“Tang… Ms. Tang!”

Yan Hua begins to feel uneasy.

“I’m sorry, I… I don’t know if you would like to see me, so I have to follow you secretly.” Tian Xin somewhat nervously holds a coffee cup, uneasily looking at Yan Hua who is opposite.

This is a cafe near the supermarket. This woman named Tian Xin is the nightclub miss who eloped with Hua Yan. After she shows her identity, Yan Hua finds this quiet place. At the same time, Yan Hua feels more uneasy.

She doesn’t know what she said to this woman at that time, but fortunately she knows that she gave Tian Xin a sum of money.

“Just now…” Tian Xin says shyly. “I thought you didn’t want to talk to me.”

When they were in the parking lot, Yan Hua didn’t seem to know Tian Xin. Tian Xin thought that Yan Hua didn’t want to talk to her. So Tian Xin hurries to say that she has no other meaning but wants to say thanks, and…


“When did you return home?” Yan Hua takes the initiative to ask, thinking that she might come back with Hua Yan…

“I came back last month.” Seeing her kind attitude, Tian Xin is not so nervous.

However, it seems that Yan Hua’s temperament is more gentle than before. But this is also normal! After all, Yan Hua is a mother.

Tian Xin whispers. “My father died. I’d like to take him back to his ancestral grave in my hometown for burial.”

“I am sorry to hear that.” Yan Hua’s voice is calm.

In this way, Tian Xin has no doubt of her at all. She is a woman who discredited Ms. Tang. At that time, Ms. Tang was willing to give her money, and now Ms. Tang is willing to sit here and talk to her. It is already a great kindness.

When Hua Yan wanted to take her away, Tian Xin was excited and proud. What about your prominent status and your good looks? You still couldn’t keep a man stay.

“Do you think he really loves you?” Just as she deliberately sneaked off to find Tang Duo with a somewhat ostentatious attitude, Tang Duo looked at her haughtily. Then Tang Duo threw out a check to her and swaggered off.

At that time, when Tian Xin saw the check, she thought that Tang Duo wanted to pay her to leave Hua Yan, but Tang Duo did not look at her anymore and drove away. Tian Xin put the check away. She had no money, so she never denied that she loved money. Even if it was humiliating, she didn’t care.

“I realized later that you did not humiliate me.” Tian Xin says respectfully, “I don’t know what would happen to me if I didn’t have the money.”

She followed Hua Yan abroad and soon found that man was impatient and disgusted with her. Finally Hua Yan left on a morning, leaving her a note and a month’s rent.

“You were right. He didn’t love me at all.” Tian Xin smiles wryly. “I was obsessed at that time. How could I think this man loved me so much that he would elope with me?”

Later, she also understood Tang Duo’s look in her eyes at that time, not looking down on her, but being pitiful. The proud woman had foreseen Tian Xin’s future misery, so… she gave money to Tian Xin.

“I don’t really have the face to come to you.” Tian Xin regrets it! She looks at Yan Hua with tears in her eyes. “I know you don’t like him at all, but my behavior at that time shamed you and your family. I’m sorry! I know whatever I say is useless, but…”

“It’s all over.” Yan Hua interrupts her. “You don’t have to use any honorifics to address me. We are about the same age.”

Tian Xin wipes her tears. “I’m sorry! I’m… I’m used to it. Over the past few years, I have often talked in my heart… I have talked to you. Especially later when I knew you…”

She doesn’t dare to say that when she knew that Tang Duo had died in a foreign land, she offered a tablet for her and also burned incense on the first and 15th of the month…

“Later I saw online news that you were back, and I was so happy!” Tian Xin smiles very happily. “I said that such a good person should live a long life!”

Tian Xin keeps talking, while Yan Hua quietly listens. Tian Xin says that she will go back to her hometown tomorrow and continue to go abroad after burying her father. She has a small flower shop abroad and her business is good. Maybe she won’t come back later.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Tang, did I say too much?” Having noticed that Yan Hua says nothing, Tian Xin is somewhat embarrassed.

Yan Hua shakes her head. “It’s okay. I don’t like talking.”

Anyway, Tian Xin also doesn’t know what character the original Tang Duo has. So what she needs to do is to pretend to be cool.

“By the way, I don’t know if you would like to hear one thing. It’s about Hua Yan.” When leaving, Tian Xin looks at her hesitantly for fear that she will not like to hear the name.

Yan Hua doesn’t care. “It’s okay. You go ahead.”

“I think that he seems to have a favorite person in his heart.”

Lang Ruoxian returns after completing his official duties. Yan Hua was supposed to meet him at the airport, but it begins to rain in Yanjing early in the morning. Lang Ruoxian refuses to let her go. In the evening, Lang Ruoxian naturally has to make up his welfare for a week’s absence until Yan Hua kicks him with her white and tender feet.

“My waist is going to break!”

Lang Ruoxian just holds her to the bathroom.

After taking a bath, he holds her back and hugs her in his arms to sleep.

“There is one thing.”

“There is one thing.”

The couple speak at the same time.

Yan Hua pauses.

Lang Ruoxian pauses.

“You speak first!”

“You speak first.”

Yan Hua bursts out laughing. “Then I’ll say it first!”

She tells Lang Ruoxian what Tian Xin finally said about Hua Yan when she met Tian Xin that day.

“Tian Xin said that when Hua Yan went abroad, he often took a bracelet to look at. The bracelet was obviously worn by a little girl.”

Lang Ruoxian thinks for a moment, sneers and says, “He liked someone, but he eloped with another woman. Either he was mentally ill or the person he liked had the worse status.”

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