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Destroyer of Ice and Fire (Web Novel)






Innocent, 无罪


Action Adventure Fantasy School Life Shounen Xuanhuan

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As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey.

82 • 2020-02-02 12:07:35


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 452: Psychic Style Inheritor2020-02-22
Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yasha Form2020-02-22
Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins2020-02-20
Chapter 447: Bloody Night2020-02-20
Chapter 446: Strange Discovery2020-02-19
Chapter 445: How to Die2020-02-19
Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!2020-02-18
Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins2020-02-18
Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision2020-02-17
Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation2020-02-17
Chapter 440: Rinloran’s Breakthrough, The Team Becoming Stronger2020-02-17
Chapter 439: Belo Acting Strange, The Land Of Eternal Winter2020-02-17
Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass2020-02-15
Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?2020-02-15
Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision2020-02-14
Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secret2020-02-14
Chapter 434: Sword Match2020-02-13
Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge2020-02-13
Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl2020-02-13
Chapter 431: Golden Girl2020-02-13
Chapter 430: News of Victory2020-02-11
Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards2020-02-11
Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!2020-02-10
Chapter 427: Creepy Smile2020-02-10
Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Out2020-02-10
Chapter 425: Showdown! Evil Six! Maelstrom!2020-02-10
Chapter 424: How Should We Survive2020-02-10
Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow2020-02-10
Chapter 422: Learn And Apply2020-02-07
Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again2020-02-07
Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush2020-02-06
Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu2020-02-06
Chapter 418: The Start Of The Hardest Fight2020-02-05
Chapter 417: Invisible Thread Execution2020-02-05
Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers2020-02-04
Chapter 415: Big Reversal2020-02-04
Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis2020-02-03
Chapter 413: Corpse Forest2020-02-03
Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!2020-02-02
Chapter 411: Do Your Best2020-02-02
Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham2020-02-02
Chapter 409: It Did Wonders2020-02-02
Chapter 408: Come, It's Dragon Slaying Time2020-02-02
Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Out2020-02-02
Chapter 406: Double Dark Destruction Dragon?2020-02-02
Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation2020-02-02
Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce2020-02-02
Chapter 403: Determination For Victory2020-02-02
Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!2020-02-02
Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle2020-02-02
Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting2020-02-02
Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer2020-02-02
Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork2020-02-02
Chapter 397: Goat Horn Team2020-02-02
Chapter 396: Immediate Departure2020-02-02
Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride2020-02-02
Chapter 394: Blood Tears2020-02-02
Chapter 393: Inspirer2020-02-02
Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!2020-02-02
Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud2020-02-02
Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card2020-02-02
Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Result2020-02-02
Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two2020-02-02
Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain2020-02-02
Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!2020-02-02
Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan2020-02-02
Chapter 384: News Of Death2020-02-02
Chapter 383: Ancient Ruin Covered In Snow2020-02-02
Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away2020-02-02
Chapter 381: Ferguillo’s Silent Decision2020-02-02
Chapter 380: Uninvited Guest2020-02-02
Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitment2020-02-02
Chapter 378: A Startling Discovery2020-02-02
Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths2020-02-02
Chapter 376: A Destroyer's Strength2020-02-02
Chapter 375: The First Retainer2020-02-02
Chapter 374: Hot-blooded Brothers2020-02-02
Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger2020-02-02
Chapter 372: Killing Purely for the Sake of Profit2020-02-02
Chapter 371: Slaughterhouse2020-02-02
Chapter 370: The Dark Side of the World2020-02-02
Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood2020-02-02
Chapter 368: Super Special Training, Hell’s Kitchen2020-02-02
Chapter 367: Arriving at River Bend, Acting Separately2020-02-02
Chapter 366: Merlin's Sadness2020-02-02
Chapter 365: A Marvelous Image2020-02-02
Chapter 364: Metal with a Will2020-02-02
Chapter 363: A Curious Metal Figure2020-02-02
Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear2020-02-02
Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team2020-02-02
Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Feet2020-02-02
Chapter 359: Unbelievable Resentment2020-02-02
Chapter 358: Alarms Outside the Barracks2020-02-02
Chapter 357: Constantly Growing Youths2020-02-02
Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly2020-02-02
Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spirit2020-02-02
Chapter 354: Three and Three2020-02-02
Chapter 353: Monsters Who Learn From Each Other2020-02-02
Chapter 352: Searching For A Path to Victory!2020-02-02
Chapter 351: Body Surpassing Consciousness2020-02-02


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