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Different World Business Symbol (Web Novel)


A young boy, Asuma Haruto, is transferred to another world. Without having any means to return home, he has no choice but to live in this parallel universe.

Armed with only his knowledge of making soap, will Haruto be able to safely make a living here?

This is a story about how our protagonist creates his own business out of his hobby of making soap and then gradually manages his business and gets rich.

341 • 2020-02-20 08:15:17


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter SS8: Bergis Persecution III2020-02-22
Chapter SS7: Bergis Persecution II2020-02-21
Chapter SS6: Bergis Persecution I2020-02-20
Chapter SS5: Romance IV2020-02-20
Chapter SS4: Romance III2020-02-20
Chapter SS3: Romance II2020-02-20
Chapter SS2: Romance I2020-02-20
Chapter SS1: Making Miso and Soy Sauce2020-02-20
Chapter SS0: Back Setting2020-02-20
Chapter 50: Empire’s Book of Greats2020-02-20
Chapter 49: The End2020-02-20
Chapter 48: Yakuza2020-02-20
Chapter 47: Shufelt2020-02-20
Chapter 46: Assassination Guild2020-02-20
Chapter 45: Meeting2020-02-20
Chapter 44: Donation2020-02-20
Chapter 43: Swimsuit2020-02-20
Chapter 42: Travel2020-02-20
Chapter 41: Reunion2020-02-20
Chapter 40: Talent2020-02-20
Chapter 39: Friends2020-02-20
Chapter 38: Occupied2020-02-20
Chapter 37: Kingdom Capture2020-02-20
Chapter 36: Battle2020-02-20
Chapter 35: The Beginning2020-02-20
Chapter 34: Wheat2020-02-20
Chapter 33: Bath2020-02-20
Chapter 32: Love2020-02-20
Chapter 31: Groundwork2020-02-20
Chapter 30: House2020-02-20
Chapter 29: Birthday Party2020-02-20
Chapter 28: Worker2020-02-20
Chapter 27: Employee2020-02-20
Chapter 26: Labyrinth2020-02-20
Chapter 25: Business Rival2020-02-20
Chapter 24: Repayment2020-02-20
Chapter 23: State of Affairs 22020-02-20
Chapter 22: New Year2020-02-20
Chapter 21: Negotiation2020-02-20
Chapter 20: Threat2020-02-20
Chapter 19: Lie2020-02-20
Chapter 18: Desert People2020-02-20
Chapter 17: Party2020-02-20
Chapter 16 – State of Affairs2020-02-20
Chapter 15 – Business2020-02-20
Chapter 14 – Slaves2020-02-20
Chapter 13 – Mercenary2020-02-20
Chapter 12 – Two Merchants2020-02-20
Chapter 11 – Confession2020-02-20
Chapter 10 – Preparations2020-02-20
Chapter 9 – Plot of Land2020-02-20
Chapter 8 – Loan2020-02-20
Chapter 7 – Future Planning2020-02-20
Chapter 6 – Circumstances2020-02-20
Chapter 5 – Lora・Summers2020-02-20
Chapter 4 – Citizenship2020-02-20
Chapter 3 – Shopping2020-02-20
Chapter 2 – Library2020-02-20
Chapter 1 – Transfer2020-02-20
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