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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 410: Sword Fight, Helper, and Underhanded Kill

Chapter 410: Sword Fight, Helper, and Underhanded Kill

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

“Just come at me if you can!”

Zhang Che wasn’t afraid of this man. The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was flying at top speed, heading deeper into the mountain forest without any care.

“You’re dead meat, Zhang Che!” Miyazaki Musashi roared, his eyes red. The peculiar-looking bird underneath him suddenly expelled a powerful jet of air from its rear end, increasing its speed considerably.

The peculiar bird’s speed was already on par with the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon. Now that it was pushed ahead by the jet, it surpassed the speed of sound and produced a violent boom, chasing after Zhang Che.

Zhang Che couldn’t resist turning his head around to take a look when he heard the rumble from behind, and was instantly given a shock.

“Damn, such a sly fellow! He actually hid his real strength while battling that exotic beast!”

Zhang Che wasn’t surprised that the middle-aged man called out his name, however. It would only be strange if he didn’t even know Zhang Che’s name after trailing him all the way from Cang Long City.

“But, why do I feel like that fellow’s intonation is a little off…?”

Zhang Che was focused on running for his life, and couldn’t point out what exactly was off. In any case, he felt that although the middle-aged man’s Mandarin was extremely well-practiced, it gave off a slightly strange feeling.

Perhaps, he was affected by his dialect from somewhere…?

After Miyazaki Musashi’s peculiar bird brought out its supersonic speed, they quickly closed to within two hundred meters of Zhang Che in only a few breaths’ time.

At this time, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon still hadn’t brought out his potential.

“Surrender yourself, Zhang Che!” Miyazaki Musashi roared. The white sword shot out from his brow once more, slashing straight towards the back of Zhang Che’s head like a bolt of lightning.

Zhang Che was furious. -You think you’re the only one that knows swordplay!?-

While instructing the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to use his potential to bring up their speed, Zhang Che turned his head around and summoned a scarlet light from his brow, receiving the attack from the rapidly approaching white sword.

“Do you think I have no idea that you have a spiritual sword fragment as well? Today I’ll show you the real…” Seeing Zhang Che finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and brought out his spiritual sword fragment, Miyazaki Musashi sneered coldly. He directed his own spiritual sword fragment, intending to veer pass Zhang Che’s and directly cut him down. In the next moment, however, his face stiffened, and his eyes went wide, like he just seen a ghost.

He saw that his spiritual sword fragment had clearly avoided Zhang Che’s, but a violent spark erupted in the air all the same. There was an explosion, and the two spiritual sword fragments were forced apart.

“How is that possible!?” Miyazaki Musashi was in disbelief. -How can a mid-tier beastmaster control his spiritual sword fragment so freely and stop my attack!?-

Ahead of him, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon had erupted his potential and sped up, barely avoiding being caught by Miyazaki Musashi.

Zhang Che didn’t show any excitement after blocking his foe’s attack. Instead, his brow was furrowed.

“As I expected, his spiritual sword fragment is metal-attributed, specializing in killing. Also, the quality of his spiritual sword fragment seems to be really decent. If this continues, mine will surely be damaged…”

Although he thought that, Zhang Che had no choice but to direct the scarlet sword to defend himself a few more times while facing Miyazaki Musashi’s continuous attacks with his white sword.

Every clash of the swords made Zhang Che feel a little more bitter inside. He could feel that if this continued, his scarlet sword might be damaged.

After all, the quality of his opponent’s spiritual sword fragment was slightly better, in addition to his superior spiritual strength. If Zhang Che didn’t have the golden vortex, he could not hope to be a match for him.

“I can’t continue like this! Otherwise, once my sword is damaged, I will have no way to defend against his attacks!”

To put it plainly, it was the suppression of a high-tier beastmaster against a mid-tier beastmaster. Zhang Che couldn’t rely on his subdued beasts to claim victory over his foe, so he had no way to defend himself.

“Perhaps I can have the golden vortex erupt again and wield both swords at the same time? Combining both my spiritual sword fragments should be enough to cut down this man…”

However, when he thought of the golden vortex falling into a deep slumber after erupting, Zhang Che couldn’t bring himself to do it.

His strength would fall drastically if he couldn’t wield the spiritual sword fragments. If he encountered any other dangers in the future, he would have no method to save himself.

More importantly, after the golden vortex erupted, it wouldn’t be easy for Zhang Che to awaken it again. He was merely lucky the last time. Heavens knew how long it would be before he woke it again. In the end, Zhang Che felt that doing so wasn’t worth it.

“Hanming, please do your best! In any case, as long as you don’t die, you’ll recover!”

Zhang Che felt his heart ache after fending off Miyazaki Musashi’s attacks a few more times. He could only keep urging the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, hoping for this fellow to try harder to speed up a little more.

Being deep in the beast world, as long as they could hold out for some time, Zhang Che would naturally have a way to set up that middle-aged man.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon understood Zhang Che’s anxiety. He fanned the abyssal cold aura in his body without any care for his life, and further increased his speed, pulling their distance from Miyazaki Musashi to more than two hundred meters away.

Although it wasn’t much, they had escaped from the attack range of Miyazaki Musashi’s white sword.

Miyazaki Musashi’s eyes turned red from anger, but he had no alternatives. He could only grit his teeth and continue chasing.

He knew Zhang Che had spurred his aerial mount’s potential. It wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long before it was exhausted!

“I’ll see how far you can run!”

Just like that, one ran, while the other chased. Before they realized it, they had flown several hundred kilometers into this area. The mountains around them became increasingly steep. Fast-flowing rivers wove between the mountains, the rushing clearly audible.

Finally, Zhang Che sensed something extremely fearsome deep in the huge mountain ahead.

“Hurry, fly over there! Fly there and we’ll be safe!”

An incredibly excited light was shining in Zhang Che’s eyes. He finally found a helper after running this far!

Large amounts of deep blue mist were gushing out of the surface of the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s crystallized body. He didn’t care about the injuries on his body and increased his speed to nearly Mach 2, instantly outdistancing Miyazaki Musashi by nearly a thousand meters.

“Is that kid looking to die? He actually ran to this kind of a place?” Miyazaki Musashi kept chasing, his eyes still red from anger. By the time he felt something was amiss ahead, it was already too late. A tiny silhouette suddenly rose to the skies from the mountain top ahead.

It was an avian exotic beast, its body only about as big as a swan, fully green in color. There was a tuft of rainbow feathers on its head, surrounded by a faint, blurry halo.

As that green bird flew up from the mountain, an extremely terrifying pressure suddenly swept in their direction like the tide. The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and Miyazaki Musashi’s flying mounts froze in fear, and their speed fell drastically. Afterwards, all of them fell towards the valley below.

“Shit, what exotic beast is that? It’s so frightening!” Miyazaki Musashi trembled in fear. He wanted to order his flying subdued beast to turn and run, but the peculiar bird was acting like it had seen a ferocious tiger and had lost its ability to move, falling straight down.

Several hundred meters ahead, Zhang Che instead revealed an overjoyed expression. -Very good, my helper is finally here!-

He quickly recalled the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, who was badly injured and shaking in fear. He fell directly towards the fast-moving river below, falling into the water with a plop, and did not surface again.

The green bird that was originally over a thousand meters away on the mountain top ahead suddenly appeared in the area above Zhang Che. The halo around the tuft of rainbow feathers on its head shone brightly for a moment. Miyazaki Musashi and his mount were still falling, and suddenly froze in mid-air, unable to move.

“Damn, what kind of ability is this!?” Desperation flashed in Miyazaki Musashi’s eyes. Facing such a terrifying power, he realized he would most likely not make it through this crisis.

Even though he would die here, Zhang Che wouldn’t make it out alive, either. But, the script he originally had in mind wasn’t like this!

He should have chased Zhang Che thousands of kilometers and succeeded in killing him! Not only would he have avenged the Miyazaki Clan, he should also have obtained a spiritual sword fragment and grown much stronger. When he returned, he would have helped the Miyazaki Clan regain their former glory!

“Cut it down!” Miyazaki Musashi wasn’t willing to die here. He roared furiously, his spiritual strength erupting. The white sword shot out from his brow once more, directly crossing a hundred-some meters and slashing at the mystical green bird.

However, a rainbow light flashed in response. Miyazaki Musashi lost control of the white sword, which stopped in midair. Their spiritual link was completely cut, and it directly fell into the woods below.

“No!” Miyazaki Musashi roared in desperation. Another flash of rainbow light swept past him, along with his flying mount. Their bodies shattered in the air, turning into countless scattered pieces.

A powerful high-tier beastmaster was actually slain by that unimpressive-looking green bird with just three attacks!

In the fast-flowing river a few hundred meters away, a sink-sized green frog was hugging a piece of wood, barely keeping itself afloat on the water. It watched as Miyazaki Musashi and his mount disintegrated in the air, incredibly astonished.

The green bird’s attacks were actually that terrifying! Perhaps it wasn’t something as simple as divine-quality?

Without a doubt, if it was an exotic beast simply at divine-quality, it shouldn’t be that terrifying!

A super divine-quality beast…!

After killing Miyazaki Musashi, the green bird turned back and swept its gaze across the river, scaring that green frog so badly that its heart nearly stopped.

In the end, that terrifying green bird didn’t put an ant-like existence like the green frog in its eyes. It let out a crisp chirp and instantly disappeared, returning to the mountain forest in the distance.

After a long time, having confirmed that the terrifying green bird had really left, the green frog suddenly let go of the rotten piece of wood and quickly swam ashore, jumping towards where the white sword fell earlier.

-I’m rich! I’m rich!…- Zhang Che yelled inside crazily. His headlight-like eyes were nearly shining with golden light.

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